My Husband's Low Self Esteem Is Ruining Our Marriage: How To Build A Man's Self Esteem

It's not too much fun to be married to someone with low self esteem. They can be very negative indecisive, and controlling. If you are reading this article because your spouse suffers from low self esteem then I'm sure that you wish that I am going to reveal some magic potion that will build their self esteem and allow you to have a good married life.

Unfortunately, I don't have any of magic potions (and either does anyone else have one) and the truth is that YOU can't build their self esteem, only they can. They have to do everything, we are merely their strong support system

In this article, however, I'm going to show you 3 things you can do to HELP them build their self esteem.

1. Be respectful. This is pretty hard to do a lot of times but even when you want to show disapproval of something they did do it in a respectful manner. If you treat them with respect they will follow suit and begin to treat themselves also with respect.

In giving your reaction or comments, no matter how negative you are or how strong you disagree with them, you must be respectful. It is not wrong to express your opinion. You need to express them and exercise your free will, but do it the right and respectful way. You will see how much they will change when you constantly show them respect.

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2. Share the credit. When something goes good in the house (or with you) find some way that your spouse helped to attain that success and tell them. When they feel that they were successful at something this will help them to be successful at more things. Like the adage goes, "Success breeds success." Not only does success breed success but it also breeds good self esteem.

3. Give something nice "just because". Don't wait for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary. Just find something that THEY like and attach a nice little note how much you appreciate being married to them. They might feel a little funny getting such a note (especially if it the husband that suffers from low self esteem) but knowing that SOMEONE really cares for him will be a big help to build their self esteem.

Unfortunately, I don't know of any medication to give your spouse to boost their self esteem and there really is not way that YOU can boost their self esteem. However try the three tips above and slowly but surely you will see your spouse's self esteem grow. Try it yourself; you will be amazed at how much difference it will bring to your spouse and to your marriage.

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Are you wondering about, "how to save my marriage"? This is especially important if you and your wife are separated or on the brink of separation. What can you do when you reach such a serious state? Is there really hope? Fortunately, if the two of you want to work things out, there really is hope. The quicker you deal with things, the better. If you allow things to go on and on resentment and hurt can just fester.

Those who have been successful at coming back from the brink of disaster have discovered a secret. What is that secret? They have discovered that if they have a real commitment to overcome adversity, they can make it through almost anything--even serious marriage difficulties.

Here are three tips that will capitalize on that secret.

1. Cultivate your burning desire to make your marriage work.

If both of you have this desire, you have the very foundation of success. If only one of you has a desire to make the marriage work, it probably will not work out. Take heart, though, if you are wise and careful in your actions, you perhaps can rekindle that desire in your mate. It may not be a burning desire at first, but as progress is made, you may come to enough agreement to move to the next step of rebuilding your relationship.

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2. Define the real problems, and find solutions to them.

First of all, you want to make sure that both of you want the marriage to work. After that, don't just treat symptoms, but examine your marriage to find the underlying true problems. Then work on solutions to those problems. This is a large step to success when you wonder about, "how to save my marriage.'

You will probably be able to identify little things that annoy each of you. Things like the husband leaving the toilet seat up or the wife squeezing the toothpaste tube in the middle may cause some problems. Since those could be relatively easy to fix, first, swallow your pride and show deference to your mate.

Likely though, those are not the major problems. Dig deeper. Learn to communicate, and the be willing to exercise the art of "good compromise." Compromise can be bad, but in the case of marriage, it often solves a multitude of problems.

3. Find good information that will give you tools and techniques for restoring and enriching your marriage.

This may come in the form of receiving good counsel from a trusted friend, pastor, or professional counselor. Often, all you need is to learn skills for good communication and good techniques for marriage enrichment.

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When you've been married for some time it's easy to fall into a rut. This happens to many couples when they suddenly find themselves in the middle of a relationship where they just don't feel connected to their partner the way they used to. When you're immersed in this and your emotions are running at an all time high it can be difficult to objectively see the signs a marriage is ending. If you've been questioning yourself about whether or not your relationship is really in trouble, there are some indicators that you need to be aware of that will help you see the situation more clearly.

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One of the most obvious signs a marriage is ending is that the closeness between the couple has vanished. Naturally this includes intimacy but it reaches well beyond that. If you and your spouse just don't spend any quality time alone anymore, that's not a good sign. Couples who are emotionally committed to one another crave to be with each other. They don't care if that time is spent tending to the children or working on the household budget. The key is that they are together, focusing on doing things that forge a closer bond between them. If you or your partner are constantly looking for excuses for why you can't spend any time together that's a red flag warning. It usually means the relationship is quickly careening towards a divorce.

Another of the signs a marriage is ending that can't be ignored is a lack of communication between you and your partner. A relationship can't thrive and flourish if the couple has given up trying to communicate with one another. If you two have stopped talking about anything related to your problems and if most of your conversations center on general household things, that's not promising. In order to save the relationship you need to start communicating with one another in an open and honest way. Your partner may be feeling wary of bridging the gap that has developed between you two, so you should take that first step. It will benefit not only both of you but your entire family as well.

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It is disheartening for anyone to know that their marriage is going to soon end up in a divorce. Most marriages face problems and a sometimes a feeling of hopelessness creeps in when your husband isn't in love with you anymore. It is best to keep this feeling of hopelessness away, you can and you should try to make your husband fall in love with you again. Save your marriage from doom, because divorce is never the best option. If you are alone in this struggle to save the marriage it is definitely going to be emotionally draining. There is much you can do to save your marriage and make your husband want you again.

It is essential then to be honest with your husband about the way you are feeling. Genuinely express to him that you want to stay in the marriage and that you still love him. If you have made any mistakes, own up to the mistakes and apologize. If you have already done this then promise that you would not repeat them. In a marriage we tend to blame our spouses for whatever has happened in the relationship. It gets difficult to understand that conflicts arise when there is a mistake from both the sides as both have not been communicating sufficiently or have been neglecting the marriage in some way. If you carry your work frustrations home or show irritation over domestic aspects on your spouse, there will be an ever increasing space between both of you. You should be in a position then to understand why and how you have changed and what about you is making your husband angry and want to leave the marriage.

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Men most time tend to shy away from taking openly and expressing their feelings. When your husband isn't in love with you anymore, it is important that you give them a platform and space to openly share how they feel about it. When he is unable to express a lot of feelings, he might bottle them up for a long time and project it in ways that manifest as anger or disapproval. This is not very healthy for your relationship, especially when you are struggling to make it work. Only listening will not help the marriage, you have to be able to sit in your husband's shoes and think from his perspective and understand his point of view. And when you are able to achieve that, you will be on your way to accepting your spouse the way they are and be happy in the marriage.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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