I’ve given you the first 6 Hidden Laws of Attraction and The Secrets of Deliberate Creation. Remember, the Laws of Attraction are always at work and the Law of Attraction Key is to use the laws so that they work for you.

You’ve started using Laws 1-6 to tap into the power of deliberate creation, now it’s time to learn how to enjoy continued deliberate creation from now through the rest of your life with Laws 7-11 which are the key to Continued Deliberate Creation

7th Hidden Law of Attraction: Law of Letting Go

Now that you your focus, purpose and inspired action are gaining some momentum, it’s time to let go and trust that you have done your work and the universe and your subconscious mind are working to bring you what you ordered.

When you plant a seed, you water it and give it sunlight and then you trust that it will grow. You do not sit there every day, staring at the dirt, wondering when you will see the first signs of growth. And you certainly don’t dig up the seed to see if it has started growing. You do what it is you need to do and then you trust the process enough to let it go and let the seed grow. It is the same with anything you desire, at some point you will have to let go of watching to see if it’s happening and trust that it is.

8th Hidden Law of Attraction: Law of Change

When you choose the path of Deliberate Creation, you must choose to accept that everything changes. You must choose to embrace change as a way for your creation to come to you in unexpected ways and you release all resistance to change.

9th Hidden Law of Attraction: Law of Reaction

Every action results in a corresponding reaction and with deliberate creation this is also true. The moment you start taking inspired action, people and circumstances will react to that action. Every step you take, every moment of action sets into motion a chain of reactions. It is extremely important that you continually check in and make sure your action stays inspired action and doesn’t shift to any action. If you do this, the chain of reaction will move you quickly toward your desires.

10th Hidden Law of Attraction: Law of Opposites

Harnessing the Power of Deliberate Creation does not mean that you will never experience doubt, fear or resistance. Doubt, fear and resistance are the opposite of what you do want. Without darkness you wouldn’t know light, without sadness you could not define joy, without doubt you would not recognize faith.

Use doubt, fear and resistance to shed light on what you do want and then shift your focus off of the doubt, fear and resistance and onto what you desire to create.

11th Hidden Law of Attraction: Law of One

The true secret to the hidden laws of attraction and deliberate creation is that we are all connected to the one mind. In that one mind exists all possibility and creation. When you decide what you want and focus on it and take inspired action, you are operating alone, when you release what you desire, you are activating the power of everything that is. Everything you desire is available to you now and always.

These 5 laws of continued deliberate creation require a leap of faith that will come from consciously using the first 6 laws.

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