My Husband Wants Me To Move Out: Do I Fight For My Marriage Or Let Him Go

Saving a marriage isn't easy only because most of us make it more difficult than it should be. There are three things you should know if you want to rebuild your relationship with your spouse and avoid that slippery slope that takes a couple straight down the path to divorce.

Problems in a marriage are common. Even deep, seemingly impossible to overcome problems are normal. Health issues, money issues, debt, job loss, and simple everyday stress put extra pressure on couples and very quickly a couple can appear to be drifting apart. When that happens, one or the other of you may sense a change in the marriage and doubt, fear and insecurity settle in. Once those have taken hold, it can be difficult to get your marriage back on track simply because your natural instincts for self-preservation in such situations generally work against you.

Secrets to Saving a Marriage

1. Your current attempts at saving your marriage are probably pushing your spouse further away. When we fear we may lose our spouse, we tend to cling more closely to them, beg them to stay, and do things we wouldn't normally do in order to make them see how much we love them. We wear our heart on our sleeves - moping around the house, looking sad and weepy, and making more of every little comment than it was meant to be. These types of behaviors can make your spouse uncomfortable and confirm for them that getting away is the only solution.

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2. If you and your spouse are fighting all the time, you can stop it all by yourself. If you are having marital problems, there may be a lot of fighting. It doesn't start out as fighting, though. One spouse starts wanting to talk about the problems more and more until the other spouse gets uncomfortable, suddenly hurtful comments are hurled and the discussion leads to fighting. If your conversations have started to deteriorate into fights, stop the fighting by being the role model for healthy discussion. If you stop reacting to taunts and stop hurling your own insults, your spouse will follow your lead.

3. Many people take no steps towards saving a marriage in hopes that the problems will go away. Problems in a marriage are like weeds. If weeds sprout up in your yard, they don't go away by themselves. In fact, they grow and spread and take over until all you have is a yard of weeds. That's what you're growing if you ignore the fact that something is wrong and hope that it will disappear on its own - you are growing a marriage of weeds. Instead, pull out the tools necessary to get rid of those weeds, or problems in your relationship and keep your marriage healthy.

Saving a marriage in trouble doesn't come naturally to most people. Fortunately, there are relationship and marriage guides that can help you take the steps necessary to rebuild a happier and healthier life with your spouse.

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People differ from each other. They differ not only physically but also in their personalities. It is for this reason that men and women who get into a serious relationship including marriage need to adjust to each other. The success of their relationship depends on how they are able to tolerate and understands each other's traits and accept the other wholeheartedly throughout their lifetime.

Sadly, not all married couples can adjust well to each other even after several years after tying the knot. Some continue with their old habits and fail to practice tolerance for their partner not knowing that they're driving their relationship to failure. Find out what these traits are and avoid them at all costs if you desire to be with your spouse for a long time.

Always critical. Admit it or not, there are people who are too critical of their partner's gestures and traits. They just can't be content of what their spouse give them or what their partner wears. But beware because if you are this person, you're not doing good as a spouse. The least you can do is be appreciative of the effort instead of criticizing which can only turn off your other half. Shower your partner with praises and you can be sure to get his or her attention moving forward.

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Fault finding. Nobody's perfect so when you see your partner's faults, stop focusing on them. Sometimes, it can be too tempting to point out the mistakes especially when in a heated argument. What you can do instead is to learn to adjust your spouse for who he or she is including the flaws. You did not get married to control and change your partner but you committed to be together through the good times and bad.

Constantly staying together. Being married does not mean you have to do things together and be together all the time. If you do this, you're just forcing yourself to boredom. It would be best to preoccupy yourself with the things you love to do like pursue a hobby, work in an office or set up your own home business. Pamper yourself every now and then as well by having a beauty or body treatment or scheduling a night out with your girl friends. It's about enjoying your independence and developing your self confidence which can even inspire your partner to love you more.

Talking too much about marriage. While you value your marriage so much, it's not ideal to discuss about your relationship too often. Doing this often turns off men more than women. For the wives, it can be tempting to look back to the past since the courtship and dating periods and then discussing future plans. But refrain from pushing the subject always as it might be discourage your husband. In the same way that you want to avoid being careless about your marriage, you should also stay away from doing the extreme which is talking too much about your bond. The most ideal step is to live within the moment and savor what you enjoy doing regularly.

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If your marriage is in crisis, it can feel as if your whole world is being ripped apart at the seams. The person who you once loved so deeply and you though you could always depend on is quickly becoming your enemy. You don't have to let your marriage slip though your fingers, and as long as there is some glimmer of hope, you can save your marriage.

Of course, you have heard of the saying, " Where there is a will there is a way." This is also the case with marriages that are on the rocks. Just the fact that you are searching for information to help save your marriage is a sign that there is a least some part of you that wants this to work. There are many ways to overcome problematic marriages. Many couples have found that their marriage is more solid, and their love is even deeper after they have worked there way through a bumpy patch.

