Touch of love we can’t get enough of it. It’s a need. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs- men have five basic needs. One of these need are the physical needs like food, water, clothing and shelter, the safety needs like security and protection, the social needs which is the need of the person to belong and to be loved, Self- esteem needs, this is our need to be recognized, and the last but not the least self- actualization, the need of knowing true happiness. If you noticed, almost all of the needs desired by men include the sense of touch- the touch of love.

Without touching, we become very dysfunctional and deviant. This has been proven in studies with delinquent children and mature people that they were neglect or was not hugged or felt they were loved during their developing age. It is a fact, touches gives us the sense of security, belongingness, acceptance, love and confidence. Even baby’s as young as months old needs physical interaction in order for them to grow healthy- one evident example is when baby cries, the mother’s caress is the one who soothes the weeping. The touching can do magic, it can show approval by a pat in the back.

A hug can tell you everything will be fine and you’ll be okay. A hold in the hands reaffirms your presence and assurance to the other person. For lovers a simple physical contact can light the fire. Try wrapping your arms around your wife’s or your girlfriend’s waist when walking- she’ll love that. Another way to rekindle romance is putting your arms around her shoulders just like friends do when malling or strolling in the park. The closeness of anchoring your arms around your partner’s neck can make you feel what you have is not just romantic intimacy but also deep friendship- making both of you capable of not just romance but having fun too.

Physical contact is a fundamental part of our everyday life. When we are tired and exhausted from work, we long for the touch of a loved one calm us and make us feel better. It is also through the touching where bonding and attachments begins. When a relationship ends, the yearning to be touched or to touch that someone again is what pains us. The memory of your intimate moments; intimate moments is ninety-five percent physical contact. When an affair ends, we surely going to miss the soft and tender kisses, the way he runs his fingers in your back, the way he touches your face and your body, the way his body and yours moves in synchronicity and oneness, the way he holds your hand as if he’s not going to let you go.

The touch of love, without it we feel lost and alone. When you want to value someone, the surest way to show you love them is touch them as if it’s gonna be the last time you are going to see him. Touch him directly from your heart and soul through your arms to his face. When you touch him, look at him directly in his eyes, let him see you are consumed by him- make him understand, it’s not only your arms your are opening, or your touches you’re offering but the whole of you. That’s the way to show someone you love them- the touch of love.

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