“.... to be or not to be: that is the question.” - William Shakespear, “Hamlet,” Act: 3

Be all you want to be: that is the answer! Thomas Chalmers, on life, act: Now

Whatever your stage in life it is never too late to change direction and create that life that you really want. To think otherwise would be a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions.

If you are not happy with where you are today, in any area of your life, then maybe you need to have an intermission - a time out - to establish where you really want to be. This evaluation should focus on those areas of your life, which, when addressed, will bring you fulfillment, balance and, in the meantime, hope.

For example, are you currently living your life according to someone else’s script? Are you managing or chasing? Are you looking after yourself or have you been letting yourself go? This is not a dress rehearsal.

You are the protagonist: the principal character of your own choosing, living out your own life story. The world is your stage and you can transform the scenery according to your script. You can rewrite the plot and create the life that you want.

The curtain is up and the spotlight is on you!

To be or not to be - all that you want to be. That is the real question. And only you have the answer.

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Thomas Chalmers is an executive coach based in Scotland. He works with executives, politicians, and entrepreneurs. . Michael Imani, Ph.D. is a life coach based in Atlanta. He has worked with clients in 6 countries. .