There are 2 kinds of newborn photography - lifestyle and studio/posed. Different people love them for different reasons. It is important though to make sure that all parties know which one to expect during the session so that there are no surprises.

Posed or studio sessions are typically done as part of baby photography Singapore when the baby is less that 2 weeks old, is sleepy most of the time and moldable. In such sessions, the focus is on getting the shots when the baby looks perfect, typically in wraps, blankets, headbands and hats. Such sessions may be as long as four hours with potty breaks, feeding and posing. It takes a long time for such pictures to be edited because every image has to individually go through photoshop to get the finishing touches.

The sessions for lifestyle pictures take a bit more easy-going approach to family photography. This may involve some posing, though the intent is to get more natural photos of the baby in their home. Such sessions are typically done for babies from six weeks old to a maximum of one to two months old. People love such sessions during newborn lifestyle photography as the camera also captures the amazement and wonder of the members of the family. Such shots become part of the memory lane as the memories get dizzy with passing time.

There is inspiration everywhere – probably even when you get Pinterest emails coming from clients. It is good to have a couple of poses in mind when the baby photography Singapore comes for the session. However, the best images are the ones that are inspired and unplanned just because each baby is unique in their own way. Whether it may be their full lips. Beautiful big eye, cure dimples, an awesome hairy head, just trying to highlight all there is about the baby’s beauty.

Even before the baby is born, there must have been some maternity photography done so the family would probably have already known what to expect from the photographer when it comes to the session for the baby. It is an amazing to have that personal touch with the family.

Take the baby’s pictures in all forms – moving, yawning and stretching. Do not get stressed over having kid photography Singapore get perfect poses for every frame as babies have such awesome and sweet perfect movements. The one tip we have is open the baby’s fists when they are being posed for the picture. We do understand that it needs you to struggle a bit sometimes, but the hands, when they are relaxed, add such a peaceful feeling to the picture.

So go ahead, keep these things in mind and have fun shooting the pictures of the newborns.

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