My Husband and I Are Separated and He Is Dating: My Separated Husband Has a Girlfriend

I sometimes hear from wives who are worried that their separated husband are "over" them because he has started to see other people during the separation. And many worry that if he's over his wife, this mean that the marriage is over and that a divorce is going to follow. I heard from a wife who said: "my husband and I separated about three months ago. We haven't been fighting horribly or anything, but my husband hasn't made any attempts to come home even though there have been instances where we had started to reconnect. At one point, my husband told me that he didn't know if he would ever get over me. This gave me some hope. However, for the last week, he's been honest about the fact that he has started to see other people. What does this mean for my separation and for my marriage? Does his seeing other people mean that he's over me? And if he's over me, is my marriage over?" I will try to address these concerns in the following article.

A Husband Who Is Seeing Other People May Be Trying To Cope Or Explore Rather Than To Move On: Of course, I had no way to know exactly what this husband was thinking. However, I hear from many husbands on my blog and many husbands in this situation are just torn and trying to cope. Sometimes, their family or friends are telling them they need to "stop moping" or "move on" so they feel pressured to see other people even if their heart isn't really in it.

Additionally, sometimes men just want to explore what happens in terms of their thoughts and feelings when they see other people. Sometimes, their intention isn't to get serious with someone else. Rather, they want to see if dating others make them miss their wife or if other women seem inferior to their wife by comparison. Believe it or not, sometimes this situation actually helps the marriage because the husband actually find that he misses his wife since seeing the other woman makes him feel empty and makes him want his wife that much more.

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I Find It Hard To Believe A Husband Can "Get Over His Wife" After Only Three Months Or So: This separation had only lasted for three months. Unless their marriage was just an awful one that made the husband absolutely miserable, it was hard to believe that the husband would be completely over his wife and ready to move on within that short amount of time. Sure, he might be trying seeing other woman on for size and he may even think that he's being successful. But I suspect that even if he isn't experiencing overtly negative feelings, somewhere deep inside, he still must feel something for his wife. Three months is just too soon to be completely over someone in my opinion. Of course, the husband and others may disagree.

What Should You Do If You Fear Your Husband Is Over You Or Moving On During Your Separation?: My best advise would be not to panic. It didn't seem as if the husband in this situation was seeing any one woman in particular. He was basically just casually dating different people. He was basically just starting out and exploring. Of course this made the wife afraid that he was going to eventually move on for good, but, as I said earlier, this is certainly not always the case. Many times, the husband's attempt at dating isn't completely successful and it makes him miss his wife. That's why you should not jump to conclusions or act in a way that makes your husband feel defensive. I know that it's tempting to want to demand answers from him and ask him what this means. But sometimes, if you make too much out of this, you actually push him into defending it and therefore pursuing it even more.

My suggestion would be to acknowledge that you are troubled and confused by his seeing other people, but to, for now, let it go at that and continue to observe. Continue to be upbeat and easily approachable and considering adding a little mystery into the equation. I honestly don't advocate seeing other people just to make him jealous because this will typically only confuse you more. But I don't think there's anything wrong with going out with your friends or family and letting him wonder where you are. He certainly doesn't need to think that you are sitting at home and waiting on him. Because if he's wondering what you are doing, he will have a little more incentive to evaluate where he is going with this. I'd like to make more point. While creating a little mystery is good, you don't want to give the impression that you are moving on or are no longer interested in your husband. Because doing so could give him more incentive to step up his dating, which is the last thing you want.

Instead, you want to lay a positive foundation so that he wants to interact with you and so that, eventually, he looks around and wonders why he is wasting his time with other women when he could be with you on a permanent basis.

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It's normal to couples to experience difficulties sometimes no matter how much they love each other. But if the problem that arises is too deep to recover, the healing process will take longer too. And with that kind of situation, couple must determine if they want to save the marriage. Determined couples doesn't have to question if is there hope to save a marriage. The answer lies in their hands and in their hearts.

A marriage's a union of two people who vows to love and be together forever. That's why when it encounters problems; one or both concern should take pleasure in doing a task to make it work. There is really no need to ask if is there hope to save a marriage because the result will depend on how you make. One or both should not have the so called pride characteristic. It's one of the characteristic of person that makes a situation worse. Blaming who has done wrong first should not be an issue. What couple should better do is to discuss about it in a proper, calm and in their most respective way. Be matured and keep the conversation smooth but be honest with each other. Getting all the root of the problem will help you both determine what should be done like eliminating the bad ones who keeps the troubles in your marriage. Know certain areas within each other that need to be improved. Make a plan on how you can make it work. It's not easy and it must not be rushed, just take proper lesson each step.

