Negative Thoughts
There are so many reasons why negative thoughts have a big impact on your success. Sometimes you think you are the lack of things that you need in your everyday life or you are doing things in the wrong way that’s why you are down. Dream big! Because every Thought we think is creating our Future. That’s why here is the list of the things that you’re thinking wrong and we will teach you how to fix them.


You’re Coming from a Place of Lack, Not Abundance
-If you think that you’ll never have the things you want. -That’s the wrong thing. Don’t mind it.
-Think about how “Rich” you truly are. Think that you have a Family that loves you, Friends who care about you, excellent health, a Creative mind, enough money to buy the things you need, and much more.
-Don’t think about negative thoughts
Think positive thoughts. Imagine that you are rich financially, emotionally and Spirituality and you’ll begin to attract those things into your life.

You Don’t Believe you’re Worth It
-Everything is worth it. When you know your worth, no one can make you feel worthless.
-Believe that you deserve to be successful, and imagine what would feel like.
-If you think it’s difficult to do, try the following: Focus on a project you completed that blew your boss away. Remember the sensation of feeling proud, accomplished and talented. Fixate on those feelings for a few moments, and then imagine always feeling that way.

You’re Always Broke
-Don’t think of yourself as broke. If you do, the universe will think that’s what you’re asking for, and that’s what you’ll always get.
-Always think positive. that’s the keyword
-Believing in yourself is the first secret to Success

You Don’t Take Chances
-Take a Risk, Go outside your comfort zone. That’s success people do.
-Think that you need a lot of money to gain, to become rich. Find new path toward your goals.
-Find out some people or mentors who have more than you do, and rely on their advice to help you navigate smart and useful investments and take worthwhile risks in order to improve your income.
-Follow one idea until you’ve played it out fully, and then try another route.

You Don’t Think Outside the Box
-Focus on ideas you’ve had, but never followed through on.
-It’s possible that you already have a lot of ideas, but you never tried to make something out of it. Find a way to market your idea online and offline before dismissing it.
-Don’t stay safe in your comfort zone, which will only give you results that you’re used to getting.

You’re only a Follower, Not a Leader
-Step outside, create your own path.
-Focus on becoming a pioneer instead of letting someone else lead you through your own life.
-When you follow, you’re not being authentically you. It has someone who controls you.
-When you are true to yourself and you do what you love, you will find Greatness.

You’re Always Comparing Yourself to Others
-Don’t waste your time comparing your road to success with someone else. It’s like comparing apples to orange.
-No one has your unique gifts, talent and skills you are the only one who owned it.
-Focus on your accomplishments along the way, it will help to motivate you to continue progressing.

You’re a Victim
-You’re not successful yet because of your own thoughts and lack of disciple, focus or goals. It’s not anyone else fault, so take charge of your own life and make change happen.
-Focus on what you can control, and set up a daily plan to accomplish small goals, which can help you accomplish the big goals.

You Don’t Follow Through with Goals
-Don’t focus on instant satisfaction but in the process of becoming successful and victorious beyond your imagination.
-Set goals that can be met each week, and the set larger monthly and yearly goals that will give you a “big picture” to aim for.

You Don’t Believe in Your Unique Talents and Skills
-Believe in yourself, and you’ll take more risks, attract what you love doing, and find Success practically in your life.
-If you believe in yourself anything is possible.

In other words, if you feel like you just don’t have what it takes to form an idea, find a friend to help start it up, and set goals that you’ll follow through with in order to make it a sky-high success. Stop the worry, anxiety, and fear, and instead, think of yourself as a rich and successful person, and you will be.

“Life is like a riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must Keep Moving.”
-Albert Einstein-

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Juvy Ann is a passionate Author, Life Coach, & Internet Marketer who resides and writes in the Philippines. Currently, she serves as the CEO for IWorld Vision Trading, Inc.

Both persistent and driven, Juvy Ann has dedicated a lot of her time to learning all things business and has been an ambitious entrepreneur since 2012.

Juvy Ann holds a B.S. in Accounting. Additionally, she is the member of the Marine Life Protection Association.

When she isn’t writing, Juvy Ann enjoys going on adventures and traveling. She is also a coffee aficionado. Most importantly, she enjoys spending quality time with her wonderful family. Jo is happily married and a proud mother of 1 beautiful child.

Along with crafting stories, Jo is presently completing her training to become a motivational speaker.