My Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman: Husband Has Feelings For Another Woman

Your husband recently took interest in another woman. You knew the woman and would actually consider her as an "ideal" woman that your husband would love. Basically, he has been praising her non-stop, almost everything about her. You love him so much, but now he has a crush on this woman. He admitted he just can't stop thinking about her. What should you do?

Before things become worse, you have to stop him from turning this obsessive crush into a real love for that woman and I am sure such situation made you to question about this marriage. Since he cannot control his attraction for this other woman, the best thing you can do is to try helping him to cut off the connection with this woman.

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Calm down and think of how you should get your message across to him nicely. This step is very crucial and you have to do it in a very tactful way. The good thing is he told you about the crush and this means he still finds you important. Find a good time and chance to approach him, it is important to show respect in your conversation. Do not show emotions to appear desperate or unreasonable. Explain to him why it is vital to avoid meeting up with the woman.

Start to plan for more romance in your marriage. Something is probably missing out, it could be that kind of sparks and excitement that both of you need to inject again. For example, you can create opportunities by engaging some activities that he will enjoy. Consider picking up sports that you can participate together with him or either you can arrange a romantic getaway trip for spending quality time together.

Take some time to be sure you are looking attractive. It does not mean a married woman should forego taking care of their appearance. I have realized many will stop putting on make up and keeping their body in shape after they gave birth or married for long. All will give the same excuses saying no time or "can't do it". It would be good that you bother to dress up for occasion to impress him how sexy you can be at times.

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In a relationship couples usually share feelings, interest and love with each other. When men start to get cold, distant and uninterested with the relationship; women may feel uneasy, bothered and confused. Women should know how to deal with a cold man to bring his love back.

He may stop doing the things he used to do to make you feel loved and needed. He will suddenly become self-centered. Before he totally lost interest in the relationship, you have to do something to bring his love back.

Recognizing the reasons why men become distant and cold is the first step to bring his love back. Men could become cold and distant for many reasons. One reason is fear of commitment. They are afraid to become too dependent that may push women away. Men are also afraid to be needed and wanted that women expect more from them. They are overwhelmed if women are too demanding to the point that it scares them making them cold and distant. Men need some air to breath and the freedom to be themselves and not someone who always do things for women.

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There are things women could do to bring his love back and save the relationship.

Evaluate your actions and the way you say things to your man to bring his love back. Are you becoming too self-centered that you always tell your man all your emotional baggage, rants, how much you need him and you forget to show how much you love him? Checking on him several times a day at work saying that you love him or you need him will put so much pressure on him. Action speaks louder than words. Preparing breakfast or lunch before he leaves for work and showing how much you love him will be more appreciated than saying it all aloud all the time.

Another way to bring his love back is give him time for himself. Although you are a couple, each of you need to grow individually too. Give him time to enjoy the things he loves to do, like sports and hobbies. Giving him freedom for his hobbies and other passion will make him feel good about himself and because he loves you, he will eventually want to share his joy with you. You can bring his love back and he will love you more for understanding and giving him that opportunity.

Take care of yourself is another way to bring his love back. Look at your best. Wear your hair the way he loves most. A man loves to see his spouse or partner on her best and appreciates your effort to look good for him. Looking good will not only makes your man feel good but it will also bring out the best in you. If you look good, you will feel good and if you feel beautiful inside and out, it will spread out and your man will have positive feelings too.

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If a couple is not happy about what they get or don't get out of the relationship they have to talk about it. A good healthy relationship relies on honest communication. Telling your spouse, "everything is fine", does not cut it. This is about discovering each other's real needs and wants within the relationship. If you cannot sit down and honestly express how you feel about things how you can expect to change things? If your partner does not know you are unsatisfied how can the two of you work to alter that? You need marriage saving solutions to ensure a divorce isn't in your future. How about talking to each other and opening up? If you are not happy about the relationship chances are neither is your partner. You need to work on not just what you need changed but what both of you need. That means listening as well as talking. This also means not just dealing with the symptoms. You need to find the causes for your relationship problems. The best solutions to stop divorce involve putting time and effort into successfully communicating with each other.

