My Husband Says That It's Over Between Us: When Your Husband Says He Is Done

What can I do to save my marriage? That's typically a question that someone asks when they feel their spouse is drifting away. Marriage isn't always easy and unfortunately many people start considering divorce right after they are faced with a major conflict with their partner. If you and your spouse are struggling to overcome an issue or issues and you feel that the relationship is slowly slipping through your fingers, you need to take action right now if you want to save the marriage. There are several small steps you can take beginning today that can make a huge difference in the dynamic of the relationship.

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When you're thinking about how to save your marriage you must give some consideration to the state of communication between you and your spouse. Many couples start losing touch with one another once the daily grind of life seeps into the marriage. It's easy to push your feelings aside in favor of talking about things like how to raise your children, what bills need your immediate attention and how to manage the household chores. You have to put communication at the top of your priority list. It's essential if you hope to have any chance of rebuilding your relationship. Set aside time each day to talk one-on-one with your spouse. Give them a platform that is non-threatening where they can safely and comfortably share what they are feeling. This means you shouldn't interrupt when they talk and you shouldn't take offense at what they are saying. Learn from it and grow from it. You need to both take the others' feelings into consideration and find a way to rebuild your relationship based on that.

Compromise is key to a successful, loving and long lasting marriage. We all have to compromise sometimes and you should never allow your ego to get in the way of that. If your family environment would be calmer and more balanced if you were the one to compromise, you need to do that. You can't always be right about everything, neither can your spouse. You both need to give a bit in order to get a loving, happy marriage in return.

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Maybe you are in a difficult situation now in your marriage and you want to save your failing relationship but you do not know how. In any relationship, there are ups and downs but usually it is hard to deal with the rough times. Do not lose hope because there are proven ways in getting your marriage back on track.

Here are some tips in getting your marriage back on track:

Recognize that you have marriage problems. This is the first thing that you both should do. Some couple are in denial that they have problems in their marriage and pretending they are okay. Recognizing that you have problems in your marriage will help you know where to start in getting your marriage back on track.

Accept your mistakes and learn from them. There are times that arguments cannot be avoided in a marriage but arguments should not lead to more arguments and misunderstanding. Do not be so arrogant in defending yourself, there is nothing wrong in admitting your mistakes if it will benefit your relationship and will help you in getting your marriage back on track. We are humans, we commit mistakes and you will become a better person if you learn from your mistakes and do not commit the same mistakes over and over again.

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Be devoted to your spouse. Sometimes there are issues that your spouse does not feel your loyalty and devotion. This should not be the case because your spouse is one of the most important people in your life and you should make an effort to make her or him feel your loyalty and devotion. Do not let your job and other things take away your devotion from your spouse. You have to prioritize things and of course your spouse should not be the last on your list. In getting your marriage back on track, you should be committed to make your spouse on the top of your list.

Truthfulness. There is a saying that honesty is the best policy and in marriage truthfulness is very important. You do not want to lie and afterwards your spouse will discover about your lies damaging your credibility and betraying your spouse trust, don't you? Try your best to be honest and you are on your way in getting your marriage back on track.

Bond together. One important key in getting your marriage back on track is to spend more time with each other. The responsibilities of married life could keep you from spending quality time together but you should not allow that to happen. Have a regular bonding time or date alone with each other to strengthen your connection and closeness.

Communication. Of course in getting your marriage back on track, you both need to communicate. The demands of married life might prevent you from having a good conversation but you both have to make an extra effort to communicate regularly. Talking over lunch, coffee or while walking on the park will make your marriage stronger. If there are issues in your marriage, it is better to sit down and talk about it.

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"How do I stop my divorce?" This is a common question asked by spouses who are desperate to save their marriage. "Is it even possible to stop it?" This is the usual follow-up question to the first one. A divorce is a process designed to put an end to a miserable marital relationship that is no longer working. While it is a popular option these days, divorce can be stopped, especially if one or both of the spouses would be willing to put it out of the equation at all cost. Although the outcome may be different for every couple, stopping a divorce takes real effort and serious determination.

"How do I stop my divorce?" This question can be answered in several ways. The first thing you must do once you've realized that there is something wrong with your marriage and that a divorce is in the works is to confront your spouse. Confrontation is important because it's the only way to hear your spouse confirm or deny your suspicions, and once you're told that, yes, he or she is indeed thinking of filing for divorce or has already done so, you can assess how you feel about the situation. If you're actually happy about it, then perhaps getting a divorce is the best way to go. If, on the other hand, you're devastated by news, then it's time to take the appropriate steps to save your marriage.

