As a form of non-surgical facelift, a program of acupressure applied to twenty different parts of the face, neck, hands, and arms can make you look years younger in as little as a month.

There are many benefits one can derive from this form of massage, inter alia, looking younger, improved blood circulation, and better performance of certain internal organs.

By applying pressure via certain circular motions to thirteen nodal energy points on the face, one chin slap, two neck points, two hand points, and two arm points, on a daily basis for the first 30 days, and then 2 to 3 times a day thereafter for maintenance, you would have accomplished a DIY non-surgical facelift. This will result in your face looking a great deal younger and refreshed than before you started the natural facelift program.

The wrinkles and lines you had before will be smoothed out or would have disappeared; the eye bags and puffiness around your eyes will have become lesser, the skin on your face will have lifted, and you will have new color to your cheeks and rest of your face. A free, non-invasive facelift at the control of your own fingertips!

But how and why does facial acupressure work as a form of natural facelift?
• The body has a complex network of nodal points and energy channels between these points called meridians. The Chinese call this “Chi” and the Japanese call this “Ki”

• Each point correlates to another part of the body, and if stimulated via acupuncture or acupressure, it treats that part of the body.

• When the nodal points are stimulated via acupressure, an electrical charge is sent through the meridians, thereby healing and unblocking the body’s energy channels, and also the nodal point itself.

• If acupressure is applied starting from the head, downwards to the face, neck, arms and hands in a specific order and on the particular points, the energy points are opened, the energy lines are stimulated, there is a rejuvenation of blood flow from top to bottom, and the skin and underlying tissue will be re-energized.

• Because the skin and underlying tissue is stimulated, blood flow is increased, which means that the much needed nourishment is fed to the areas massaged resulting in the re-growth of the skin cells. This stops sagging, reverses skin wrinkling, increases skin elasticity, better skin texture, and adds extra glow and color to the skin.

• The underlying tissue at the place of the acupressure points is plumped up over the time, which fills the face, resulting in a younger looking face where the skin is now taut instead of loose.

• Other parts of the body also benefit from facial acupressure e.g. the spleen, liver, sinuses, and digestive system.

Results between patients vary, depending on how early in life they start with a non-surgical facelift acupressure program, and also how committed they are to the program. The more you apply the routines, the better the result. All will benefit in some way, though.

These are the basics behind how and why a non-surgical facelift conducted with facial acupressure is so effective and can result in you looking years younger in a space of a month. A non-invasive facelift is more effective than a surgical facelift because you can apply the massage to the points as often as possible, keep your natural facelift under your control, and can enjoy permanent benefits. It's better than the surgeon’s knife with only temporary results!

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