My Husband Wants A Divorce Then Changed His Mind: He Keeps Changing His Mind About Our Relationship

There are those marriage tips that can change your relationship and those that can transform your marriage. Perhaps your marriage has become a little stale and you could use a few tips to transform it. Well, I've listed some marriage tips here that I hope will get you to change your spouses' heart and thus improve your marriage.

Before we go through the marriage tips I've listed I'd like you to think about your spouse's tender side. Yes, contrary to popular belief all spouses have a tender side. What's not always known is how to get to it. The key for any marriage tip to work is for it to be implemented the right way at the right time.

I could offer you 99 marriage tips and all 99 could fail if not applied in a manner that best suits your spouse and relationship. It's also important that the proper steps are taken to ensure that the marriage tips have the best chance of succeeding. For example, if one of the tips is to buy your spouse some sexy intimate apparel, light some candles and ask him or her to put it on before coming to bed, it wouldn't be the right time if your spouse has been depressed recently about gaining weight.

This would not necessarily help increase the romance in your marriage and could lead to rejection and further depression by your spouse. Although our intentions are good, sometimes the result could turn out not so good.

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With that said, here a few marriage tips you might want to try, under the right circumstances.

Be graceful - Your spouse may not always deserve to be treated with kindness and forgiveness but if you want to see a heart-felt change, keep being graceful and show love to your spouse despite his or her mistakes.

Be patient - Most spouses know when they blow it. In fact, they often times are waiting for their spouse to hit them over the head about a certain problem or issue. If you want to touch your spouses heart, surprise him or her and give a hug and a kiss instead of a verbal slap and you will reap the rewards.

Be respectful - There are many marriage problems that spiral out of control because husband and wives become disrespectful. Regardless of what issues you are dealing with being respectful tips the odds in your favor regarding resolving the problem. A person's heart is hardened when disrespected and stubbornness rears its ugly head. If you want to see a change in your marriage, practice being respectful at all times.

I hope these couple of marriage tips, get you thinking about how to improve your marriage by getting your spouse to appreciate you and your relationship more. If you want to see real and permanent change then follow marriage tips carefully and don't just keep trying new things until something works.

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Marriages can run into problems at any point during its course. However, there are things you can do to help improve the quality of your marriage before it comes down to separation and divorce.

Tip #1 - Listen and Talk.

This is an important part of communication in a relationship. Listening means just that. Don't interrupt your partner when they are talking to you and don't listen just so you know what to say to defend yourself. Truly listen to what they are saying, their feelings and use what they are saying to reflect on yourself and your role in the relationship.
When you talk, don't make accusations, let your partner know what they did and how it made you feel.

Tip #2 - Spend more time together.

Put your partner first in your life and find the time to spend with them. Work can get in the way sometimes but you have to find a way to make that time for your partner. If you can't then there is no deep relationship. The time you spend together is what your marriage is founded on.

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Tip #3 - Identify what you want.

Knowing what you want and need from a relationship is another important factor in weather or not you are happy in the relationship. What do you need emotionally? What do you need physically? Are you happy financially? All of these are relevant questions that will determine your level of happiness.

Tip #4 - Keep learning.

There are many things to know about getting along with people and the dynamics of family life that will help you get the most out of your marriage and also help you give more to your family.

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It is natural to be exasperated and frustrated and thinking of divorce as a solution to your marital problems. But all marriages are not meant to end in divorce.

Marital problems can be handled in a tactful and sensible way. You can avoid the pain, financial loss and other stress and strain that come with a divorce.

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Make a strong commitment
The first step is to make a commitment to do all its takes to save your marriage. Look at your marital problems from the point of view of your spouse. Listen; just do not hear what he or she says, as often times we hear what we think (wrongly) and not what the other person is trying to convey. It is therefore important to listen to each and every word said and understand before reacting.

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Kindle the fire of love with sensuality
The second step is to give more time to be with your spouse and to communicate openly about any issues in private. Talk in a calm and loving manner with eye contact and use physical intimacy and get your messages across. Spend time with each other alone to serve as reminders of the best times you had together to kindle the sparks again.

Seek professional counseling
The third step obviously is to seek professional counseling if nothing of the above work. Before even allowing the thought of divorce, this one step will guide you in the positive direction of saving your marriage forever and making it stronger and happier than ever. If your spouse is not co-operative, there is still hope.

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The best Christian marriage sexual intimacy practice is that which includes both religion and sensual intimacy as a base. Here is a surefire bit of Christian marriage sexual intimacy advice that can have you accomplish both of these important factors in a few hours every week.

1. Commit to at least 2 hours a week engaged together in an intimate setting, focused in some form on Christianity. This can include reading together from the Bible, watching a spiritual movie or documentary together, or simply sitting around and chatting about Christianity while including intermittent prayer between discussions.

2. Next will consist of more intense intimacy. Love making. Take the previous two hours worth of spiritual energy, prayer, and Christian reflection, and now apply that to your love making practice. See it not only as a reward for having devoted time with one another focused on Christianity, but also view it as a celebration of having found one another through God.

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3. Occasionally make your Christian marriage - sexual intimacy practice, a rather elaborate affair. Mix things up a little. Perhaps there's is a special movie coming out you both want to attend and a meal at a fancy restaurant could be had before hand. Or perhaps there's a Church event and you would like to make an evening out of it. Every so often Christian marriage sexual intimacy practice should call for planning something special to add excitement, pleasure and celebration to your lives. After these special evenings out, return home to an intimate setting. Relax by the fire with hot chocolates, or light candles and become intimate in a romantic setting. This sets the stage for passionate nights of sexual intimacy for Christian married couples.

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