My Husband Doesn't Talk To Me About Anything: My Husband Won't Talk To Me About His Problems

Communication is the foundation of your relationship. Without it, you can't really have much of a relationship--just imagine how futile it is to build a house on quicksand rather than concrete. And with healthy, reciprocal communication, your marriage or relationship will continue to evolve in a positive direction.

Therefore, it behooves all of us to understand the fundamentals of communication so that we can apply them to our cherished relationships. It's easy to lose sight of these fundamentals and wonder why your relationship is in trouble.

Communication basics:

All conversations involve a speaker (the person sending messages) and a listener (the person receiving messages). You'll need different skills for each role. An effective speaker without an effective listener is like a billboard in a desert. Communication breaks down when you (or your partner) fail to use the different skills needed in the respective roles of speaker and listener.

Let's look at the fundamentals of each role.

The ABC's of an effective Speaker:

A: Acknowledgment. Start with your needs.

As the speaker, your goal is to acknowledge your needs and share them with your partner, not to shine a spotlight on your partner. For instance, if you're frustrated with your partner's failure to help out around the house, you might say, "I've been doing most of the cleaning and it feels unfair to me. I need us to be a team and work together around the house," instead of, "You never help me. What do you do all day?"

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B: Body Language. Be aware of how you send your messages.

All communication includes a what (the content of your message) and a how (how you deliver the content). Body language is the how--the message's gift wrapping. Very often, this is the message your partner will remember most. The tone and volume of your voice, facial expression, eye contact, and posture will enhance or block your message. Like an email message that ends up snagged by a spam filter, if your body language exudes disinterest, judgement or hostility, your partner is likely to disregard your message.

C: Clarity. Keep your message simple and consistent.

Your message needs to be clear and easy to understand, or else your partner will be confused and unsure of your needs. Clarity begins with knowing what you want to say before you say it. Jumping from topic to topic and/or sending mixed messages violates the clarity rule. Make every effort to stay "on task" while you're discussing something with your partner. How many of us would be able to internalize a message if we're unsure of what the message really is, or if we feel overwhelmed by pop-up tangents?

The ABC's of an effective Listener:

A: Attentiveness. Be attentive and focus your energy on your partner's message.

As the listener, your job is to show that you are interested in what your partner is saying. This occurs through commonsense courtesy (not answering the phone or checking email while your partner is speaking) and through the unspoken messages you send with body language (eye contact, nodding when appropriate, sitting up straight, not fidgeting).

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B: Bite your Tongue. Your job as the listener is to understand your partner's point of view.

There's a saying in twelve-step treatment programs that goes something like: Take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth. As the listener, don't interrupt or talk over your partner (even when you don't agree with what s/he is saying). Don't plan your retort the entire time your partner is speaking. Work on being receptive and open to your partner's message rather than contemplating counter-arguments.

C: Curiosity and Clarification. Simple questions communicate genuine interest while helping you gain clarity.

When appropriate (when your partner isn't in the middle of a statement), show genuine curiosity by asking questions--questions that will help you clarify what your partner needs. You don't have to be Dr. Phil to do this well. The most powerful questions are simple: Are you OK? What can I do? How can I help? When you show curiosity and seek clarification, your partner will feel that you're engaged and interested.

This simple ABC model of communication can go a long way in helping you become a more effective communicator. To build a stronger relationship, share these ideas with your partner. Practice taking turns as the speaker and listener. Before you know it, your communication ABC's will become a habit and your relationship or marriage will reap the benefits.

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Divorce these days seems to be on the increase at an alarming rate. The reason for this most often is because spouses are not communicating or meeting each others desires properly. The key to solve all of these problems is learning how to make your spouse notice you.

In the beginning of any relationship, love seems to have a life of its own. It seems like without effort it makes you feel as if you are on top of the world. You will catch yourself smiling and laughing often. The love you share will make you feel warm inside whenever your loved one is with you. It seems that everything and everyone feels good. But, this feeling does not last forever. After about the first year of marriage, romance seems to take a back seat. Since there are many day to day activities of being married, focusing on each others career and even beginning to raise a family, romance and or courting of one another in the marriage doesn't exactly get it's fair share of time that is needed to maintain a happy marriage.

Love and romance in marriage has to be worked on constantly just like anything else. If you think that your love for one another can grow by itself, without any effort on your part, then you are wrong. If you want a healthy and loving relationship, then you and your spouse should work on the relationship. So, the question is how to keep the love alive in your marriage and make your spouse notice you?