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Accept your mistakes and make a decision to change them for good. You need not to ask if is there no hope to save a marriage because you know it deep inside of you. Make each disagreement in the past counted and sees them as lessons to be learned. Be positive to learn about things that matters in your marriage. Stop asking yourself if is there's no hope to save a marriage. Avoid being self centered or selfish and being greedy, what you have should be a thing that your spouse also owns, and put more effort in the lessons you are learning from, show more caring to your spouse to let him see how much you are willing to save your marriage.

If a person asks if is there hope to save a marriage, tell him that the answer lies only with him and her partner. No matter how you try to find the answer to that kind of question, you won't find real answer for it. Make an advice how you are handling yours. And don't forget one lesson that is really exciting and that couple should always have it because it's one of the things that spice the relationship. Have an active sex life as it's very important, keep the fire burning. Let your love ooze with desire. Be more creative like making poems for your spouse as its very sweet thought.

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Is your husband not in love with you anymore? That's a very difficult question for many married women to answer. It's especially hard if you're still very much in love with your husband, yet you can sense that his feelings have changed. If you do believe that he doesn't love you now the same way he did on your wedding day, there's help for you. If you want to reclaim his love and rebuild your relationship, it can be done. There are some very straightforward steps you should be taking, starting right now, if you want to get your husband to fall back in love with you again.

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The first thing you need to be doing if you want to save your marriage and get your husband to feel emotionally connected to you again is to take stock of your own behavior. When our spouse tells us that they love us but aren't in love with us anymore it's easy to point the finger of blame at them. It's convenient to believe that it's their fault they don't have the same feelings. The truth is that there may be things you are doing or have done that have changed his perception of you. Perhaps you've taken to nagging him about things or you've been neglecting him in favor of focusing on your children or your work. Your husband needs and wants to feel vitally important to you. Look at what you've been doing that may have affected your husband's feelings and then make a vow to change those things now.

Another very important step towards recapturing your husband's heart is to set aside some couple time each and every day. This doesn't have to be elaborate or well thought out. Something as simple as sharing breakfast alone together or talking after the children have gone to bed can do wonders for a failing relationship. Your goal is to reconnect with your husband on the same level you did when you two first met and married. You have to give your husband your undivided attention at times. He needs that in order to feel close to you again. If you feel that your husband is falling out of love with you, devote some time solely to him.

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Relationship means a lot of work to make it stronger and last for years. It is sad that divorce is always an option for couples when things are getting complicated in their relationship. Although divorce is a painful reality experienced by most couples, of course, if you know how to avoid getting divorced, you do not want to end up separated with the one you love.

If you do not want to go through the painful process of divorce, you need to do something to keep your marriage stronger. Here are some tips.

Honesty and trust. These two words are very important in a marriage. If you are both honest with your feelings and trust each other your marriage will last years. You will avoid getting divorced if you are both comfortable with each other and there are no secrets or lies that will ruin your relationship.

Be open with your feeling and communicate with your spouse. As much as possible avoid hurting the feelings of your spouse, but if you get hurt, you must be open enough to admit it. Do not pretend that you are not hurt and keep the communication lines open. Talk about your bad feelings with your spouse in a constructive way. Arguments may arise but always keep an open mind and understand the reason behind the arguments. If the communication lines are open, issues will be resolved and you can avoid getting divorced.

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Be affectionate and keep the romance. Some couples when they start living together forgot that marriage still needs romance. Express how much you love your spouse through body language and sweet words. Watch movies together, holding hands while walking and kiss her before leaving for work are simple gestures and yet these things make the marriage stronger. Try not to make your marriage boring to avoid getting divorced.

Discover things that you both love to do together. It may a hobby or skills that you both enjoy. If you both love to paint, take sometime off from work and spend time together in a beach to paint. If you are both athletic, joining a yearly marathon or walkathon event in your area will put spice in your relationship and will create good memories. Doing things together that you both enjoy is the best way to bond and avoid getting divorced.

Grow individually. Being together, doesn't mean you cannot spend time alone. You do not have to be together all the time. Give each other time and space to grow individually. There are things that your spouse need to do on his own or her own.

Break away from the routine. Work and other responsibilities at home have the tendency to make your relationship a routine. Plan for a vacation once in a while and spend time alone with each other. Create new memories and keep your marriage exciting to avoid getting divorced.

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