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Some people go on asking "How do I stop my divorce?" without even addressing the root of the problem. How did your marriage end up in such bad condition - bad enough to warrant a divorce (at least your spouse thinks so) - in the first place? Does the current pitiful state of your marital affairs have something to do with unfaithfulness or infidelity, misunderstanding, lack of communication, financial problems, gambling and other vices, or a combination of all these and more? The divorce you and your spouse are now facing didn't come out of nowhere. It started somewhere - and that's what you need to find out. Address the issues and discuss them with your spouse. Sometimes, yelling is necessary to get things off your chest. Let the discussion run its course but always be mindful of your spouse's right to disagree with you. The most important thing to do at this time is to listen; this skill is vital if you want to know the answer to the question, "How do I stop my divorce?".

There are couples who have trouble opening up to each other. This may be because they have tried to talk in the past but only ended up fighting every time, or because they don't know what to say or how to say what's really on their mind. If you and your spouse are having difficulty talking about your problems, the answer to the question, "How do I stop my divorce?", is marriage counseling. Your marriage counselor can facilitate the discussions and even ask the questions that you've been afraid to ask. It may take several sessions to resolve all your conflicts, but one session is all you need to get things started, off your chest, and out in the open. Your spouse will realize you two don't need a divorce, but some quality time that involves effective communication.

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I get a lot of correspondence from spouses who are trying to understand and have patience while their spouse goes through a mid life crisis. Many of them do not understand why their spouse would seemingly change over night. And they worry about whether these changes are going to be lasting and if they are going to negatively affect, or even destroy, the marriage.

Occasionally though, I will hear from the spouse who had the mid life crisis. That person is often asking for ways to get their spouse's trust and faith back when they have realized that their mid life crisis was a mistake that did a lot of damage.

Here's an example. You might hear a wife say: "I know that it is usually the husband who has the midlife crisis. But in my case, it was me. I got married relatively young and I guess I missed out on all of the carefree fun that goes with being a single young woman. I reconnected with some high school friends online and I admit that I have been acting very silly for the past several months. I am normally someone who doesn't drink or go out. But for the past few months, I've gone out with friends the minute I got off of work. I have taken "girlfriend's weekends away." I have checked out of my marriage and instead have just wanted to have fun with my girlfriends. My husband did not appreciate my new life style. He was very honest when he said that he felt as if he were losing me. He said he felt abandoned and that it was clear that I valued my friendships over my marriage. I thought he was just being a nag and I told him as much. Eventually, I got tired of having my husband complain so I initiated a separation. He didn't fight me on this too much. I think he was tired of all the drama also. Well, I kept going out with my friends. And then I got in a car accident. Suddenly my so called friends were absent from my life.

I was pretty much helpless for a while and I needed help with basic things that I could not do on my own. Of course, my friends were no where to be found. Once I could no longer be the life of the party, they had no use for me. The only person that I could depend on during this time was my husband. He was there for me even though he was clearly hurt about my behavior. During that long period of time where I had to depend on him for just about everything, I realized what a huge mistake I had made. My husband has always been the most decent person in my life. And I pushed him away to act like a fool. I pushed him away to do foolish things to try to recreate my youth. This was so stupid of me and I regret it so much. I tried to tell my husband this. And I begged him to take me back. He says that although he will always care for me and be there for me, he does not like the new person I have become. I have told him that this person was not me. I told him that the real me was the wife that he has always known. He does not believe this. How do I make him see that I'm telling him the truth and that I realize my mistake?"

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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I know that this must be a tough time for you. But I think that coming up with an effective strategy might be a little easier if you are able to put yourself in your husband's shoes. Think for a second about how you would feel if your steady husband suddenly rejected you and the marriage you'd built. Imagine how it would feel if he labeled you a nag and chose friends who he hadn't seen in years over you? I am not asking you to do this to hurt you. I am asking you to do this because I now want you to ask yourself what you would want from your husband if the roles were reversed.

You'd likely want for him to make you feel secure again. You'd like for him to make you feel appreciated and valued. And you'd want to believe that in reality, he does not think that you are a nag.

Now that you understand what he probably wants from you, how do you provide them? Well, you will usually need a good bit of patience. He likely has some doubts about what you are saying because he's been hurt and rejected. And he may think that you are only saying this because your friends rejected you and he is all that you have left.

So you might try a conversation to lay the groundwork, while knowing that you are going to have to be patient and that you are going to have to show and not tell him what you mean. Here's an example: "I just want you to know how much I value your help right now. You have always been the most steady person I've ever known and I value that more than you know. I realize that you must feel as if you've been dealing with a stranger these past several months. I am not sure what got into me except to say that I guess I somehow felt like I missed my youth. I know that's silly. But after trying to recapture my youth, I can honestly say that it's not all that great. I prefer being a steady adult. And I won't be revisiting my youth again. I know that you probably doubt what I'm saying, but I hope to prove it to you. For now, I just want you to know how grateful I am."

After you've had this conversation, you'll have to do just that - prove it to him. Show him that you are your old self and that you are not going anywhere. Hopefully, in time he will come to believe that he can trust that his wife is back and you can move on, with the full realization of how lucky you are.

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