My Husband Is Flirting With A Coworker: Husband Too Friendly With Female Coworker

Emotional affairs in the workplace are very likely to happen because this is where a person spends at least 5 days in a week. He also works with people who have the same interests and passion with him. In fact, statistics show that the office is the number one place where affairs happen.

No one really has the intention to engage in an affair especially if that person really loves his or her spouse. But emotional infidelity strikes when you least expect it. Emotional affairs in the workplace usually start as a casual friendship or an acquaintance. You start talking more and more in the office or you are working together on a project. You share problems and secrets even if it involves your own marriages. Then you realize that your coworker completely understands what you are going through or is having the same ordeal. This is usually how emotional affairs start.

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If your husband is having emotional affairs in the workplace, you have to seriously consider your options. Do you think it is advisable to make him quit his job to save your marriage? Or risk it because you have no other sources of income? Divorce should only be an option in extreme cases such as if your husband has been cheating for a while and there is no more chance for him to change.

A good way to deal with emotional affair is to have marriage counseling. This might be expensive but you cannot put a price on a happy marriage. Every marriage problem is different from one another and this is where relationship experts come into place. You and your spouse will get the right help and advice from marriage counselors who deal with this problem almost every day.

Another helpful way to save your marriage is to avail online resources that specifically deal with emotional affairs in the workplace. These resources are created by counselors and psychologists that have a wide experience in solving infidelity. There are many books and online programs that you can instantly use but you must carefully choose the right one. These resources are good substitutes for counseling or an alternative if counseling didn't work for you.

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With 50% of marriages today ending in divorce, and many of those that remain struggling, one wonders how to be successful in this critical relationship. Research shows that for men, one of the primary problems is a lack of respect from their wives. In a recent study, 74% of men would rather feel alone and unloved than disrespected. Unfortunately, many wives simply do not understand the importance of this relationship skill, nor do they have the tools with which to apply it. We have put together a short list of the "7 Tips to Respect," based on the successful methods employed by the wives in our classes.

Tip 1: Avoid Critical Communication

Instead of criticizing her husband for forgetting to finish a project, Mary Beth decided to thank him for promising to help her with it. Her husband realized he forgot, and got to work. She avoided being critical and he avoided feeling disrespected. She also got what she wanted without creating a conflict.

Tip 2: Avoid Disrespectful Non-Verbals

Sharon has the same condescending look for her husband as she does for her 3 year old. She noticed a radical change in her husband when she caught herself rolling her eyes when her husband shared an idea with her. "He shut down almost immediately," she reported. "I knew that if I wanted intimacy with him, I needed to watch what my face was communicating to him!"

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Tip 3: Be the Welcoming Committee

"When I walk in the door, it's like nobody even cares I'm there. Or I immediately get a list of what needs to be done or she rattles through how horrible her day has been. Just once I would like to have someone act like they're glad to see me. I spend all day working really hard so my wife can stay home and be with our kids, and she doesn't even care." A simple, "I'm so glad you're here! How was your day?" can go so far!

Tip 4: Be His Best Encourager

Turmoil rocked Tom's work situation. The project he'd been working on had limited resources and the stress of the situation was wearing on him to the point that he found himself waking at 3am and, unable to sleep, leaving for work. His wife, Nancy found a way to encourage him just by asking him questions about how things were going, listening, and reminding him of his strengths. She also told him that she knew he'd be able to work it out. His project eventually ended well, and she credits her support with their marriage remaining intact throughout the difficult time.

Tip 5: Tell Him You Respect Him

Bonnie knows the one thing her husband absolutely loves is a hot breakfast. Several times a week, she gets up in the morning to cook for him, and sees him out the door. "Thanks for looking for work today," she tells him as he heads out to an interview or networking meeting. "I appreciate and respect you for persevering and not giving up," she reminds him. "If I'm communicating a lack of confidence in him, that doesn't help him find a job," she says. "He needs to know that no matter what he faces out there, I'm still his number one fan."

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Tip 6: Avoid Arguing with Him

"What I get at work is a bunch of people who hear me out in a respectful way, even when they disagree. What I get at home is a woman who thinks I'm a complete idiot. She has her way of doing things, and even when I try to help her she criticizes the way I do it. So why bother? I'm at the point now where I'd rather spend time at work than at home." We need to ask ourselves how important an issue is before choosing to disagree or argue about it. Accepting that there are different ways to accomplish the same thing will grow our relationship.

Tip 7: Ask His Advice

Even though Jeanine has a background in human resources and management, she frequently finds herself dealing with circumstances she hasn't faced before. Asking her husband for advice has proven to be beneficial for both of them. "He has immense business knowledge and his perspective is excellent. He appreciates me asking his opinion, too." Any time we ask others for advice, it communicates that we value their thoughts.

Bottom Line: Respect is a man's language and many feel it is lacking in their relationships with their wives. Want to improve your marriage? Learn the language of respect!

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The slow yet excruciating downward spiral of a troubled marriage can suck the life out of your body bit by bit until all that's left of you will be nothing but a hollowed out, empty shell. Others might find themselves in a totally different situation where everything boils down to one single explosion of emotions leading to an argument that puts all other previous arguments to shame. Regardless of whichever path your troubled marriage takes, the same situation will still arise, your partner about to walk out the door, and your dreams being broken into a million pieces. But this doesn't have to lead straight to divorce; stopping divorce for troubled marriages is still very much possible with a decided mindset and the right information on hand.

So, if you've already made up your mind and are very much willing to do whatever it will take to save your marriage, here are some divorce stopping tips you can use:

- Do not prematurely resort to romance: While reminding your spouse about the chemistry that existed between you two can seem to be a good idea, by all means leave it out for the time being. Trying to rekindle the fire at such an early stage of your big fight will only make you appear desperate or even pitiful, which in any case will do nothing for the relationship. Instead, concentrate on bridging the gap first.

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- Put a stop to aggression: This doesn't mean that you'll suddenly become a doormat and accept whatever insults, comments, or criticism comes your way. It just means that you'll know when to say something and when to keep your mouth closed. If you feel that the conversation is going nowhere and your voices are starting to rise, pause first, and think about what you're going to say. If you feel that the next words that will be coming from you wouldn't help, stop yourself and concentrate on getting back to the real issue at hand. Don't fight fire with fire; you'll both just get yourselves burned in the end.

- Promote meaningful conversations: As mentioned, you'll need to concentrate on the real issues at hand. This is something that should be done by both you and your spouse. Talk about the issues that are driving you apart and how you will be able to overcome them. Find resolutions for the problems that you're dealing with and act on them immediately.

Divorce stopping for troubled marriages can sometimes be difficult especially if the problem has gone on long enough. Nonetheless it should still be tried, especially if both individuals feel that there are still issues left hanging in the air. While the tips mentioned above will not guarantee that you'll really be able to save your marriage, it will at least lead you the way to your true problems allowing the both of you to see whether what you have is still worth saving or not.

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