My Husband Left Me For Another Woman Will He Come Back: My Husband Left Me For Another Woman Will He Be Happy

I get a lot of emails from women whose husbands have left. One of the more common reasons behind this is the existence of another woman. Sometimes, the husband is clearly leaving to be with the other person. And other times, he's denies that her existence is really the deciding factor in his walking away. Wives very rarely believe this. Most of them feel that if they can figure out a way to get the husband to break things off with the other person, then they will have a chance to repair their marriage.

This is probably oversimplifying the issue a bit. Because there really are three potential issues here. The first is what in the marriage contributed to the husband meeting and forming a relationship with someone else. The second is the fact that the husband has checked out of the marriage and has left. And, the third issue is only going to come into play if the husband decides to return home or at least wants to try to repair the marriage. The third issue would be reestablishing the trust and the connection after his betrayal.

It's important to understand though, that you aren't going to be able to address any of these three issues without your husband's cooperation. This process takes two willing people. With that said though, there are ways that you can set it up to hopefully contribute to his wanting to return. I will discuss this more in the following article.

Him Ending The Relationship With The Other Woman Needs To Be His Choice, But You Can Nudge Him Toward This: First off, it's very tempting to think that you need to come up with a way to destroy their relationship. If that doesn't work, the next step that many people will take is to try to bombard the husband will so many pleas for attention that he realizes that you're superior to the other woman and decides that he's making a mistake.

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You do want for him to realize that he's making a huge mistake, but it truly is in your best interest to allow him to come to this decision himself. When you try to force your hand or act in a desperate way, you run the risk of making a pest of yourself, contributing to him seeing you negatively, and making your job harder.

Although this strategy can initially feel scary and risky, I firmly believe that you're generally better off conducting yourself with personal integrity and making your strength clear. It's best to tell him that although you're not sure that you're ready to end the marriage, you can't address the marriage unless he's focused solely on you and your relationship. Since this isn't happening right now, he can contact you when he's decided that he's committed only to you and to the marriage. If you feel the need to, you can tell him that you'll be there for him if he needs support or needs to talk, but the marriage has to come off the table while there are three people in this relationship.

I know that this is a lot to ask, but it accomplishes several things. You've made it clear that his having someone else is not acceptable. You've presented yourself as someone with strength and standards and these things will make you appear to be much more attractive and in control. And, you've made it clear that you aren't ready to end the marriage, but that some things will need to be eliminated before you will consider fixing this.

Sure, your husband may not let the other woman go immediately. But, you have set yourself up so that when he tires of her or realizes just how stupid this whole thing is, you've not given your strength away or reduced your own actions down to her level. Throwing yourself at your husband or acting in a way that is beneath you is horrible for your self esteem and over all situation. This kind of behavior is usually the beginning of a slippery slope that you'll want to avoid at all costs.

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Portraying Your Best Self While He's Away: It's very tempting to never leave the house and to sink into a deep depression but these are additional things that you must avoid. You want for him to know that there isn't any grass growing under your feet. Don't make the very common mistake, though, of finding someone else. You are still married. You don't want to conduct yourself in the way that he is. It's OK to go out with friends and make sure that he knows about this. He will usually wonder if you are seeing other people. And, he can wonder this, but don't make it a reality.

Again, you want to portray yourself in an attractive way. He needs to know that you're the fun loving, exciting woman that he fell in love with. This is who you want to show him. Ultimately, you want to winds of power to begin to shift. You want to lure him back to you and you want for him to be the one who is doing the chasing. It's human nature for people to want what they perceive might be tricky to actually have. So, always remember that you want to move slowly and that ultimately you want to be in the situation where he's the pursuer, not vice verse.

Once He Decides To Give Up The Other Woman: If you play this correctly and have a little bit of luck and timing on your side, often he will eventually realize that the other woman and his relationship with her isn't all that he hoped it would be. When this happens, it's common to feel so much relief that you let your guard down and are willing to take him back immediately. This is not always in your best interest either.

You'll need to take a hard look at the marriage and figure out what needs to be fixed to ensure the relationship is a solid one from this point forward. That's why taking it slowly is always a great idea. There's bound to be a lot of water under the proverbial bridge so don't try to gain too much ground too soon. You have plenty of time and in order to restore the trust and connection, many things need to happen. But, if you put too much pressure on the process, you run the risk of compromising the results.

At this point, you would've worked hard to maintain your dignity and strength, so don't blow the whole thing by letting down your guard. There's still work to be done, but if you take it day by day and work at at together (because he's now fully on board) you will have a greater chance of success.

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Do you want to keep your marriage from ruining the rest of your life? Well, you pretty much have a 50/50 chance of keeping your marriage together if you believe the statistics regarding the number of marriages that end in divorce each year. Now, I propose to you that it's not that difficult to keep your marriage together and avoid getting caught up in the rat race that gets you what you want instead of what you need.

You see, to keep your marriage together you and your mate simply need to avoid some of the potholes in life that can easily steer your marriage down the wrong path. To keep your marriage on the right road you need to make sure you don't get trapped.

