Since humans and dogs have a different bodies and metabolisms, dogs cannot eat the same things a human can. To protect your dog from some serious problems here are the 7 things a dog should never ingest.

1. Certain bones: A lot of people believe it is ok for dogs to eat bones, but the reality is some bones can be extremely dangerous, causing obstruction or laceration to their digestive system.

Chicken bones and fish bones should never be fed to a dog. Even the famous green dental bones and rawhide bones have caused internal injury to dogs. When it comes to bones, your safest bet is to find thick bones that are unlikely to splinter. There isn't a specific type of bone I can recommend, because all bones can be dangerous and there simple isn't one single bone out there that is guaranteed to be safe, but basically, the thicker the bone, the better.

2. Mushrooms: You may like mushrooms, but for your canine friend mushrooms can be deadly. Mushrooms contain toxins that may send your dog into shock.

3. Raw fish: If fed to your dog on a regular basis, raw fish can cause a vitamin B deficiency, which will result in seizures, and possibly even death.

4. Caffeine (no chocolate, no coffee, etc.): Most people know not to feed chocolate to their dogs, but they may be surprised to see coffee on the list too. Caffeine affects your dog's heart and nervous system, and can be deadly.

5. Alcohol: Dogs and people have similar reactions to alcohol but because a dog's body size is nowhere near as large as ours, it doesn't take as much to harm them. Dogs cannot tell when they have had too much. Plus, dogs don't eat as often as people do so it's even more dangerous to them.

6. Human medications: Sometimes, a vet will tell you to give human medications to your dog. When this happens, you need to be sure to only give the exact amount the vet recommended. Never give more without checking with the vet first. Remember, your dog's body weight is much lower than yours. That tiny pill can cause major problems.

7. Macadamia nuts: No one knows exactly what is in Macadamia nuts that is toxic, but it is known they will cause cause locomotory problems in dogs, even if they only ingest a small handful.

A dog's body is sensitive to different things than a human body is and in many cases dogs are poisoned by an owner that does not know they are harming their dog. Hundreds of thousands of dogs are accidentally poisoned each year, and not just by these 7 substances. These are only 7 of the many things that may poison your dog.

Owners accidentally giving toxins to their dogs aren't the only cause of poisoning, dogs also get into things they shouldn't. Owners need to be more careful about educating themselves, and keeping dangerous substances out of reach.

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