My Husband Flirts With Another Woman In Front Of Me: Woman Flirting With My Husband In Front Of Me

Emotional affairs and divorce is now two of the hottest topics in marriage. Most couples resort to divorce immediately upon knowing that their spouse is having an affair. This should not be the case as there many other ways in which you can end an affair and save your marriage. Do not take the easy way out and fight for your love.

Affairs are happening almost everywhere especially at the office and online. The rise of social networks and chat rooms has helped in the increasing number of emotional affairs and divorce. Emotional affairs at work is also getting very common as there now more female employees compared to a few years back.

If your husband had an emotional affair, it will be hard for you to recover initially. You will have to deal with the haunting images in your mind. The thought that your husband making love with another woman does not go away. And the fear that your husband will again engage in emotional affairs and divorce cannot be avoided.

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After a spouse has cheated, trust will be a very big issue. It is very hard to regain and it takes a lot of sacrifice to get the marriage back to the way it was before. A lot of people do not know what to do after they discover that their spouse is having an affair. Divorce should be considered an option only if the spouse has a long history of cheating and that it is hopeless. But it is important that you will be decisive and stick on whatever choice you make. It is very useless to have a divorce and yet, you still have a line of communication with your spouse.

When a couple gets over an affair, it is very likely that they will become closer and have a stronger relationship. If your husband is having an affair, you should try counseling or avail online resources about infidelity. You can still save your marriage and get your husband back. There are many resources on the Internet that will help you how to deal with emotional affairs and divorce.

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Have you ever said to your partner the age old phrase, "We need to talk?" If your marriage has ever been in trouble, I'm sure you've had the conversation that we all dread having with our spouse, and it almost always causes more problems than it fixes.

The "Big Talk" is that heart to heart one you have about the problems in your relationship. You two will talk about the problems that are going on, your partner will suddenly understand your point of view, things will instantly start to improve, and your marriage will be better than it's ever been before. I hate to be the one to break it to you but that talk is not going to go the way you want it to. If you're truly asking yourself, "How do I save my marriage," trust me, this approach is not the way to do it.

This is why the "big talk" doesn't work: The reason why marriages get into trouble is because of a lack of connection. Somewhere along the way you and your partner start to feel disconnected. You and your spouse stopped doing things together that you used to love doing. You forget that you used to do things when you were dating that you just don't do anymore. Life gets busy and stressful, so love and romance seem to go out the door, and that connection that you once had...breaks.

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So when it comes time for the "big talk," there's very little intimacy, connection or love left. You might as well be having that talk with a stranger. You have to be connected to your partner for them to care about your feelings and for them to want to work on changing the relationship. If there's no connection, there's no motivation to change anything for the better.

The "big talk" is not going to change anything. It's actually a recipe for disaster. You can play how that conversation is going to go over and over, thousands of times in your head. It won't make a difference. If there's no connection or intimacy your partner is not going to respond well even if you're wanting to have this talk is well intentioned.

I'm not saying that you don't ever talk. What I'm saying is that you need to spend time reconnecting with each other first before you have the "big talk." Get back to doing things you used to love, do things you used to do when you were dating, send flowers, e-cards, etc. Get to know each other again. You are going to wind up building intimacy this way and reconnecting with each other. Once that happens, then you can have that talk, but by then, it won't be so big anymore. This is the first step in answering that question, "How do I save my marriage?" Everything else gets easier from here.

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So the question is, at what point do you ask for help? There is no right or wrong answer. It is best to get help whenever you feel at lost on what to do and where to turn to. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you find a marriage therapist.

First of all, therapy maybe be good for you and your spouse if you guys have a history of poor communication as well as having intense and heated arguments. If you and your partner have the tendency to talk out your problems and argue in a way so that the relationship wins, you may not need to seek a marriage counselor. Unfortunately, many people who lack communication skills. When they attempt to talk about the issues that affect their marriage, they just make it worse. Words that are hurtful are hard to forget once it is said.

The biggest thing behind marriage therapy is that the lines of communication between each spouse is open. Quarrels and disagreements is expected in any long-term relationship. It's how you respond to them is what's most important. Many people need the help of a trained marriage counselor to communicate more effectively with their spouse.

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Secondly, if you or your spouse has problems with depression, alcohol or any other forms of substance abuse, a marriage therapist well significantly help. Communicating with a someone who has other issues of their own is so much more difficult if you were to do it all alone. In this situation, you need to find a marriage counselor that can help you work through your problems and may even suggest more resources that can help you save your marriage.

