My Husband Refuses To Sleep With Me: Reasons For Husband Not Sleeping With Wife

Sex and marriage go together. When couples first start dating, cuddling is usually a part of their everyday existence. However, as the relationship progresses or after children enter the picture, the cuddling stops. Take some time just to cuddle. If your mate is sitting on the couch watching a movie, or laying in bed reading, scoot close and say that you just want to cuddle. This makes both people feel secure and loved.

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Intimacy, passion love and romance in relationships are not only important but also healthy. Couples need to enjoy being together in an intimate way. When relationships are troubled, the last thing wanted is to be sexual or passionate with the other. However, this is a part of the healing and rebuilding of the relationship and although it might be awkward in the beginning, it is crucial. Make your intimate time together special. Surprise your mate with a warm bubble bath, lit candles, soft music, and a bottle of wine, or arrange a nice romantic evening at a nice hotel with a wonderful candlelight dinner, fine wine, and flowers waiting in a beautiful, cozy room. Intimacy is a huge part of a successful relationship. Choose a book from the bookstore or go to the internet and load down a couple of online e-books and try to bring a little excitement into your relationship. Do not be afraid to experiment and learn new and exciting ways to please each other. Keeping intimacy alive is healthy and not a bad thing whatsoever!

As couples become comfortable with each other, kisses can become lame. Get rid of the pecks and get serious with the kisses. The next time the two of you greet each other, enjoy your kiss and do not be so quick to stop. While there are appropriate times for serious kissing, they should be loving, sincere, and passionate regardless of how long they last. You will find that as you pay attention to your kissing and let your mate know that you enjoy kissing them, you will both feel better about your relationship.

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Sex in your love marriage is critical for success. Universally, men love great sex. According to Lynda Field, the author of "Weekend Love Coach", "Men are on permanent red alert for sex because they think about it all the time". Hence, this is one area to pay attention to if you want a successful marriage.

Generally after getting married, women become laid back about sex. Your male partner may be in the mood for sex while you on the other hand prefer to read a novel instead. Below are several tips to help you get into the proper loving and sexy mood for some great intimate coupling.

Tip #1: Make a date for sex
Once you and your partner have set aside a date for sex, stick to it. Make it a date so that both of you are free and ready for it. In addition, there won't be any excuses for interruptions.

Tip #2: Think and act sexy
You can prepare yourself to be in the right mood and mind frame by being sexy the whole day. Wear sexy underwear, sexy clothes and sexy shoes. You can also send saucy messages to your partner to build up the anticipation.

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Tip #3: Watch a sexy movie
Watch a sexy movie and let your mind fantasize to get into the mood. You can watch with your partner and both of you can even act out what is shown in the movie for a change from normal routine. This will certainly heat up the sex in your love marriage.

Tip #4: Read a hot novel
There are plenty of hot romance novels around and you just need to choose one that gets your heart thumping. If you like a particular passage described in the novel, get your partner to do it on you and vice-versa.

Tip #5: Pamper yourself
Prepare yourself a scented bath, use scented candles and massage oils or perfumed oils. Get ready all the necessary things you would like to have and indulge yourself and your partner.

Last but not least, be adventurous. Sex in your love marriage can be exciting instead of boring. You can do it in different rooms of the house or at different locations. You can try different positions, different techniques and different words as well. Do whatever it takes to jazz up your sex life to maintain a successful marriage.

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Finding out your spouse is unhappy in the marriage and is considering a divorce or even a separation can be devastating news to anyone. What's important though, is how we handle this news and what you're going to do about it early on that will make all the difference in the world. Put yourself in the best possible position to save your marriage by getting these 3 things right as soon as you can.

The first thing you should immediately get a hold of is how you're going to act and react to the conflict going on now and the heated battles to come as you try and make sense of why your marriage is failing. Getting control of your emotions early on is the most important thing you can do right now. Not having control of what you're about to say and do at all times will only lead to escalating your marital problems on every angle. There is also the risk of doing irreparable damage to your marriage as well if it isn't under control.

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Second thing you should begin doing is respecting your spouses need for space. Although you may beg to differ on this, considering the fact that your spouse has some serious explaining to do, it is counter productive. It only pushes your spouse further away when constantly met with conversation that's only about the marriage. Your spouse would like to think this through clearly as well, even if it may not seem like it at first, this is just as much a life changing decision in their life as it is yours. Give them time and space to come to terms, it may just open the door to fresh talks of saving the marriage together.

Even though the first 2 steps are of the utmost importance, the third step is probably the most critical step in saving your marriage. Without it you're just shooting in the wind, gambling on your marriage so to speak. That is, finding a plan to save your marriage early on so that you're not just operating on theory or what you think might work. There really is an art to saving your marriage you could say, many pieces all systematically working together to make marriage work, and if you don't know what they are it will continue to be at risk of failing if you don't know how to fix it right. Following the guidance of someone who has actually saved marriages is the best thing you can do if you want to save your marriage. At the same time, giving you the ability to lay a permanent foundation for it to grow happily and become even better than it has ever been before, for many years to come.

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Has something disastrous happened in your marriage recently? Do you and/or your spouse think that there is no way that your marriage can survive this catastrophe? You or he/she may have come to that conclusion because you think trying to save your marriage after this catastrophe is next to impossible, but rest assured that any marriage can be saved. If you are asking yourself "how do I save my marriage from imploding?" here are some points to consider.

The relationship may be falling apart due to any number of catastrophic events such as an extramarital affair, death of a loved one (especially a child), a debilitating illness, a natural disaster, an act of violence, etc. Because we are all different, we all react differently to events. One person may be able to get over and move on within a short time while another may struggle with it for many years. Significant events speak to us in different ways based on very many factors.

The first step to save your marriage from imploding and ending up in divorce is to recognize how different we all are. The old saying that men are from Mars and women are from Venus comes into play here specially in a marriage. Some people keep their feeling and emotions repressed and bottled up while others are able to express these feelings. Do not expect your husband or wife to react in the same manner that you do.

Another point to consider as you try to prevent your marriage from ending in divorce is to remember that catastrophes usually bring out the worst in people. Patience is required to deal with and understand these not so attractive changes in people after a disaster or catastrophe. If you are the one having this personality change, you need to recognize it in yourself and not excuse it. Do not let these behaviors or thoughts negatively impact a good thing and get the best of you and/or your spouse.

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In many cases, if you are asking yourself, "How do I save my marriage from imploding?" you may need to seek help from an outside party such as a marriage counselor or your pastor at your church and so forth. There are many places and trained professionals that will be able to help you save your marriage if you are both committed to trying to save the marriage and prevent divorce.

As you try to save your marriage, consider the following two suggestions:

1. Both of you should look at yourselves as a team in this fight to save your marriage. You need to know that you will only get through the disaster or catastrophe if you are committed to one another. Support each other, listen and seek to understand what the other person is saying. Provide support and a shoulder when your spouse really needs it and do not be afraid to ask for the same consideration when you need it.

2. Maintain a support team of close friends and family to help you both go through this trying time. There is strength in numbers and it will help you to try to find a support group for people who have gone through or are going through something similar.

These are only a few suggestions that will help you to prevent your marriage from imploding and ending up in divorce. When you go through a trying time, it does not mean that the marriage has to end. If you both are committed to saving the relationship, your marriage may even become stronger than it has ever been since you both realize that neither of you will quit on the other person no matter what comes against your marriage. This is REAL love.

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