My Husband Has A Close Female Friend At Work: Husband Too Friendly With Female Coworker

Emotional affairs at the office is happening every day because a working person spends at least 40 hours per week at the office and this does not even include business meetings or out-of-town business trips yet. This type of affair is also very likely to happen because there are many interactions between coworkers every day such as working on the same projects or spending time together during lunch breaks. There are also flirting going on in some cases.

Emotional affairs at the office usually start as a "just friends" relationship. No one person has the intention or deliberate plan of having an affair, but it is a fact that every one of us is vulnerable to this devastating relationship.

The emotional infidelity signs are hard to detect because it is not very clear and there is no physical evidence about it. It is also susceptible to misinterpretation. So it is important to be familiar with these signs and observe sudden changes of your spouse's behavior.

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Below are the signs your husband is having emotional affairs at the office:

• Your husband becomes very self-conscious on the way he looks and smells before going to work. He now uses expensive clothes and cologne which is unusual because he is not like that before.

• He goes to work early and comes home late from work most of the time. He is always looking forward in attending business meetings or out-of-town business trips.

• He is now spending more time on his cell phone or laptop and he does not want you to read his text messages and emails. He also starts to demand for more privacy and does not want you going over through his personal stuffs.

The best way to prevent your husband from having emotional affairs at the office is to get to befriend his coworkers. In this way, they will get to know you better and respect you. You will also have your eyes and ears in your husband's workplace and you will know if your husband is doing something inappropriate. You should also visit your husband's workplace from time to time or attend corporate parties and gatherings with your husband.

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Successful marriages have a few common ingredients but there is one thing your marriage can't do without if you want a great marriage. Understand this and your marriage problems will be easier to overcome.

Marriage is a splendid thing and each marriage is unique and has its own challenges and successes and failures. It might be safe to say that every single marriage has a problem or two. Some have small problems and some have problems that would make you cringe and cry just hearing about it.

There are some couples who break-up and end their marriage over what many would consider minor or petty marriage problems. There are other couples who are able to overcome infidelity, or substance addiction, or physical or emotional abuse. Marriages have survived even after a spouse has spent time in prison as a result of an error in judgment.

So why is it that some couples are able to succeed and remain married, despite the huge obstacles they need to overcome? Let's delve a little deeper and see if we can find out what's keeping these marriages together. Here are some common traits you will find in the folks who seem to be able to press through despite the problems in their marriage.

Unselfishness - If you take a close look at marriages that are for the most part going strong I believe you will find that one or both of the spouses have unselfish characteristics. It's really a key ingredient to helping couples stay together.

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Resilient - Being married sometimes feels like being in a boxing match to some folks. You have to take a few hits, sometimes you get tapped lightly and sometimes you get knocked down. You can choose to get back up and continue on or throw in the towel. The married couples who stay together are generally good at realizing that it's worth staying in their and not giving up.

Content - I think a lot of folks who can't seem to stay in their marriage end up not being content with their situation and feel as though there is someone or something better for them. Being content doesn't mean that you have been beaten down and now have accepted the fact that your marriage is what it is. The married folks who are content understand that no marriage is perfect and as long as your key needs are being met it's worth it. If their key needs are not being met they are willing to keep working together to make it happen.

So what is the one thing your marriage can't succeed without? Ok, in my humble opinion it's a Covenant.

If a husband and wife understand that they were married under a covenant and not just a contract they also understand that loving their spouse unconditionally is not an option but a requirement. In this sense, it puts all of the marriage problems and difficulties in the proper perspective.

To succeed in making your marriage great (and not just barely tolerable) I would recommend you be committed to the covenant that you made, be resilient, content and practice being unselfish on a daily basis.

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Where has all the love gone? Why is it one cannot feel the same way towards the spouse after years of marriage? Where is the ardor, the commitment and the caring ways that defined the relationship in the beginning? If you can find answers to these questions, you can also save your crumbling marriage!

Here are some helpful hints to aid you in the endeavor of saving your marriage.

1. Believe in sweet nothings; no it is not asinine and boring to express affection, years after marriage. Write notes expressing appreciation for little acts of kindness by your spouse. Say "I love you!" at least once in a day. Believe in "A hug a day keeps misunderstanding away."

2. Spend quality time together; take holidays when you can afford the time; spend at least half an hour a day listening to your spouse when he/she wants to share feelings, thoughts and ideas; speak about your dreams, your fears and your problems; help each other out in solving problems

3. Go on a date at least once a month. Dressing up for your spouse can rekindle the past enthusiasm you felt in each others company. Making yourself look attractive to your spouse is half the battle won in saving the marriage.

4. Communicate openly. Open discussion with patience can help in resolving most problems. Lend a patient ear to your spouse and make him/her feel you are there with them with genuine support. Never close the communication channel as it can widen the gap further.

5. If there has been cheating, then honesty is the only virtue that will help you both tide over the issue. Speak openly and listen as a friend would to what your spouse has to say.

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6. Be generous and unbiased when you consider events; in the face of both partners sincerely wishing to begin afresh, a lot of positive attitude and cheerful camaraderie can come in handy too.

7. Be brave enough to admit when you are wrong and reassure your spouse about your companionship and forgiveness.

8. Stop the blame game or talking about each other's past mistakes and be willing to mend past mistakes.

9. Admit frankly to each other how important it is to you to make the marriage a success.

10. Keep the physical intimacy in tact as a right touch can convey a lot of things that words fail to.

Children, work, the desire to excel in a career, running your home and other social commitments are all the issues that need your time, effort, commitment and attention. How well you can weave in the quality time you want to spend with your spouse with all these issues is a direct indicator of how successfully you can save your marriage.

You just need to be informed and follow the right techniques and avoid the turmoil of tackling it all on your own.

Make a commitment and start now.

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Marriage is a complex matter and it can often go awry when left unchecked by both partners. There are things you can do to fix your marriage, make it better and keep it strong. Here are three tips that are proven to work.

1. Fix the problem not each other.
Many times when couples argue, they start attacking each other instead of tackling the issue. It is important to consciously take a step back and calm down when an argument takes a turn for the worst. once you and your partner are calm, you can then take the time and really think about the issue. Why is it an issue? What can you both do to fix it and avoid making the same mistake in the future? Handle the dispute in the most constructive manner possible.

2. Don't give up.
Giving up is a frequent occurrence in difficult marriages. Both partners are too jaded to care what becomes of each other and eventually it turns to animosity toward the other person. Avoid this by keeping the hope alive. you can have a happy marriage and all you have to do is work towards it.

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If you tell yourself that it won't work out, then it won't work out. It is as simple as that. Put your mind to it and work for it. You will have that marriage you deserve because you are going to put in the effort to make it right.

3. Be fair.
Treat your spouse they way you would like to be treated. This is simple enough and most religions teach us that we should treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated.

In arguments we tend to point the finger or close up and say nothing. Neither of these methods are fair to your partner or yourself. You both need to share feelings and thoughts on the issues at hand.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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