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Success is often a matter of attitude. Being determined to not let your marriage collapse greatly increases the probability of saving your marriage. Solutions to stop divorce can include deciding that divorce is not an option. Keep in mind that in some instances divorce is the only option. No one should accept abuse to stay married. If irreconcilable differences are the reason to divorce you may have other options to explore first. If you take divorce out of the equation it forces both of you to work harder at improving the marriage. Learning relationship skills and then implementing them is hard work. It is easy to give up. Removing the option of divorce simply takes away the option of giving up. The more effort and time put in to repairing a marriage the better chance of success. Being dedicated to learning relationship skills to help maintain the relationship is just as important. The idea is to repair the relationship and then let it grow and develop into a positive, healthy and enriching experience for both of you.

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Many wives fear the marital separation like almost nothing else. Few people want to live alone. And few people like to face the unknown. Frankly, there is some comfort in knowing that someone is going to be there when you come home at night and that tomorrow is going to look a lot like yesterday. So when something happens to push a separation on you, it's often your greatest hope that it ends as soon as possible so that you can get back to regular, comfortable, and predictable life. You hope that in just a few short weeks, he will miss you, come home, and stop this nonsense. So when this doesn't happen, it can be quite devastating.

I might her from someone who says: "knowing that I had no choice in the separation was the worst part about it. Being alone is no fun either. The only way that I consoled myself about this was with the thought that if I was patient and gave my husband a couple of weeks, then he was going to start missing me and wanting to come home. I figured that I could deal with anything for a couple of weeks. Well, it has been two and a half weeks and my husband is mostly still avoiding me. We were talking on the phone last night and I asked him if his feelings about me, our marriage, or the separation have changed. His response to me was 'not really. I still need time. Nothing has changed.' This was incredibly disappointing to me. He needed time and I gave him that time and now I am starting to think that either it's going to be a much longer time until he comes back or he is not going to come back at all. I feel so let down. And now I'm facing a situation where I have to tolerate this longer than I originally thought. I don't know how I'm going to fill the time."

Why Patience Is Often The Best Call: This is a very common situation. Often, in the initial stages of the separation, we console ourselves with the thought that hopefully, this will all be over before we know it. But, our husband's time line can be much different from ours. And you have a choice here. You can get discouraged and frustrated and begin to believe that he is never coming home. Or, you can decide to get busy so that the time goes by faster. Here is something that I can tell you with a good deal of certainly. If you become angry or point out how this isn't fair and then try to pressure your husband to stop being silly or selfish and to come home immediately, then you've often almost assured yourself that he is going to drag his feet in doing it. No one likes to be told what to do, much less a grown man.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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I know that a few weeks seems like an eternity to you. (It seemed like an eternity to me too.) But, in the grand scheme of things, that is not very long. Much to my dismay, my separation went on for much longer than this. My husband perceived that he needed time on his own and that he was going to wait until it was clear to him that either he was ready to come home or he was ready to pursue something else. Was this scary and frustrating to me? You bet it was. And I did many things that I came to regret out of sadness and frustration But I started to notice a pattern. Every time I'd try to pressure him to come home, he pulled away from me. And that made things worse. And that meant that he would be away for an even longer period of time. So, after seeing this pattern for a while, I decided to stop obsessing on the time. It was a huge challenge. But I firmly believe that this is one reason why I am still married today.

The truth is, my husband wasn't yet ready to make a decision. And my pressuring him would have pushed him to make a decision that I didn't like. By waiting, I gave myself the chance that one day, he would feel differently and come home. But I knew if I had proclaimed I wasn't waiting any longer, then he would have ultimately decided on a divorce. I figured as long as I didn't force his hand, I at least had a chance that he would one day come around.

I know that keeping yourself busy when you're alone can be a huge challenge. That said, it is so important. If it is clear to your husband that you are sitting at home and just waiting on his next move, then he doesn't have any incentive to move any faster. And frankly, this paints you in a light that is not so attractive. But, if you go out with friends, pursue things you love, and stay busy trying to work on yourself, then you are going to appear a lot more attractive to him and your busyness is going to ensure that you're less likely to pressure him.

You Can Set It Up So He Is More Likely To Want To Come Home: I'd like to make one more point. Although this is his decision and you can't make it for him, you can set up the circumstances that are favorable to him wanting to be closer to you. Think about it for a second. If you are abrasive, restless, and putting the pressure on him, how likely do you think it is that he is going to look upon you favorably enough to want to come home? But if you try to focus on the positive and are coping, busy, and laid back, isn't it much more likely that he is going to want to be closer to you?

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