I have often heard that there was no such thing as being perfect and that perfection was nothing more than an illusion. I have found it to be much more than that. To attain the state of being perfect, the mind, body and spirit have to be in total correlation with one another. When you have reached this level, the sense of perfection is that there are no levels higher; you have attained pure joy.

The mind tells us how to feel, solve problems and in general; how to think. The body has an agenda all its own. The body breaks down everything we eat and helps us fight off infections. The spirit is our thoughts and feelings, of ourselves as well as the universe. Your spirit lives in and out of your body, it is everywhere; it is your soul. It is when all three are in sync that we have achieved perfection, pure joy.

Pure joy is when you have obtained everything that you have reached for, and then you lose it all; you are stripped of everything you worked for, ie; power, money, title, etc., and you still maintain the same composure as you did before you lost it all. You feel in your spirit that nothing has changed. Your mind, body and spirit realize that nothing can happen to you to change who you are.

Perfection is not beauty, it is not money or assets; it is joy. There is no other feeling like joy. Joy is a feeling of utter independence; no one can make you or break you. No one can upset you, nor do right nor wrong. Joy is taking each and every moment that life has to offer, each lesson and making something worthwhile out of it.

Money can’t buy you joy, material things cannot buy you joy, the feelings associated with these are temporary, they give you temporary happiness. Joy is life broken down to the simplest of actions, starting with the act of just being, knowing and observing. We begin to understand perfection the moment we start to listen and watch, we start to absorb everything that each moment entails.

Perfection is found when the heart and soul are filled with joy and the mind understands. The perfect love or the perfect marriage, are moments of joy brought about by perfection. Not every moment is filled with perfection, but when everything is in sync it causes perfection and a moment of joy.

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