If you can master the art of trapping a soccer ball, you can get a competitive edge over others without any doubt. Every soccer players should learn how to do it to master the game. Moreover, if you can learn how to trap the ball correctly, it will be of immense help in case of passing and dribbling. To nail in dribbling, at first you need to hone your skills in trapping the soccer ball.


Let us delve into the soccer basics that will help you become a sound soccer player.


What Are The Various Soccer Traps?


You might think that there are multiple ways to trap soccer balls, but in reality, it is not so. Out of the many options, there are only a few ways by which you can trap soccer training balls effectively.


  • Step Trap: This only requires a simple step on the ball in order to trap it.


  • Inside Trap: Here, you need to stop the soccer ball with the help of your foot.


  • Thigh Trap: As the name suggests, you need to trap the soccer ball using your thigh when the ball is lower than the chest but high for the foot.


  • Chest Trap: Here, you need to use the chest in order to roll the ball down the feet.


How to Trap Ground Pass


When you get a ground pass, you must be willing to apply the inside trap with an effort to push the ball outwards. Ground passes are easiest to trap soccer balls in most of the cases and players can take advantage of multiple single-touch passes while moving the ball up from the field.


Master the Art of Bouncing Passes


Out of so many other passes, bouncing traps can be a bit tricky to trap but if you know the basics of trapping, it becomes much easier to perform. In most of the situations, it becomes easier to terminate a bouncing pass by using an inside trap as you know where the ball will end up and there is a minimal chance of the ball getting past you.


How Can You Hold the Ball Near You


It’s not at all hard to handle a pass that comes to you but it’s that difficult to keep it close to you for some time. When it comes to trapping, your primary focus should be to use the ball in some way or the other. If you retain the ball for too long, it can lead to turnovers and miss of kicks.


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Learn Soccer Side Kicking To Develop Ball Controls


If your kids are unable to control the ball, it would not be possible for them to shoot, pass, score or dribble. Although they leave no stones unturned to make the best of their efforts, they will fall behind others if they don’t know side-kicking.


So, it’s better to buy them soccer sidekick training ball from Australia to have a thorough practise session on handling different types of passes. With proper training accessories and equipment, they can practise with greater comfort using various parts of the body such as thighs, head, chest etc.

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The author is a professional trainer with one of the leading soccer training academies in Australia and has written various articles on soccer training balls that help beginners to develop their skills.