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You need to have quality time with your loved one. No one should take it for granted that your partner will always be there by your side. You should always remember the time when you and your spouse were still chasing each other so to speak. There is no reason why you should not find the time with your partner amidst all the other marriage activities and duties that you have.

This might require finding someone to take care of the children while the two of you are out. The time that you and your spouse will spend together will re-energize the passion that you and your partner had in the old days. You and your partner have to have and maintain physical intimacy. Sometimes just sitting around and enjoying your favorite drinks while talking with your spouse can lead to a number of physical or mentally intimate encounters. The important thing to do is to remain determined to have some type of fun together.

Also, this shouldn't be the time to solve any problems of your lives or discuss anything else besides what you both enjoy and love about each other, at the same time maybe coming up with other ways you would both enjoy showing your love for one another. You should just focus on each other, period.

Another thing is, pay close attention to your spouse. I'm sure you've heard this before, but it really is the simple things in everyday life that can make a huge difference in how your spouse feels about you. Give your spouse kisses, hugs or gifts. Remember what it was last week he/she was wanting or needing so bad, and surprise them with it. Also, you should consider, and whether or not you have time to do it, you should make time, is to take care of your physical well being. Whether it's working out to get back into shape, wearing the types of things that your spouse enjoyed you in before or getting back on track with maintaining proper hygiene etc. All in all, these little tid bits should certainly help make your spouse notice you.

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Surely it's one of the worst feelings when a marriage you wanted to last forever looks like it's going to end. Unfortunately, the civilized world has a divorce rate of higher than 80 percent - and it's only because in this age people aren't as selfless and responsible as needed for maintaining a marriage. When trouble rears its head, they simply walk out of the marriage instead of choosing to fight for it like you do. So, I want to congratulate you first on not being like them and actually trying to save your marriage.

When my marriage was in serious trouble and heading for divorce; I was like you and tried to stop a divorce from happening. I felt the urge to act, and do something before it all ends. However, I didn't know what to do, and I didn't know where to turn. I was desperate to save my marriage, and thought that I had to do something; so I did the only thing I could think of: I begged my husband for forgiveness.

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Obviously, that didn't help - it made everything worse. I could see that but I couldn't help myself! Now I understand that it was the desperation running in my mind that made me do all those wrong things. When you're desperate, your emotions overtake your mind and guide you wrongly.

This is why the first step to saving any marriage is that you calm down. This is good for so many reasons: First, it prevents you from the knee-jerk reactions such as begging. Second; when you're calm, you are able to look at everything from a much wider perspective and pinpoint the problems and what should be done in order to fix them - something totally impossible when you're wild with desperation. Third; it gives your spouse some very precious "alone" time, free from your pressure, and this is bound to have a lot of positive impact on your marriage.

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It is a sad and troubling fact. Over half of all marriages end in a divorce. There will be work you must engage in to keep your marriage afloat. If you are willing to make the effort and your spouse is willing to join you, hope is not lost! How can you stop your relationship from becoming the next statistic? Read on!

Over time communication between husband and wife can become stagnant. Perhaps you feel like you both have talked over the same tired subjects and there is simply nothing more to say. You could spark new interest in your partner by becoming interested in his or her work or leisure activities. Of course, sports or ballet, for example, are not for everyone and this may not be one of your fortes. This is not the time to attempt to take over your spouse's friends in these areas. Simply learn to enjoy some aspect of what your spouse enjoys and appreciate the extra time you spend together. If you take the time and effort to become interested in some of your spouse's activities' you may be surprised at the result!

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While it may be difficult a key to repairing your marriage is finding ways to communicate with your spouse again. You could start by deciding to engage in new activities. Perhaps you have both held a long love for the theater or other mutual hobby. For whatever reason, the both of you, have not been able to participate in something new. Make the effort to find new and engaging activities for you and your spouse. This can definitely be one way, both of you can begin to engage in new communication.

Another advantage to this tactic is that, engaging in a new activity may help you both disengage from those things in your life you may have been arguing about. Both of your thoughts and actions will be directed toward something positive and this may well re-awaken some lost interest between the two of you!

Emotions may be at a troubling high right now in your relationship. Work to become a soothing factor in this troubled time. Reminiscence about how the two of you fell in love in the first place. Visit your old haunts. Take long strolls together. As you both take time to calm yourselves you will again begin to discover the attraction that holds you both together. Making these extra efforts will be rewarding to you both, as you begin to re-discover one another and begin to share new experiences.

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