My Work with students and adults affected by ADHD, mood disorders and poor sleep, using Light and Sound Therapy devices to improve their outcomes

By Steve Taylor, M.S., C.E.T

Recently, I managed a 5- month Charter school based demonstration project with at-risk K-12 student learners, to confirm the efficacy of the light and sound intervention, using the DAVID Pal Alert, Light and Sound therapy devices to improve academic performance, social behaviors and sleep patterns of student participants. The project was a grant funded effort supported by the Helen Bader Foundation of Milwaukee. I wrote the grant and created a model that is duplicatable in any school environment.
Teachers, parents and administrators shared their very positive observations about the improvement in the students behavior via video testimonials on our U-Tube page.
Upon the conclusion of our demonstration project, I presented the details of my work to the University of Illinois-Chicago Minority Health Symposium, The NAREN (National At-Risk Educators Network) National meeting in Florida and at the Midwest Title One Conference in Milwaukee.
In 2001, a longitudinal study with over 200 students led by Dr. Micheal Joyce, using the same David Pal technology called, audio-visual entrainment, was completed in Minnesota, with excellent outcomes. A U-Tube channel from Our Life Designs features interviews with teachers, parents, and administrators, discussing the impact of audio-visual entrainment (AVE) as an effective intervention strategy.

As a certified trainer and distributor for Mind Alive, Inc., of Edmonton, Canada, I train clients, school based-staff, social workers, adults with sleep disorders and counselors in the use of the David Pal, light and sound therapy devices. I have been providing David Pal devices to patients of psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, and educators worldwide for 8 years.
adults also benefit from the use of this intervention strategy as well. The Light and Sound devices can be an effective alternative to medication as well. Many clinicians have told me that they have clients that would rather use a non-pharmacologic approach for management of stress, mood disorders, anxiety, PTSD, chronic-pain or poor sleep.
The David Pal 36/ w CES (Cranial Electrical Stimulation) light and sound devices could be an effective first choice. Pictures of the devices and clinician testimonials are available from the Our Life Designs website.

The DAVID Pal devices are designated as “medical devices” in Canada to assure the highest level of quality control. As a web based distributor, Our Life welcomes interested parties to learn more about our research and the full line-up of DAVID Pal devices, with and without CES.

The manufacturers of the David Pal devices have created a U-Tube channel to help clinicians and patients get better acquainted with the devices. This online reference source reduces down time with “How do I” calls, and improves outcomes for your clients. There is also a U-Tube channel for Our Life Designs that features interviews with teachers, parents, and administrators, discussing the impact of audio-visual entrainment as an effective intervention strategy.

Author's Bio: 

Mr. Taylor is a High School Special Education teacher, trainer, author and researcher. He has managed light and sound therapy intervention programs in schools and has created a template for schools to create their own intervention program. He is also branching out into the sports world to help golfers improve their mental focus. His latest E-Book, When Spirituality Meets Innovation, discusses the value of light and sound therapy in urban schools that serve at-risk K-12 learners. The book also shares testimonials from professional golfers who have used the light and sound therapy devices to dramatically improve their play. Information can be found on the website.