Making money in network marketing is a skill that anyone can master if they know the right methods to monetizing leads and prospects. Yes there are secrets to learning how to do this, but the secrets really are just are the ability to search out the knowledge and implement the things you learn immediately.

Over the years of doing network marketing and studying so many professionals in the industry I started seeing these secrets to how they were able to make tons of money from home. This was when I was desperate to learn how to make myself successful because I wasn’t getting any good results.

Here is what I came up with when digging to make more money in network marketing by doing less work than you are doing now. I found out that most of these online network marketing six figure earners have a system online that does the following things:

1. An automated traffic system powered by - ads, articles, videos, press releases, lists, CPA, CPM, PPC, etc.

2. A lead page generator - Turns the automated traffic into leads for the leader 24/7/365 a year, where the traffic was turning into 5,20,50,100+ leads every single day. Imagine what having 100 people coming to YOU every single day, how would that change your business.

3. An auto-mated follow up system - Now you want to follow up with all your leads, but over time you will get so many leads that it will be impossible to follow up with every single one, so you want to use an auto-responder where you can write to every single lead with a push of a button. You can also write pre-written email messages that are sent in sequence to each lead you generate. Here you will create a relationship with your leads and allow them to get to know who you are.

4. Sales Cash Machine - Now you want to make money, because you need money to get your business making even more money. That is where you want to monetize your leads not by pitching your MLM opportunity yet, but by promoting an inexpensive how to training that your leads can buy. Here you will make instant cash whether or not people join you in your opportunity or not. Also you will create a cashflow to pay for your advertising and generate more traffic for your business.

5. Upsells through the product - The reason why gurus where selling inexpensive products was simple, it was to qualify which leads where stars and which ones where tire kickers. Leaders are people who invest in themselves and take initiative to do whats needed to succeed. If your prospects are not willing to invest in a small training course that would take them to where they need to be then you should not waste your time on them.

Then when your prospect did buy your product inside it would have a message where they should join you in your business because by this time they trust you, know your skills, and you will find there will be a person everyday that is interested in partnering up with you.

6. Rinse and Repeat - Now that you have something that is working for you and making you money, you can help your new recruits in your network marketing opportunity copy your system so your downline grows, making your commission check grow, this is how you can make tons of money in network marketing.

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