Newsflash Your MLM company has just closed down

Imagine waking up to discover this in your email inbox. You click on the link and commence frantically reading. Within the firsttwo sentences the gravity of what has just happened hits you The months of hard work spent constructing your team and creating what you thought was a life long residual income stream is disappearing right before your eyes with every word.

For the common MLM business owner such an email would be devastating. The consequences of such an email are colossal No website or goods to sell meaning all of your existing advertising is instantly defunct. Overnight your hard earned leads and downline have vanished as they were recorded inside your MLM companies autorepsonder. This was held on the companies now non existant back office Your thoughs immediately turn to the people you have signed up into your business downline. Could things get any worse?

Then bang, like a giant sledgehammer in the face, it hits you. Your residual income has been instantly deleted, there is no more money coming in this month I need to do something quick before I end up ensnared in a never-ending downward spiral of debt. But what do I do? Oh no! I no longer have a team.

Unfortunately for 1000's of marketers this situation became a reality earlier this week.

Here's an extract from an email I received from him.

"...a lot of you know, for the last six months, I've been building a business that I truly believed in called ilearningglobal, and it's enabled me to live a kind of lifestyle that people only dream of......I was able to go from a broke marketing budget, $200 to my name, to creating a massive, multiple five figure monthly income and move to Costa Rica. Well nothing prepared me today for the phone call I got from a company executive. Basically, he told me that ilearningglobal has decided to 'stop' the network marketing side of the company. Well, basically that snatched away a six figure income in a short phone call."

Luckily for David he had grown his business using an attraction marketing system that branded him as an expert and a leader.. While David lost his immediate primary business income, he did not lose his marketing system or websites, his advertising was still generating daily leads, his prospects and downline were safely captured inside his own auto responder system and most importantly he was still generating income daily through affiliate products linked to his sales funnel.

Although the action of the company shut down was devestating David's focus on building his business through attraction marketing saved him His system branded him as an industry professional, a leader and offered extreme value to his downline and leads. This in turn created a strong relationship of trust with his team. It was this trust that permitted David and his network marketing partners to salvage the best from a bad situation. If David had not built his marketing business outside of the network marketing company, like many others he would have lostthe lot. In summary David's attraction marketing system allowed him to make more than six thousand dollars of income in less than 8 hours, and re-build the back bone of what took him six months to build in his previous company.

The message of this story is clear. You need to learn how to market yourself not your network marketing company. Attraction marketing engenders the most priceless asset a person could possibly have, which is not a company, is not a residual income, is not a product, and is not a 'downline'. The most indispensable asset you can have in MLM is your relationships that you grow along the way and the best way to build relationships is through having your own attraction marketing system.

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