Today's world is full of corruption, corruption and greed in almost all the institutions that exist. Whether it's our politicians, the growing number of banks that continue to emerge, the many mortgage companies that have come to dominate the real estate market, and our for-profit universities, everyone has their hands, you guessed it, the cookie jar. They are all taking hordes of their hard earned money. But it is these unscrupulous money managers in our financial institutions, mortgage companies, and our for-profit universities that have managed to reach the pockets of almost everyone. They have continued to escape unscathed with huge profits, all at the expense of unconscious consumers. It is a known fact that in recent decades more of the population has been falling on that ladder of upward mobility and ending up on the steps of the door of the House of the Poor.

When so many are destitute, it becomes easy for the unscrupulous to make the most of their unfortunate circumstances. Credit scores are known to be the instigators of blatant disregard for the financial difficulties one is experiencing. The current financial system is really like a wolf in sheep's clothing. It is no more evident than what is still happening across the country. We think that what happened in 2008 would never happen again, but tragically, corruption, bribery and fraud are as prevalent today as ever. To keep the salsa train going, most of the population is now paying the price. To fully understand what is really happening today, it would be wise to trace history to find the similarities and consequences of what happened in one of the darkest periods in the history of the United States and today.

It has only happened once before, where practically a whole generation felt the real urge to keep the money they owned away from the institutions that are supposed to safeguard their savings. In the 1930s, many people deliberately held on to what little they had because it was financial institutions that failed to secure people's money and reinvest those savings in order to generate more profit [interest in savings accounts] for the public and for the public. the banks themselves Since then, banks and virtually all other financial institutions, as well as businesses, have created other forms that generate profits. Retirement accounts like IRAs, Roth IRAs, and 401K companies now have hidden fees attached. Whether it's a maintenance fee or other miscellaneous fees associated with those personal savings accounts, they dramatically reduce the total value of your money,

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