My Husband Makes Excuses Not To Sleep With Me: How To Get Your Husband To Desire You

Marriage is an amazing bond between two people. The lack of intimacy in marriage, though, can be a hurdle that many relationships never recover from even if the two people end up staying together.

Is it common? You bet. How many of your conversations with your personal friends confirm that intimacy in the bedroom has become stale, intermittent or nonexistent. These days with all the pressures of work, making money, kids and overall family demands, intimacy seems to be the last thing on peoples mind.

While intimacy may account for only 10% of a relationship, when it's lacking, it easily accounts for 90% of the problems in a relationship. Typically, a lack of communication about the issue becomes a giant wall that neither partner are willing to address. Over time, the lack of intimacy and communication can turn into resentment by one or both parties. When this happens either the husband and wife need to sit down and open up about the issues surrounding the lack of intimacy or they need to agree to get counseling to open up dialogue about the issue.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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While many things can contribute to the lack of intimacy, it's critical to identify what the underlying issues are and to try to make adjustments if intimacy is going to again become part of the relationship. Is it simply a lack of time? Too many demands with the kids? Do you still feel that you can be intimate with your spouse and if not, why not? This is where marriage counseling can become hugely beneficial as the root issue has to be addressed or nothing will be solved long term.

Intimacy can unquestionably be restored, but it takes work. Bringing romance back into the relationship through the little things you do and say to your lover can make all the difference. So often in a relationship that's suffering, both parties muddle through every day not even realizing that they are saying things or doing things that are subtly sending their spouse messages about their dissatisfaction in the relationship.

When a woman doesn't feel loved or a man doesn't feel needed or valuable, their actions, emotions and unspoken words will tell the story and any sensitive person will pick up these negative emotions and vibrations. If it isn't dealt with, it will manifest into bigger and bigger issues over time.

If you're experiencing a lack of intimacy in your relationship there's one message to pass along that will help immediately. Address it. Open up about it. Talk about it. Take action before it becomes the invisible elephant in your marriage. If you do this and you begin taking small steps to let your lover know how much you love them, how much you appreciate them and how important they are to you, you'll be well on your way to bringing intimacy back into the bedroom on a regular basis.

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It can be a frustrating task searching for answers on how to go about saving your marriage. The main problem is learning where to start and even harder is taking it upon yourself to start when you're not quite sure whether or not any of it is truly going to help. But, don't let your fear of failure hold you back at such a critical time, start taking back control of your marriages destiny by taking the leap of faith needed to save it. It's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work saving your marriage one step at a time beginning here.

The first thing you need to do is decide right now you're committed to seeing this through and through no matter how grim or hopeless it may look in the process. It's going to be filled with a lot of ups and downs I can guarantee you that. But, you have to remain focused and committed to following through. Without total commitment to saving your marriage, there really isn't much hope. You can't expect to save your marriage if you're only seeing things through half way.

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The second thing is to remain and gain back control over yourself as soon as you can. This means that you have to start carefully minding what you're saying and doing at any given time. Every time a situation presents itself in which you find yourself in the midst of a heated battle or discussion over the marriage, tread carefully. Just because your spouse is flying off the handle or hitting below the belt so to speak, keep your calm. Instead of reacting based off of your emotions and saying things or doing things that just make it all worse, think about the ramifications first of what your about to say and do. This way you keep yourself from damaging your already fragile marriage further with such uncontrollable outbursts.

Finally, and this is probably the hardest pill to swallow so to speak, is having enough character about yourself to drop your pride and except the fact that you need help. Let me ask you, have you ever been through this before? Have you saved enough marriages in your life time to know exactly what it is you need to do to save your marriage? My guess is NO. None of us were ever given a "how to" at the alter or after we were married on what to do if such a situation should occur. In fact, the very thought was unmentionable at the time. So, how do you know what to do exactly to save your marriage? It starts with finding a good plan to save it. One that will guide you as to the best course of action to take and also what not to do so you can prevent from damaging your marriage further.

