My Wife Says She Is Not Happy With The Marriage: My Wife Is Not Happy With Me Anymore

I love my wife very much, but recently our marriage life has changed. We do not seem to be as loving as before. My wife says she is not happy with the marriage and I am afraid that she will leave me one day. What should I do?

It is likely that your wife has been unhappy for quite a while already and I am sure she has been very temperamental. What could be the reasons that she is not happy with the marriage?

- She wants more care and attention from you.
- She is in love with another man.
- She finds the marriage dull and plain.
- She dislikes your bad habits.
- She wants romance and excitement.

The reasons can go on and on. Maybe you did not realize what you have overlooked in this marriage. Most people when they are in a marriage for too long, they start to take things for granted and most of the time, it has to do with their communication.

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When communication is not clear, there will be misunderstandings and needs not met. Your wife might also think that you do not understand her well enough and in the end, she starts to drift away from the marriage.

A lot of doubts will also appear in her mind and she begins to think negatively about the marriage. Sometimes when facing such situation, infidelity may happen too.

Most importantly, if you want your wife to love you again, you need to prove her that you can improve the marriage. Make her trust you and feel comfortable. Find a good time to talk to her about the plans in improving the marriage. If she is still feeling down, give her some time to cool down. Treat her with respect and she will soon respond to you.

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When you and your spouse became serious about each other, there was a level of passion for one another that seemed like it could never end. You both were highly attracted to one another as well and would just about do anything for your lover at this point. But, over time, many things have changed and that passion has slowly faded or has been shadowed by other changes in your life that have slowly taken precedence over it. You may not realize it yet, but losing this passion for each other can be the sole reason of many marriage problems. I'd like to share some ideas with you that might help to reinsert this passion back into your marriage.

First, lets take a look at what this means through both a male and female perspective. Usually, for the male this passion is normally fulfilled on a more physical level. For the female, it's more emotional, but physical still plays an important part. Men are normally satisfied if they can have sex or physical pleasure on a consistent basis, where women will want their emotional needs to be satisfied.

What happens, is these can begin to work against each other over time and even conflict with each other. The women may become more reluctant to have sex with her male partner because her feelings and emotional needs aren't being met. The male, in some ways now feels the same way. Their needs aren't being met, so why should he make the effort to fulfill her needs. Now, this marriage has become deadlocked in a vicious standstill of a cycle where neither one of your needs are being met and has now become a problem that spills over into other parts of your lives.

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This begins to affect how you treat one another in every part of your lives. You can become resentful and selfish. Meaning you begin to carry this chip on your shoulder so to speak for your spouse. It can drive a wedge in between the both of you that will slowly chip away at your marriage bit by bit, as this feeling of not having your needs met begins to dictate every other decision you make concerning your spouse. Thoughts like " she's not doing this for me, so why should I do that for her" or "he doesn't care how I feel or make any effort to show me, so why should I care about him".

You can see or maybe even have experienced this already how it can begin to tear your marriage apart. What's important now is, "you" make an effort now. If you love your spouse, then put all of the rest of your reserved feelings to the side. Don't worry or get the thought out of your head of who should make the first attempt at this. You'd be amazed at how stubborn not having your needs met can make you, but you'd be even more amazed at how you taking the first step can really change the direction in which your marriage is heading.

Don't let your ego get in the way or feel like you have to make a point. Just let all of that go, and do it. Why risk making things worse by focusing on getting your way. Put on your big boy/girl pants and step up to the plate. Show your wife how much you care. Take care of your husband where he needs it. All in all, it's about taking care of the one you love, regardless of whether the score is even. You'll eventually get what you put out.

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If you are asking yourself "how do I save my marriage?", then I have two news for you - one good, one bad. Starting with the good news: You aren't just simply letting your marriage go like most people do. There's a divorce rate above 80 percent and it's because people aren't like you, and they don't fight for their marriages. So, I congratulate you for that. But there is the bad news: You are asking the question to the wrong person: Yourself.

Why did I say that? We both know that a marriage that is circling down the drain is one of the worst feelings anyone can ever live. It's especially the case when you want to save your marriage, but you are alone in that. Such a situation, unfortunately, makes you desperate and in your desperation; you do the wrong things in order to save your marriage. Isn't it tempting to go and beg your spouse for forgiveness? Maybe you have done that already - but it's actually more harmful than helpful - no one wants a begging, apologetic person as a spouse!

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So this is why you have to stay away from asking "yourself" "how do I save my marriage". The answers you yourself will come up with aren't the correct ones - they are all guided by your emotions and desperate state of mind. Never let your emotions overwhelm your mind!

The question "how do I save my marriage" is a positive one in that you're trying to do something; but for it to really mean something, you have to ask it to an unbiased, outside source. That was what saved my marriage (oh, did I mention that I have been in your shoes), and will save yours too.

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"Please help me save my marriage," is a phrase that is wrought with emotion. By all accounts, our marriage is one of, if not, the most important relationship we'll ever have. We go into marriage believing that our bond with our spouse is unique and unbreakable. When that dynamic starts to shift and we see some cracks in the foundation of the relationship everything we believed can be questioned. If you love your spouse and you don't want to even consider the idea of divorce you need to address the problem issues now. With proper guidance, patience and insight you can not only improve your marriage but you can rebuild it so you and your partner are closer than you've ever been before.

One common thread that runs through marriages that are facing difficulties is that one of the partners has simply started taking the other for granted. This is easy to do and once it happens it can undermine the entire relationship. The person who feels used starts to resent their spouse and this leads to arguments and unending frustration. If you are the person who feels taken for granted you need to shift that dynamic right now. The easiest and most effective way to do that is to become less available to your partner. You may think that's impossible given the fact that you two live together and spend an incredible amount of time with each other, but you can make it happen. Just as you likely pulled back from your partner when you needed some reassurance of their feelings before marriage, you should do the same now. Go out and spend time pursuing your own interests or focus more on your career. Sometimes you must show your spouse what they risk losing if you want them to fully appreciate you.

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Another issue that many couples face once they have children is the shift in their relationship from that of romantic partners to co-parents. Having a child together dramatically impacts the dynamic between a man and a woman. Suddenly they are thrust into a new world where another individual is completely dependent on them. This often causes a couple to lose their connection to each other. They are so busy tending to the needs of their family that they lose sight of each other's needs. You have to ensure this doesn't happen in your marriage. If it's already happened, you need to change it. One easy way to do this is to plan alone time each and every week for you and your spouse. Make an effort to set aside time only for each other. That means you need to arrange child care or you need to stay up later or get up earlier so you can interact without the children present. Talk about things, hold hands, make love or do whatever you can to keep your romantic connection alive. This is vitally important to the health and well being of your marriage.

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