So how are you enjoying your status as Queen of the universe at home or at your workplace? In Step One, I implored you to promote yourself to Numero Uno. This way you can bring more joy and happiness into the lives of those around you. If you missed Part One, go back and take a look and try it. You can sample it first when no one is looking and then let the world at large know that you mean it! We’re changing the world one former “bottom of the barrel” woman at a time. Feels good to have the wind in your hair, doesn’t it?

Step Two: We are still working on you. Becoming first does not happen overnight, but practice becomes reality with a little more work. We are coming to the part of the dreaded homework assignment. I am out of school, you are thinking, and my diploma is hanging on the wall. We are never too old to learn something new. Your family and coworkers will admire and respect you even more. If that is possible.

Get a pen (pencils are still for sissies) and a journal, or a bunch of index cards or use the backside of your grocery bill and…write every day. Find five minutes and write positive affirmations. Index cards are great because you can put them everywhere. Grocery bill receipts may not be pretty, but put your affirmations on the fridge or any place else where you know you will be visiting more than once a day. And read them. And say them out loud with conviction. No positive thought is too small or too big. Open up that journal and repeat after me, “I deserve all the best that life has to offer. I know by loving myself first that I can love my family and friends and dare I say it, myself, more everyday.” Nice plug for me, eh?

My affirmation this week is “I am prefect today. And tomorrow is looking even better.” And I raise my voice with one brown and one black shoe on. Note to self: Turn on a light in the morning, would ya?

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Certified Life and Career Coach, elizabeth cassidy, is the owner of Branching Out Life Coaching, Development Director for the International Coaching Federation on Long Island, Lifestyle columnist for, and national blogger for skirt! (Second Place Winner in the 2008 Best Blogs of the Year). Also a Reiki Practitioner, elizabeth showers her clients with support, motivation and dark chocolate when needed. She is a former comedy writer/comic for WNBC Radio in Manhattan. Co-Creator/Founders of Coaches on the Edge: