My Husband Is Jealous Of Me: Jealous and Possessive Husband

Jealousy could be a major reason for an unhappy relationship full of despise and hatred. We all experience jealousy at one point or the other even within the nuclear family and especially in our love lives. Jealousy can bring relationship to an end before it started if not properly managed.

Jealousy could lead to an unpleasant experience for the chronically jealous partner who often misinterpret innocent actions. Avoid negative thoughts and doubts unless you have no confidence in your relationship or you simply do not trust your partner.

Learn to be disciplined enough to deal with jealousy maturely by taking the following steps to deal with your jealous partner.

1. Self Examination: Why do you often get jealous? You need to identify the cause that triggers your jealous attitude for you to be able to deal with it effectively. Think of a past scenario and examine what, if and why.

2. Emotional Outburst: Are you hot tempered or you simply pent up your emotions? Do you read meanings into every action and bottle them up for the doom's day?

You need to learn how to manage your emotions to avoid unnecessary suspicion.Communication is the key word no matter how tough the issue is. Discuss like matured adults and not overgrown babies.

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3. Do Not Assume: Assumption could wear the red label that triggers the gun powder.Always get to the root of matters before taking action. Get all necessary information before raising the dust. The ability to carry out research and look into why your partner took certain action and decisions would help to determine if your jealousy is warranted or baseless.

4. Forget Your Ego: We all have ego that can rear its ugly head sometimes but you have to ensure that you do not allow your ego to becloud your sense of reasoning. Your partner may express innocent appreciation of the opposite sex or a more successful friend or pal. Do not feel deflated, have confidence in yourself and walk tall, don't stoop.

5. Do Not Create Avenue for Suspicion: Avoid cozy chats with the opposite sex especially when your spouse or partner is with you, its a tell tale sign and shows disrespect for the relationship at hand.

Watch out for text messages that can upsurge your relationship.

Avoid tell tale signs that can give you away and makes you tongue twisted like lipstick stains, love notes in the jacket or wallet, hotel bills for a weekend escapade, sexy gifts and many more.

6. Communication: Essentially the key to a jealous free relationship is Communication. Lay your cards on the table and avoid discreet affairs. Communication is the major driving force in any relationship. Talk about anything and everything. Avoid keeping 'criminal silence'(as coined by my husband)over any suspicious matter. You may just be worsening the situation. Above all, both partners need be reasonable in dealing with jealous issues or any family issues at all.Do not give room for rumour mongers.

Food For Thought

Always remember that jealousy could be healthy in a relationship if properly managed and it could be a waste of precious moments if otherwise mismanaged.

It's okay to let emotions fly once in a while but wouldn't you rather savor fun filled relationship than watch over each other's shoulders for tell tale signs?

Just learn to appreciate and respect one another and you are on the path to a blissfull relationship.

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You are facing some problems in your marriage recently and you start to think if the problems can be worked out. How to decide if your marriage is worth saving?

One thing that you have to understand that a marriage is a serious and lifelong commitment. If you are trying to decide if it is worth saving, you have to consider it very carefully to avoid making any impulse decision.

The first step that you have to take note of is to recognize if there is any physical abuse in this marriage. If your spouse is constantly abusing you, I would advise you to end this marriage in order to protect yourself.

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You start to wonder if your marriage is worth saving is because your spouse had an affair. I do agree that infidelity is a serious mistake in a marriage, but not all the time the couples have to choose divorce to work on this problem. Many couples are still able to work through the feelings of betrayal when there is genuine regret to end the affair. If your spouse was caught many times over his affair and you feel that he is not sincere to change his ways, then it is probably better to end the marriage.

You should also ask yourself if you are still truly in love with your spouse. If you think that you might regret and feel pain to leave your spouse, then looking at fixing the marriage again could be a better way for you.

If you are still wondering if your marriage is worth saving, then start asking yourself "have you ever really tried hard to rebuild this marriage?" It is best that you put in your best effort and really try to improve your marriage because even if you think that your relationship is beyond repair, at least you will feel that you have tried your best.

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Whenever a woman takes that life changing walk down the aisle she does it with the intention of being married to her husband for the rest of her life. Rarely does a woman question a man's love for her on their wedding day, but once the daily grind of real life sets in, things can start to shift. Since most men aren't as quick to show or reveal their feelings as women are it can be challenging to know exactly how your husband feels about you. A woman's instinct can help guide her in a situation like this and it may start telling her that he's just not feeling as emotionally connected to her as he once did. If you feel that he's drifting away there are ways of getting your husband back in love with you that can ensure your marriage endures and flourishes.

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One of the best methods for getting your husband back in love with you is to make some positive changes in yourself. Sometimes we mistake boredom for a lost of interest. Your husband may not feel that magical spark anymore when he thinks about you and that's what you need to change. It doesn't have to be anything dramatic. Just focus on what you've wanted to change about yourself and then make it happen. It might be something as simple as buying some new clothes, or taking a class or even starting a new job. You want to show your husband that you're still the dynamic, multi faceted woman he fell in love with.

Another step in the right direction towards repairing your marriage is to really start listening to your husband and showing him that you value him as a person. When a couple has been married for sometime they may begin to take one another for granted. This typically manifests itself in several ways. They may not really take the time to talk to their partner, they get irritated quickly with them or they constantly become angered by even the smallest thing. You need to show your husband that you're thankful for his presence in your life each and every day. If he feels more valued by you, he'll feel emotionally closer to you. Make a strong effort to thank him for everything he brings to your life. Let him know that you wouldn't want to share your life with anyone else. He needs and wants to hear these things from you.

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Most people who initiate a separation with their spouse do this because they firmly believe that it is the right thing to do at the right time to do it. Many wish that they could take the time that they need without hurting any one. But unfortunately, this is rarely possible. In order to have the needed alone time for yourself, you'll often need to put distance between you and your spouse. This is often perceived as the only way. So you reluctantly go through with it. Sometimes, this works out just fine. But, other times, things don't go in the way that you planned and you can regret it.

This situation could be described like this: "I have been with my husband since I was only fourteen years old. We dated all through out high school and college and then married about two years after we were finished with our educations. That means that I have been with the same person for well over half of my life. I do love my husband. But for the past couple of years, I've felt that there was something missing from my life. So I asked him for a short separation so that I could see if not living together would make any difference. My husband was crushed and begged me not to do this, but I did it anyway. I just didn't see another way. At first, my husband called every day and begged me to reconsider. I missed him but I felt it was best to allow things to run their course. Over time, he started to call me less and less. Now, people are telling me that they see him out with friends. This worries me, so I've started calling him. He doesn't always take my calls and when he does, he sounds somewhat distracted. He doesn't seem nearly as excited to hear from me as he used to be. I feel him slipping away now and I realize my mistake. My own husband is losing interest in me and it is all my fault for pushing the separation on him. I deeply regret what I have done. And I'm very afraid I am going to lose my husband because of this separation. What if he's met someone else? What if he realized he's happier without me?"

There were a lot of assumptions happening here. And there are many possible reasons why the husband appeared to be moving on. He could have been responding to well meaning family or friends who told him that he shouldn't just wait around for you. He may have been showing you that he too, can take advantage of the time and space that you wanted so much. Or, he could have gotten tired of feeling lonely and isolated so he decided that it would be in his best interest to begin to go out. None of these things mean that he doesn't want to be married anymore or that he wouldn't be receptive to a reconciliation.

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I understand that you may be feeling worried and rejected right now. But there are probably some things that you can try in order to attempt to get an idea of what he is feeling. You've already been calling but how about asking him to a casual meeting for coffee? That way, you're not having to read too much into his tone of voice as you can actually see his body language and facial expressions. Depending on how this meeting goes, the idea is to follow it up with another and then another until you are meeting regularly.

I know that you feel regret because you also feel fear. But, there is no way to take back the separation. You can't reverse the past. You can only attempt to move forward as best as you can. I always tell people that one sure way to negate feelings that the separation was a waste or a risk is to make sure that you learned something from it.

The lesson for you might be that you do in fact want to be married to this man and you won't put your marriage at risk again. Assuming that a reconciliation takes place, this certainly is not a bad lesson to learn.

For his part, your husband may learn a little more independence and it may become apparent to him that he isn't completely dependent on you for his happiness or for his identity. This isn't a bad lesson to learn either.

When done correctly, a separation which includes lessons, changes, and compromise can actually improve your marriage once you come back together. But this isn't likely to happen if you are already accepting defeat, are filled with regret, and are assuming that you're going to lose your husband.

Nothing has happened yet. You are still married. The future is still open ended. So it is time to begin to try to reconnect in the hopes of a future reconciliation. I'd suggest moving slowly. The separation was a lot for your husband to take in and it seems that he is slowly adjusting. You don't want to throw everything at him at once.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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