Amethyst has been a center of attraction for centuries. These stones carry the sparkly luster and radiating shine to the gem world. It is the birthstone for February and bestows its magical healing to the one who incorporates them in their life.

They are unlike any ordinary gem that you find but carry a set of myths and legends, making them the interesting part of the present and the past. The striking Amethyst has been included in the royal collection presenting the rich history. Kings used to gift vibrant-looking Amethyst jewelry to their queens, which they used to flaunt at the times of ceremonial events. They were even used in Egypt to the British crown jewels.

Ancient civilizations prized the stone even more; they cherished it more than gems like sapphires and rubies. Amethyst being their charm, they got attracted to it due to its color.

To the Christians

In the old times, Amethyst was even placed in the Christian church and worn by the bishops in the form of amethyst rings.

These vibrant stones used to symbolize Christ and were worn by the famous saint valentine in rings with the cupid carved on them. At the time, it also became quite popular as the symbol of Saint Matthias.

In the bible, it had a great deal of reverences. It was believed that Amethyst was one of the twelve precious stones in the high priest named Aaron's breastplate, and the twelfth foundation of the Holy City was thought to be built of amethyst crystal.

FACT: After so much hype and constant admiration, they became as valued as the diamond in the market. But after finding the gem in the great quantity in South America, the price decreased, and so did the value.

In the Greek mythology

Greeks used to believe that Amethyst was a young virgin who became the object of the wrath of the Greek God Dionysus. After drinking too much wine, the angry god threw the curse on her. But After crying her heart out to Goddess Diana, she emerged as the beautiful quartz, later becoming the purple Amethyst with the wine color from Dionysus as an apology.

Even the name amethyst derives from the ancient Greek word amethustos, meaning to be sober. Greeks had a firm belief that drinking from the cup made of Amethyst could prevent the bearer from drunkenness. In addition, it can help a person to remain sober, thus instilling a serious mind.

The Egyptians belief

The Egyptians used the stone as the representative of the zodiac sign of the goat. They thought that being the 'goat symbol,' these stones would help them stay away from the vineyards and wines, further saving them from getting drunk.

The attributes

With deep enrooted belief, these stones carry multiple attributes throughout history. This stone was thought to control the negative, evil thoughts, strengthening intelligence, saving soldiers from getting wounded at the time of war. Aiding to the victory and even saving up the person from getting contagious diseases.

Wearing the amethyst pendants in the form of amulets can save them from evil energies and protect them from the world's bad happenings.

This stone, Amethyst, was known as a gem that would bring forth the most sought-after aspirations to reality bringing purity to humankind.

It was believed that wearing the amethyst necklaces would help the person control their thoughts, bringing peace and serenity to the raging mind. In addition, it can light up the dying spark making the person believe in the magic of the universe.


During the middle ages, everyone around had a perfect thought relating Amethyst to piety and celibacy and therefore worn by the Catholic Church clergy. It was used as a decorative, helpful element to showcase over the crosses too.

During the renaissance period, Amethyst used to hold different meanings. It stood for humility and modesty. The great king of the past used to hold it dearly and treat it in the highest regard. Rumor has it that this stone was the personal favorite of Queen Catherine of Russia and used to cherish the gem in her jewelry collections deeply.

This stone of prophecy was cherished and brought magical powers to the owners. Being associated with the civil and religious classes, they were treated in the highest regard. In Chinese philosophy, these stones were used in the feng shui. And were treated as a tool to bring wealth and abundance along with the divine to the doorstep.

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