My Husband Despises Me: My Husband Dislikes Me

When a woman tells me "My husband says he doesn't love me and won't go to counseling", my first response is to tell her not to panic. The fact is that most marriage counselors have actually had very little success in saving failing marriages anyway. The truth is that you can save your marriage now and you don't have to spend a bunch of money on expensive counseling that usually doesn't work very well. This article offers some insights based on my personal experience in my own marriage plus from many testimonials I have read from couples who followed this same advice.

A few years ago my wife and I were trapped in a horrible marriage. And so like millions of other unhappy couples, we turned to marriage counseling hoping that it would provide the help we were looking for. We learned a lot of neat communication skills and how to get in touch with our feelings, but that was about it! The counseling was not any help to our marriage and shortly after that my wife said she wanted a divorce. Marriage counseling had certainly failed us! I was devastated at the very thought of my marriage ending and I wanted very much to save it.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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I read not too long ago about a study that was done on the effectiveness of marriage counseling. The study revealed several important things:

- Marriage counseling has about an 80% failure rate in the couples surveyed

- Couples who attend marriage counseling divorce at the same rate as those who don't go to counseling

- The vast majority of marriage counselors are trained in individual counseling and have very little or no training at all in marriage counseling

What is my point? That there is a much better way to save your marriage even if your husband says he doesn't love you and doesn't want to go to counseling. For one thing, people often make statements that aren't completely true when they are dealing with feelings that they don't understand. This has been proven time and time again. Your husband is most likely unhappy in the marriage right now and confusing his dissatisfaction in the marriage with not being in love. You can absolutely build a new and stronger foundation of love and happiness, once you know how it's done. There is a revolutionary approach that worked for me and has worked for thousands of other couples as well. All it takes is willingness to trust in the process even if it seems strange at first. The amazing thing is that it works even when you are the only one trying!

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Well when you exchange vows you make a promise to stay with your partner till death do you part right?

Saving your marriage is hard, but nice challenges to go through so then later you know what to do. There are some key points that you can use to save your marriage no matter what is going on. Let's be honest there are certain things that may make the marriage go sour, but as long as you follow these steps you will be fine.

1. Always make time with each other to see what is going on and if there is anything that you really need to talk about. Turn off everything in the house except the lights so you will not have no distractions.

2. Instead of arguing and fighting try communicating with out yelling and violence if there is any going on.

3. Schedule a date with each other just to get out the house and away from the kids. Go have fun together basically; do what you both love to do together. If you are low on cash you can always have a nice romantic dinner at home.

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4. If you feel down or self conscious do something for yourself that will make you feel a lot better. Go on a diet or just gussy up for that new date night.

5. If all else fails try and go to a marriage workshop or just try and buy a simple tap that will help you along the way.

6. Write love letters to each other from time to time to let you know how you both feel about each other and bring up those special memories that you use to share.

7. Always remember why you got married and want to save your marriage. Love each other always.

Saving your marriage is something that you both want to do. Do not ever give up on your partner if you think that you are meant to be together. Always remember you will have up and downs and problems, but just remember why you and your partner are married and everything will be okay. No one gets married for no reason there is always something there that sparked the relationship and brought you to that special point in your lives.

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Falling in love first and then getting married is still the ideal way of starting a marriage. Hence in general, love and marriage go hand in hand. When you are in love, the expectation is marriage and when you have marriage, you conclude that the couple is deeply in love with each other.

To love someone deeply is necessary before making the commitment to tie the knot. First, a person has to understand that loving someone is not enough to make a marriage happy and successful. There are a lot of factors involved in order to make a marriage work. Those who have been married several years have learned that it takes a lot of effort to maintain the marriage relationship. The love that exists will be your foundation to do what is necessary to hold the marriage together.

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Loving someone means you are willing to make personal sacrifices, put someone else's needs first, make compromises, have common goals, have the commitment to work together to solve problems, etc. Each of us has our own definition of love but what is mentioned here are universal.

Last but not least, loving someone means accepting that nobody's perfect. You accept your partner's flaws and faults and also appreciate the other good attributes that make your partner unique and special. Hence when you love someone as above, be grateful as it is not easy to find a person to love. Marriage offers the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate that love and to establish a life together.

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Renewing wedding vows is something done by millions of couples for varying reasons. You have couples who renew their vows after 50 years of marriage just to reaffirm their love and commitment for each other.

There are also couples who are renewing their wedding vows because they have gone through some difficult times and issues and just want to publicly show their commitment to each other.

If you decide to renew your wedding vows you will find some folks who think it's a great romantic experience and tell you that you should do it. Others will question the reason why you are renewing your vows. You'll get questions like "what happened" or "was your spouse unfaithful".

The only people who need to really understand the reasons why renewing your wedding vows is important is you and your spouse. Once you decide to renew your vows you only need to here from folks whether they will or will not be there to support you.

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So, why is renewing wedding vows important to you? Are you looking forward to saying those sacred vows all over again or are you looking to heal your marriage by getting married again?

If you are tying the knot again because of the deep love you have for each other that's marvelous. I wish more couples could experience what you have. However, if you are counting on renewing the vows you repeated on your wedding day to fix your marriage you might be a little disappointed.

I'm not saying that getting married again will hurt your marriage but it takes more than repeating a few words. It's a good first step but to really heal your marriage you will need to take additional steps to rebuild love, commitment trust, intimacy and friendship.

There are so many things you can do, in addition to renewing your wedding vows, to help heal your marriage. You can work together to recapture the relationship you had when you first recited those "I do" or "I will" vows. A lot of folks don't invest the time or energy to saving their marriage and unfortunately end of divorced.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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