My Husband Doesn't Love Me Anymore and It Hurts: What to Do When Your Husband Doesn't Love You Anymore

The flame has gone out from your marriage or so it seems. He doesn't love you anymore. But you are still in love with him. What can you do to change your husband's mind?

Sometimes when you live with someone for a long time it is easy to begin to take one another for granted. Does your husband know how much you still appreciate him? Have you thanked him lately for all the small things that make a larger relationship work? Did you thank him for carting off the junk from the garage? Get creative. Throw your husband, a 'spouse appreciation day.' go all out. Make him feel special on an otherwise uneventful day. He will be pleased that you remember the small, mundane things he does, that he didn't think you really noticed!

Show your admiration for him. Is the poor guy completely ignored at work? Make him his favorite dinner as a thank-you for all the effort he puts in to taking care of you. He will be surprised that you noticed after all this time, his important contributions to the relationship. And he will love you for it!

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Everyone needs to feel special. And this probably goes double for a spouse. A marriage can become so routine, that some of the things he does by now are by rote. Let him know how great you think he is for taking out the garbage or walking the dog. After all, this is the most important man in your life, right? Let him know that you notice and that you are glad to have such a great person in your life!

You may think that this is a little silly. And to a degree it is. After all, when was the last time he thanked you for a special dinner. Every romance needs a little humor. At the very least, you two may laugh at your efforts. He will begin to see that you do appreciate him and think highly of him. These things are very important in long term relationships.

He may not reciprocate your efforts in the beginning and may even act more sullen. Your efforts to show your appreciation may take time. That is ok. The fact that you are making the effort is important! In a short amount of time, he will begin to take notice and begin to recognize the loving, affectionate person he fell in love with, you!

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Sometimes maintaining a happy marriage can take a lot out of us. Then again, you sometimes look around you and it seems as if other couples make it seem so easy. Your often left to wonder what it is about your marriage that makes keeping it happy so difficult or why you continue to have problems in the marriage that no one else seems to be going through but you. This is probably a good time to make sure that your marriage is worth saving or if it will forever be an uphill battle for you and your spouse to find middle ground that you both can agree with and maintain to ensure a long lasting happy marriage.

First of all, let's examine some common reasons that people get married and if you're marriage fits into any of these areas.

- You were high school sweethearts and as soon as you were of age you tied the knot.

- You've dated for several years, maybe even started living together and thought it was the right next step to complete your relationship.

- You've been together or dated for sometime, and now a baby is on the way and may now be or feel like it's the right thing to do or have been pressured into thinking it's the right thing to do.

- You've just met, have fell head over heals for one another and are headed to Vegas to tie the knot, or you might have even met in Vegas and have gotten hitched in an eventful night or weekend.

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- Your involved in some sort of legal issue, where you have to marry in order for it to go through or come about.

- You have become consumed with the thought of marriage and just want to be married for the sake of being married as some sort of status recognition.

While I may have just touched on some of the most common reasons for couples who think they should get married, it's made up of a lot of marriages that aren't going to stand the test of time or for that matter aren't going to be easy to save.

Marriage should be something that is done for all the right reasons. Not from impulse or from the line of thinking it's the right thing to do. It should come from an unwavering love for one another. A sign of total commitment to one another and set up to see each other through for better or worse. Your spouse should be your best friend and you should cherish everything about them, even the things that may seem annoying.

If you aren't in a relationship that is like this or you are at the point that you can't really stand anything about your spouse, then you should seriously consider if whether or not this marriage is worth saving. Did you marry for all the wrong reasons? Rather than continue to torture one another with trying to make things work, knowing full well that neither one of you will ever agree or find common ground or change for one another, then maybe it is best that you both part ways so that you can move on with your lives and find someone who will be better for you.

I'm not advocating divorce by far, but sometimes people get married for the wrong reasons and it's just not going to last or work. If you don't think that it's anything like that, and you just have some minor issues to work through, than definitely continue on your path to save your marriage.

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The first thing, your first step before you start doing the correct things to save your marriage; should be to calm down. A desperate state of mind will make your emotions overwhelm your mind; and this in turn will make you do things (such as begging your spouse) that will harm your marriage even further. You need calm, considerate actions; not knee-jerk reactions or desperate attempts to save your marriage. So it is essential that you first calm down before doing anything.

After you have calmed down; it is time to start acting in the correct ways. You have to play for your spouse's psychology. Remember - your spouse is probably fed up with the marriage right now. So it's the best thing to be a little more "elusive". This is so important for a number of reasons: First, it will make your spouse somehow start to miss you because you're no longer around all the time. Helps to lessen the "I'm fed up with you" feelings. Second; people want what they can't have! By being elusive, and not begging to your spouse all the time; you will be a lot more hard to get - exactly what you want to be more attractive to your husband!

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Many women sadly say the phrase, "my husband ignores me," each and every day. Marriage is a partnership that is built on mutual love and affection. When one side of that equation starts to disappear, everything within the relationship becomes off balance. If you are tired of living in a relationship with a man who you feel takes you for granted, now is the time to make some changes. If you're committed to making your marriage work because you love your husband, you have a challenge ahead of you. It's certainly not insurmountable though. You have the power to completely transform your relationship with your spouse so you can get all the love and affection you need and want from the man you married.

Talking to your husband is essential if you feel that he's ignoring you. You need to do this in a very delicate and non-accusatory way. Plan some time alone with him and then gently tell him that you've been feeling a bit neglected lately. Naturally, every man will respond differently to this. He may become defensive and if that's the case, pushing the issue will likely only result in you ending up feeling more disconnected from him and hurt. If he seems shocked, then it's obvious that he had no idea that his actions were causing you to feel that way. In that case, just explain what you've been noticing and what you can do together to change things.

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Unfortunately, most women will be confronted by a man who just doesn't understand why she's feeling ignored. This is natural as men become so immersed in other parts of their life, notably work, that they just can't clearly see how it's impacting their marriage. Fighting with him over this issue will probably make him pull back even more. Instead, you need to work alone to change it. That may seem impossible, but it's actually not that difficult at all.

Have you ever sat back and thought about how dramatically your life has changed since you married? For most of us, it has meant a loss of part of ourselves. It's challenging to find the right balance between time for you and time for your children and husband. Your own identity can get washed away and you end up being primarily a caregiver. You need to change that now and start focusing more on you. Your husband fell in love with and was enthralled with a dynamic, interesting and confident woman. You need to find that woman inside yourself again. Don't get caught up in the idea that you're doing this primarily for his benefit. You're not. Once you work on becoming more of the woman you want to be, your husband is going to sit up and take notice.

Right now the man you married is essentially taking you for granted. You have the tools and the knowledge to change that. Put yourself at the top of your priority list and watch how quickly his attitude changes.

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