I know it is terrifying to stand at the crossroads where you are asking yourself, "Is this the end? I don't see how we are going to make it through this one.", but know that there is help out there. Many people have found marriage counselling effective; however, it tends to be very expensive. There are cheaper alternatives out there. Ebooks and online courses are a cheaper alternative to counselling. Another benefit Ebooks offer is that they are available to download instantly, so you can get the advice you need today.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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You may have heard of a book, written by Robert Fulghum, called, "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten." While the book is both cleverly written and humorous, there are some serious truths beneath the cute exterior. Some of the things he talks about learning in kindergarten include:


Play fair

Put things back where you found them

Clean up your own mess

Say you're sorry if you hurt someone.

You might think the lessons above are rather obvious, but at their heart, these are profoundly important understandings. Of course we all learned them at a surface level in kindergarten, but no one told us why acting in these ways is so important--we were never made to understand the values that are embedded within these behaviors.

What would be possible if, in kindergarten, instead of being told, "Nice little girls and boys share things with each other." we were taught these behaviors by being asked questions such as, "Is sharing important to you?" "How does it feel when you share something with other people and they seem so happy?" or "Do you like it when people share things with you?"

Imagine what could happen if we were asked to look inside and recognize how these behaviors enrich our lives? How different would the world be if children were taught what was important about acting in these ways, and how their choices could positively affect their lives as well as everyone around them?

Unfortunately, in our society there is very little attempt to align cultural values embedded within these behaviors with our personal values. We are raised in a culture where these behaviors are taught to us using a system of punishment and reward. You either do it or you will be punished!

From a very young age we are trained to focus our attention on figuring out who is good, who is bad, who is right, who is wrong, and what is appropriate, or inappropriate behavior. "If you don't say you're sorry, you are bad and wrong." "Share everything, play fair, put things back where you found them, clean up your own mess," and on and on it goes.

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We are taught that doing these things makes us good little boys and girls. And if you don't do as you're told or do something else instead, you're punished and told that you're bad and wrong.

The concepts we learn in kindergarten, and the methods used to teach them, cause us to interact with one another in very predictable ways. Even as adults, when someone doesn't share, play fair, or put things away, there are consequences. They might be judged as inappropriate or inconsiderate. They could be criticized for not being a good friend, neighbor, brother or daughter. In extreme cases, they may even end up alienated from their community or family.

But there's good news... at any point you can decide to make sure your actions are a reflection of your personal values rather than an attempt to avoid consequences. To do this:

1. Look inside and discover your personal values.

2. Investigate whether your actions are in harmony your personal values.

3. Recognize how your actions can enrich your life and the life of others.

4. Turn your attention away from right and wrong thinking.

5. Think about the values that may be motivating other people's actions.

How Do You Take These Actions?

To begin living in harmony with your personal values, you must first know what they are. You can discover your personal values in many ways. One way is by asking yourself questions such as: "What is most important to me?" "What is the one thing I would miss in my life above all else?" Once you have your answers, distill them down to the quality that defines them. Another, more structured, way is to participate in a standardized values exercise. You can get one as our gift by visiting our web site. (Find it in the free stuff section.)

Once you have identified your personal values, the next step is to investigate whether the actions you've been taking are in harmony with those values. Is sharing in harmony with values you hold dear? Is playing fair important to you? Why is cleaning up your own mess something you personally value? Start answering these questions for yourself. Make sure that all your habitual actions are in harmony with your personal values. If they are, you will discover a renewed excitement about taking these actions. And if you should discover that some of the actions you were taking are not in harmony with your newfound personal values, it's time to re-examine whether you want to continue taking that action.

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Once you have examined your current behaviors, you can look forward to the future. Each time a new choice becomes available, it will be easy to determine how this action will enrich your life and the life of the other people involved. Will it support more closeness and connection? Will it create more trust and intimacy? When you move in the direction of making your life more wonderful, we promise that your happiness will extend to the lives of the people around you.

As we said before, from a very young age we are taught to focus on right-wrong thinking. This thinking creates unpleasant "us" against "them" interactions with the people in your life. Are we playing together so that everyone is having fun? Not with that kind of focus. To start interacting with others so that everyone can be satisfied with the outcome begins by shifting the focus of our attention from who's right and who's wrong, to getting to the values that motivate our actions.

So, the next time somebody does something you don't enjoy, don't automatically defend yourself and justify your position. STOP, don't take it personally, and remember that their actions are being motivated by something that they value. Try instead to be curious: "Wow, I wonder what's going on with them?"Imagine yourself in the other person's shoes: "If I said or did that, what might be going on with me?" See if you can guess. This practice will create constructive interactions with the people in your life that end up being more fun and that leave you much more satisfied.

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