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Hello God! My marriage is in serious trouble and headed for divorce. Please save my marriage and restore my life. Does this sound familiar? Are you dealing with infidelity, mental, verbal or physical abuse, anger, trust or commitment issues and feel like the only relief you will get from your pain and suffering is a divorce?

Well I have some good news for you. God is able to help you save your marriage and God can also help you have a strong healthy marriage. The bad news is it will take some willingness, action and commitment on your part to make it happen. It's also important for you to believe that it's God's desire for you to remain married so he will do his part to see that you do.

One of the keys to saving and changing your marriage is to make sure your relationship with God is solid. God should be the center of your life and marriage. If your relationship with God has been inconsistent or non-existent you probably should reconcile your relationship with God before you try to save your marriage. It makes it much easier for you to fix your marriage when your relationship with God is right.

What God wants from you is something your spouse also desires from you. That is for you to get closer and to give your all to the relationship.

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Getting Closer

If you want to get closer to God and to your spouse you need to make the decision in your mind and in your heart to do so. It's one thing to say you want a closer relationship but another thing for your actions to back it up. If you don't make a concerted effort to spend more time together it's hard to please God or your spouse and save your marriage. You can't let your busy life get in the way of your marriage and relationship with God. If you do you will continue to have to ask God to please save my marriage before I get divorced.

Give Your All

God expects the best from you and so does your spouse. You were blessed with uniqueness that no one else in this world has. There was only one of you created to be a blessing to others during your lifetime and giving your all to your spouse and marriage will please God, your spouse and believe it or not you. Giving less than your best in your marriage is unacceptable, even if your spouse doesn't feel the same way. Giving your all includes being patient, kind, forgiving, gentle, unselfish and loving. It's hard at times to give your all but if you do you will never have regrets, doubts or be disappointed that you didn't try your best.

Will God answer your plea to please save my marriage before I get divorced? I don't know but I do know that God would like to have your commitment and heart and with God in your corner all things are possible.

It might be a good idea to ask God to help you be the best spouse that you can be and begin taking some practical steps to back up your words with action. Let your relationship with your spouse mirror your relationship with God.

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In today's society, there seems to be more divorces going on than marriages. Many people get married and end up divorcing after just a few months. Relationships can be delicate and saving them can be a challenge. If you are asking the question, 'How do I save my relationship?' then follow these tips.

One of the greatest problems between couples is the lack of communication. When people first meet, naturally they are going to have a lot to say. Neither person knows a lot about the other and everything is new. However, when you get married and go through a few months or years, the communication sometimes goes down and couples stop talking to each other. For whatever reasons this may be happening to you and your better half, you need to reopen that line of communication and start talking.

You may be surprised at what one another are thinking that could have resulted in ending the relationship. Getting your feelings out on the table and talking about them will sometimes be the only way that you will be able to save your relationship.

When you start wondering how to save a relationship, you must first ask yourself if you think the relationship is still worth saving. Many times, there are legitimate reasons why people want out of a relationship, and therefore shouldn't be forced to remain in it. However, if there are reasons that you feel make your relationship worth saving, then there are some things that you do can to save it.

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Sometimes the reasons that couples remain together are the wrong reasons. The children or just convenience are some of those reasons. When this is case, you are going to end up with a lot of animosity towards each other because the spark is gone and you may as well just be living with a roommate.

You and your partner need to make sure that the problems are out in the open and then decide if you both agree with saving your relationship. One of you can say I want to save my relationship and if the other doesn't want to, you will be grinding your wheels and wasting your time. Both parties need to at least agree there is something in that relationship worth saving.

Sometimes the best medicine is just taking time out from one another and 'dating' again. When the stress of having a family, job, and the entire household is on your shoulders, it is easy to fall into a rut and forget about how to love one another romantically. If you feel this is the main reason you are asking 'how do I save my relationship?', then start making a candle light dinner for two and getting a babysitter for the kids so you two can get back to where you once were.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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