How do you know that your brain is performing according or may be exceeding your expectations as well? You may believe that the answer to this question is by taking a certain IQ test that would determine your level of intelligence. Certain theories are found to be the guidelines that are being used in poring over the brain's performance.

Our brain has the capability of combining both linguistic as well as mathematical aptitude because its is unified in a way. The parts of the brain can be stimulated by certain problem solving activities that may contribute to its performance which involves the spatial, rhythmic, kinesthetic and inter/intra personal growth.
The question now is what tactics can you use to be able to increase your brain's performance? And this question would be answered based on your accomplishments and the results of your achievement so you may have to take note of that.

The initial thing that one should look into is what you are definitely good about. There are different skills where one can actually derive intelligence from. what ever skill you think you're good at. that would be your achievement. A lot of people are not aware of what skills are they really good at. If you really are creative, then you can work on any artistic act that involves creative thinking.
There are so many tings that we can work on potentially and even exceed expectations. Some may be more inclined to some indoor sports and excel through performance. You may try getting into gymnastics, dancing or even designing as well just to make sure which would be more comfortable for you to test your abilities. If you find out what your good at and you get to surpass what's average, you'll definitely be happy with the results of your accomplishments. But if you don't even give yourself a chance to see what you can do, then you're absolutely missing the point here.

Do you want to be one of the geniuses like Einstein? There are some people who are said to be standing out from the average intelligent person and they are the ones called geniuses. Although it doesn't take to be a genius just so you can succeed in life. All you have to do is to maximize your brain's capability to function through exceeding the normally expected degree that you expect it to work. If you are aware on how to use your brain's fullest capacity then you will always be possibly doing things in the right way and gain an achievement in the end.

Although it's not that easy to maximize your brain's ability to exceed your expectation if it's not equipped with enough information, so what you can do on your end is to load your brain with helpful information that would serve as a food for it. Together with the learning are the experiences that you encounter day by day, this can as well be absorbed by your brain and it can as well help in the potential expansion of your brain's function.

Read a book, an chapter in an encyclopedia or try listening to music being performed by one of the musicians that you prefer. You'll definitely boost up your brain's performance through this.

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Vlad Stivenson, author of numerous IQ Tests and developer of personality test