Risk Management Methods: Trading in the Forex market allows investors to increase their assets, but there is also the risk of only losing potential profits, but also the risk of losing their own investment. It is precisely because of the gap in income expectations that determines the risk of investors in the financial market. This gap can bring huge profits to investors and may also bring losses.
Managing financial risk is not a guarantee of a successful transaction, but it is indeed an integral part of a successful transaction. Every foreign exchange transaction business is subject to risk, so using a reasonable method to manage financial risk can greatly reduce potential losses.

  1. Set the stop loss point
  2. Always use only a portion of the assets as an investment
  3. Trading according to the trend
  4. Control emotions

The method of managing risk is used after opening a position. The most important way to control risk is to set a stop loss point to effectively control the limit of loss.

Stop-loss – The bottom line for a stop or exit transaction that was established in the event of a miscalculated trading situation. You need to set a stop loss point when you enter the warehouse to avoid excessive losses.

There are several different stop loss types:
Starting stop loss point. The trader determines the loss ratio or deposit amount that he is willing to bear. Stop the loss when the price drops to the level set by the trader. "Move" stop loss. Follow the latest price to set a certain number of stop loss, only triggered by the strong direction of the exchange rate towards the position, is the instruction set when entering the profit stage. When the position becomes more favorable, by raising the stop-loss trigger price, the trader can guarantee that the profit will still be realized when the market moves in the opposite direction (depending on the time and extent of the price change). Get the profit. Automatically close the position when the expected profit is reached. Time stop loss. That is, if the market does not reach the expected rate of return within the expected time period, the position is closed.

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