Next, do you and your partner agree that you guys are stuck in a rut and don't know what you can do to solve your marriage problems? There are times when we are in an emotionally charged situation that is hard to resolve and get a good perspective about it. Your marriage counselor can help you get through this and help you see a different perspective that may go off like a light bulb in your head.

Lastly, if you can picture what your marriage looks like to other people, and it looks unhealthy, unstable and completely destructive, then it is time to get additional help. Help from a marriage therapist or a marriage counselor can significantly increase the chances of saving your marriage and get you and your spouse on the right path to having a healthy, loving and satisfying relationship that you both deserve.

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I often have people ask me how to tell or know for sure if their marriage isn't working or is in trouble. I've even had people ask me to develop a quiz for them to take to determine whether their marriage is working or not. But, I find that the people who are asking this question really don't need any quiz and really do know in their hearts that something is wrong. If they didn't, they wouldn't be on the Internet researching this topic. Because honestly, people in healthy marriages don't research marriages that aren't working. Something must be behind this concern and this research. I believe that people often do know the truth, but they want a third party to confirm what they already know. So, in the following article, I will list some signs of marriages that just aren't working so that you can compare yours and see if any of these descriptions ring any bells.

You Notice Or Feel A Lack Of Intimacy (Either Physical Or Emotional): Often the first thing to go in a troubled marriage is physical intimacy or sex. And often people will have all sorts of justifications for this, like: "we don't have as much time because of the kids," or "we aren't as young anymore," or "sex is not as important in our relationship as it used to be."

All of these may well be valid arguments and they may be absolutely true. But, the physical part of your marriage is absolutely indicative of the emotional part. If something is wrong in the bedroom, then it's generally true that something is wrong somewhere else. The emotional connection is lacking and is manifesting itself physically. Married couples who are very closely bonded and firing on all cylinders want to express these feelings physically and they often will simply find the time. I often answer folks who tell me that they are too busy for sex how much time they find for other priorities in their lives. Because these same folks often find the time for a manicure, round of golf, or other activities that they are simply putting first.

You No Longer Have Anything "Real" To Talk About. You May Feel You Have Nothing In Common Anymore: People who write to me and ask whether their marriage is in trouble or not will often tell me that the two of them "don't really talk anymore." Often, they'll find that when they are alone together, the conversation lags or they find themselves only talking about the kids or the shared business or household. Often though, they can often remember a time (when they were first dating or married) that they used to burn up the phone lines and talk for hours, but those days are long gone.

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I often hear phrases like "it's like we've run out of things to say," or "we have absolutely nothing in common anymore," and "he tunes me out;" or "she bores me to tears;" or "her nagging sounds just like my mother's and it grates on me horribly."

Truthfully, all of these are a symptom of the disconnect that I discussed earlier. People often feel that they, or their partner, have "changed." I almost never buy this. Sure, people can change their priorities, their outlook, and their perceptions, but I almost never buy that someone changes the core of who they are or changes so drastically as to be so different that they no longer resemble their former selves.

What has happened instead is that it's the circumstances, not the people, who have changed. Children and jobs make your priorities and the allocation of your time different and this in turn brings about a different outcome in your marriage, but this does not mean that your partner (or even you) have changed who you were.

You're Fighting About The Same Old Things And Can Never More Past It: One of the more easy to recognize signs that a marriage is just not working is that the two of you seem to always be having the same old fight because you are never able to resolve the biggest issues in your marriage once and for all.

People who have close and happy marriages are able to navigate and solve their martial problems pretty definitively so that the resentment and anger do not have too long to fester and to continue manifesting themselves to cause more damage. This doesn't mean that they don't have to "work" at their marriage. They do, but they are able to keep things in perspective and to work together to get through them for good rather than holding back or continuing to bring up the old, damaging issues that couples in crisis can not seem to move past.

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The Laughter And Fun Is Gone: You may be rereading what I just wrote or think that I've lost my mind, but truly happy families and households place humor and having fun together as a very high priority. If you notice couples who are newlyweds or newly in love and you watch them for any length of time you will see a lot of flirting and laughing going on because they enjoy being together, they bring out the best in each other, and people who are happy in their relationships have a lot to smile about. What's the point really if you aren't enjoying yourself and having fun?

If you can't deny that your household has become sullen, take a look at how many fun or lighthearted activities you and your spouse are engaging in. Because people whose marriages are in trouble will often avoid these kinds of activities because they have become awkward and the payoff just isn't there anymore.

If you've seen any of these "warning signs," this doesn't mean that you're one step away from divorce or that these problems can not be fixed. It just means that your marriage could use some definite improvement and it certainly doesn't make any sense to wait to address this. Admitting that their is room for change is the first step toward making things right.

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