As unrealistic as it may seem, this was the job I was looking for as I scoured the classifieds. You see, shortly after the birth of my son, I realized that my heart's desire, my focus, was changing. My successful 10 year career in the corporate world, that I had been so proud of was taking a back seat to my desire to stay home and raise my baby. But alas, our family budget depended on my income. Where was I going to find a company that would pay me to stay home? I considered my alternatives. I arranged with my employer to work part-time from my house, but after a few weeks it became obvious that this was not a solution. I knew what I wanted. I wanted to be around my son full-time. I wanted to be able to not work for days in a row and then work as long and as hard as I could on weekends or during the night. I wanted a job that involved few clothing changes, and as little face to face contact as possible. I needed to be self-employed, but how could I afford it? I was determined. I had to find a way. I stumbled across some information on Multi-Level Marketing and discovered the perfect business for women like me. Here are just a few of the reasons Multi-Level Marketing makes sense for working mothers.

You can begin building your business, part-time, while you keep your regular job. This may seem like an extraordinary feat, considering you are already over loaded with family and work responsibilities, but keeping the goal in mind, couldn't you find an hour each week night, and maybe a couple more on the weekend? The first 3 to 6 months in any new job are considered a training period. How many new businesses can you try out while keeping your current job as a safety net?

The top quality MLM Co's have compensation plans that are designed to reward the part time distributor and emphasize depth. This means you will be working with a sponsor who is financially motivated to help you succeed. Any sponsor will be thrilled to take on a majority of the "work" knowing that they are helping you build towards a goal of working the business full-time.

The start-up costs of your business are lower than most any other type of home based venture. Even if you are planning to start your own business providing consulting or some other type of service. Realize that in order to be successful you will probably need some or all of the following: logo, letterhead, forms, business card design & printing, newspaper/trade advertising, legal counsel, accounting services, permits, licenses, yellow pages advertising, brochure production, office supplies and equipment, and so forth.

Also, remember you can't be out "selling" the business if you are at home "doing" the business. The reputable MLM's have minimal start-up costs. In my case, I paid less than $50 for a distributor kit, and then invested a small amount of money in the products I wanted to use for myself and my family. My total start up cost was under $300.00.

You can leverage other people's efforts for your own financial gain. Yet, you do not have the hassle, liability and other problems associated with having employees. If your family schedule will not allow you to devote normal working hours to the business, but you feel it is critical to contact a prospect base that only operates from 9 to 5, then recruit someone who can work those hours. If you feel your business would be best built on door to door sales you can find someone who enjoys this and sponsor them into your company. Think of yourself as the coach, not the quarterback of the team. You don't even have to be out on the field. This way, you can still be building your business through other peoples sales efforts, while you are home, managing the business.

You can work when and how you want. One of the key factors in successful network marketing is staying in control of your prospecting activities. Therefore, you are encouraged to let people leave messages so that you can get back to them, when you are ready. Think about this. You do not have to run around the house, panicked, rounding up and hushing the kids while the phone rings, because you are expecting an important call. One of the basic principals a good MLM'er will teach you, is - let your prospect leave a message.

You can schedule your return calls for when the baby is asleep, the kids are at school, etc... I do much of my communicating through E-Mail and voice mail. Instead of holding meetings in my home, or setting up one on one presentations, I send my prospects videos. When they are ready for the next step, I will attend a business opportunity meeting with them, but in my company, these are held at 7:30 pm. Conveniently, this is half an hour after my son goes to sleep.

You can be "working" while you do normal parenting things. The world is your client base. Think of all the "warm" prospects you have with other children's parents, school personnel, or church acquaintances. You don't have to be annoying. You can simply share a product success or drop a hint during a normal conversation. The best sales tool is your own success. If you look great, and are obviously doing well financially, people are going to start asking you about that weight loss product they heard you were selling. If you are happy and everyone around town sees you out with your children during the day, some conventionally employed moms might start asking what your secret is.

You can save money as well as earn it. Most experts will tell you to ask yourself this question when evaluating MLM's - "Would I buy this product for myself if I wasn't a distributor." In my case, the answer was an overwhelming yes. I represent a manufacturer who is selling over 100 products via network marketing. Many of these have replaced more expensive items that were already in my family's monthly budget. An additional benefit, is that through our use of the products, we have become living testimonials. Many of our friends and family members have approached us about trying something before we even had a chance to ask them.

In my situation, another benefit is that I have been able to help other mothers realize their goal to work at home. I highly recommend this business to anyone who is looking for a way out of the "rat race". Thanks to Multi-level Marketing, I can now earn a living and still have time to play peek-a-boo with my son, read him stories and rock him to sleep at nap time.

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