My Husband Said He Hates Me: My Husband Told Me He Wished I Would Die

First of all, "my husband hates me" is what a lot of women feel, but often times they misinterpret what their husband has told them during a fight or when they were angry. Relax, calm down. Your husband has married you for a reason and he's not going to hate you. Often times, when you say "my husband said he hates me!", it's after some sort of fight or heated argument, it doesn't convey the truth.

However, when such fights are very frequent, and day after day you say to yourself, "i think my husband hates me"; your marriage can be in serious trouble. Unfortunately, us women react very strongly and emotionally when we think that our marriage might be heading for a divorce. We feel a strong urge to act, to "do something right now" before our marriage is taken from us. This desperation often times makes us do the wrong things.

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When driven wild with desperation, your emotions overwhelm your mind and make you go and beg your husband for forgiveness - because you want to save your marriage and begging is the only thing your desperate mind can think of. I know this perfectly because I have lived this. Unfortunately, such desperate attempts always do more harm than good. What you should not forget is that your husband is probably fed up with things. When you apply more pressure on him, it will only make matters worse.

What has to be done first, is to learn to stay calm and relaxed even if you think "my husband hates me!". I too thought my marriage was ending (and it was indeed ending), and I made no progress until I was taught to calm down. Calming down prevents your emotions from overtaking you and prevents you from doing things like begging your husband.

When you have calmed down, you will be able to look at matters from a wider perspective, without any knee-jerk reactions involved. Moreover, it will mean that your husband will finally have some alone time, free from your pressure; and it will definitely make him reconsider things. Do not forget that going wild and saying "My husband hates me! I have to do something at once before it's all gone forever!" will never help you.

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If you're like 99.9% of couples out there, then there's no doubt you have messed up at one time or another. It's just common place for anyone of us to wrong one another, especially in marriage where the relationship is overly intimate or private as far as what really bothers us or gets under our skin. The important thing to remember is, how to "right" those wrongs as they come about or that may be making your marriage more troubling than needs be.

Sometimes these types of "wrongs" come unintentionally, but yet we're still left to pick up the pieces, justify it and make things right with our spouse. Just because you see it one way, doesn't mean your spouse does and it can become very difficult at times to explain yourself. I'd like to share a few instances where some misconceptions may come about and how you can best deal with them if they're disrupting the happiness that your marriage so deserves.

One that often comes about, and is full of misleading ques, signals and may even flare a jealous bone in your spouse, is the work wife/husband dynamic. I'm not referring to you and your spouse as work partners. I'm referring to the relationship that can develop at work where one spouse has become increasingly close to a co-worker due to the close quarters in which their employer has stationed them. This can lead to many heated battles within a marriage and can often leave one of you sleeping on the couch.

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But, let's examine this for a minute. For one, you can't necessarily ride your spouse for being put in this position. To tell you the truth, more than likely if it was up to them they would much rather not. They're employer has put them into this dynamic duo because it is more profitable or productive for them. Nobody is purposely set out to ruin your marriage or bring anyone in between the both of you.

Now, also look at it from your spouses side. They may have even delayed the news of this pairing because they struggled with how it would make you feel or how to best explain the situation. And, you haven't exactly been fair if you're currently giving your spouse an ultimatum about their position, that either they go or you go.

What happens is that we can really begin to show an immature side to ourselves that had either remained hidden or recently developed. This in itself can cause new rifts within the marriage as your spouse has to now question whether or not they really know you, which isn't anything you want if you're already married, to have your spouse second guessing who they married.

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The best way to deal with it is to put yourself in your spouses position and ask your spouse to do the same. It shouldn't at that point cause to many problems, as long as you and your spouse can come to terms with what is acceptable in the work duo. Things like setting boundaries of contact in and outside the workplace. Whether or not they should share a lunch break, after work outings or advice on very personal issues etc..

If you still have a problem with it, or the other part of the work duo seems to really over step what is acceptable, then it's possible that it is time for your spouse to request a new position and have him/her explain why to their employer, that the other co-worker is really overstepping their boundaries and that they would really like to be reassigned.

I hope this helps shed some light on dealing with this type of problem that can arise in marriage. It can also help for many other situations in which this same dynamic comes about.

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You're wondering what the warning signs of a failed marriage are. That doesn't bode well for your relationship and its future. Whenever a person feels a shift in their relationship with their spouse, they begin to question whether it's a passing storm that they'll get through together or whether it's the beginning of the end of things. Chances are that you are indeed headed for disaster if your instinct is telling you things aren't right with your spouse anymore. There are some warning signs of a failed marriage that will help you assess the situation and make a decision about what you need to do for your future.

Here are 3 warning signs of a failed marriage:

You argue constantly. When you live with someone on a daily basis it's inevitable that conflict will be a part of that at times. However, if you and your spouse can't agree on even the most mundane things, there are bigger issues at hand. One of the most obvious signs that a couple is headed for divorce is they can't have a reasonable discussion without it resulting in a loud and anger filled disagreement. This is bound to wear you both down emotionally and it's incredibly unhealthy.

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You dislike your spouse and criticize them. Liking and loving someone are two different things. Deep down you may love your spouse but perhaps there are things about them that you just don't like anymore. As we feel more detached from our partner we tend to start to criticize them more and more. This causes a great deal of emotional distance between the partners and can result in deep resentment and even issues with the person's self esteem who is being insulted.

You don't go out of your way to do anything for your partner. Remember the early days of your marriage when you'd surprise your partner for no other reason than you loved them and enjoyed seeing a smile on their face? If you no longer care what they are dealing with or whether or not they are happy, that's a sign that your marriage is on the rocks.

If you recognize any of these warning signs of a failed marriage in your own relationship, you need to address the situation now. It's time to work with your spouse to make a decision on what's best for both of you and your family. Ignoring things will only make them worse.

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In every marriage, there are times of difficulties and serious problems. That's life. These difficulties are tests for them to pass and an opportunity to make their relationship stronger and better. But sometimes a partner is so controlling, that dealing with the relationship became harder until something bad happens. People might say that when you get married that you both have the right in each other's life. But this saying should not be a reason for a spouse to become controlling.

I totally agree that marriage with the one you love should be a very tight and close relationship. It should be a relationship tightened by communication, thoughtfulness and most importantly, trust. However, if your spouse becomes too controlling then something has to be done. In this article I will show you 4 signs that you are married to a controlling spouse and that you better do something about it before it is too late.

• His/her attitudes or moods change frequently. Controlling people have very acute mood swings.

• A controlling spouse will be someone who could not deal with his/her emotions. Sometimes, you might feel that he/she is so into you but there are also times when he/she will yell at you and argue with you about something that is really trivial and unimportant.

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• Asks your schedules in an unusual way. It is normal, healthy, and proper to ask your spouse about their schedule for the day. This shows interest and builds the relationship. However, if they cross examine you about it like a prosecuting lawyer then you should know that you are married to a controlling person.

• Doesn't give you minimal space. There is nothing wrong if you can have "outside lives". I don't mean anything excessive, but there is nothing wrong to go for a few hours with your group of friends and spend time with them.

When you notice that your partner asks you over and over again about your friends (even after you have explained to them a few times) then you know that you have a problem.

These are just 4 signs that you are married to a "control freak". It's probably not your fault that he/she is like that, that is the way that they are. Therefore, if you see any of these 4 signs; acute mood swings, trouble dealing with emotions, constantly asking about your schedule, and doesn't give you ANY space, then you have to get them help. If you don't learn how to guard yourself against their tactics you will have a very hard life.

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