Ok, what are these traps I'm saying to avoid that will help your marriage and keep you together?

Keep Your Marriage - Avoid Trap # 1

The first trap to avoid if you want to maintain your relationship is to make sure you don't allow friends and family to have significant input into your marriage. It is very easy for folks to advise you on all aspects of marriage from where to live, how many kids to have, how to be married yet maintain your own identity or how to be the ideal spouse.

Don't get me wrong but it's very easy to get use to discussing your marriage with others. You will get so comfortable that you will often times have others shape your attitude or opinion and cloud your ability to effectively communicate. In fact, if you want to keep your marriage strong you will discuss the important aspects of your marriage with the most important person, your spouse.

Keep Your Marriage - Avoid Trap # 2

Working to provide a secure, safe and abundant lifestyle for your family can also lead to a disastrous end to your marriage if you don't keep your guard up. I understand that these difficult financial times that we live in requires extra effort to just keep your job. However, there is a healthy balance you must strike between work and family.

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You must constantly examine your work schedule and priorities. Are you doing enough to try to be efficient during regular work hours so you can get home to your family? Are you delegating tasks that others should be doing? Why are others getting home early enough or are off on weekends to attend kids sporting events or weekend getaways but you never find the time to do so?

If you can't easily recall the dinners, events or quality family times you have had over two week periods you probably are caught in the trap of thinking you have to sacrifice family time to be a good provider. Unfortunately, what you are doing is keeping your marriage and family from receiving the love and support they need from you.

Sure, they will remember the nice house, cars and annual vacations but what you will here from your spouse during the divorce is that you were never there physically or emotionally. Your kids, if you have any, will let you know that you weren't there for games or plays or important milestones.

Keep your marriage simply by choosing to be at home and not looking out the office windows at dinner time or on weekends.

Work extra hours when you have to not because you think you need to. Just because your boss (who may be divorced, separated and miserable) stays to midnight it doesn't mean you should too, unless you also want to be divorced, separated and miserable.

I hope you keep your marriage happy and healthy by avoiding the traps that can easily ruin your marriage and family. You don't have to end up on the wrong side of the marriage statistics.

You control your marriage story. Do you end up trapped and suffering in a bad marriage for years before getting a divorce or do you avoid the traps and live happily ever after?

The choice is yours. What will you do?

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Is your marriage going through rough times and you want to save your relationship from falling apart? It can be a real challenge to stop marriage breakup but with the right approach, you can save yourself from the pain of divorce. The following tips can be very helpful if you want to keep your marriage.

Avoid bad influence. Avoid listening to gossips and wrong advice because these things can harbor negative thinking that can break your marriage. Although some people may seem concern about you, it is important to be intelligent and do not allow negative things to influence your marriage.

Discuss the issues in your marriage. To stop marriage breakup, communicate and discuss the problems in your marriage. Assuming or guessing what your spouse is thinking is not healthy in a relationship. Communication is the key in keeping a strong marriage.

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Great lovemaking. Lovemaking is one of the best ways to connect with your spouse physically and emotionally. Sexual dissatisfaction can lead to different relationship problems and to stop marriage breakup, it is important that you know how to satisfy your spouse in bed.

Spend more time with each other. When your marriage is going through rough times you both need to spend more time with each other to restore the romance in your relationship. Take a vacation and create new memories to make the relationship stronger. You can stop marriage breakup by giving each other quality and quantity of time.

Make God the center of your relationship. Having the same faith can help stop marriage breakup. When things are getting rough, it is important that couples know how to entrust God to help them survive the trials in their marriage.

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When your marriage breaks down, nothing in your life will feel quite right. You worry about your future and the future of your family. You wonder what you might have done differently. Depending on how serious the issues between you and your spouse are, you two may even be close to contemplating a separation or divorce. If you're not ready to wave the white flag of defeat and give up on your relationship, you need to act now. With the right guidance and fierce determination, you can reconnect with your partner and get your marriage back to the loving place it once was.

Pointing the finger of blame at your partner when your marriage breaks down is going to do little good. As much as you may feel your spouse is the one causing all the strife in your relationship, that's probably not the case at all. You both have to take responsibility for the state of your relationship. If you have indeed been casting the blame at your spouse, stop that now. Talk to them about your part in the problems and what you would have done differently. If they see you taking responsibility for your mistakes, they're likely to do the same. This is a very important step towards rebuilding the connection between you two.

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Once a marriage begins breaking down many couples fall into an all too common trap where they start focusing on their partner's negative qualities and forget their positive attributes. You can typically tell when this happens because the couple will constantly bicker about the smallest things. That escalates regularly to a large fight where hurtful insults are thrown around. This can be incredibly damaging to the foundation of the relationship.

Make a vow, beginning today, to only focus on the positive qualities that your spouse possesses. Compliment him or her on them more and overlook the things that typically annoy or upset you. If you do this for a few days you'll start to notice a change in your own attitude and your spouse's attitude as well. The anger and hurt that was a regular part of your exchanges will be replaced by courtesy and kindness. This can make a dramatic difference in the dynamic between the two of you and is an important first step towards rebuilding your marriage.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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