Book your Air Canada flight tickets via Air Canada Booking Phone Number

Air Canada is one of the biggest and the most luxurious aircraft in Canada. Air Canada airlines is also the largest supplier of traveller aircrafts throughout the Canadian markets and also in the US. The services of Air Canada flights are up to the ark and makes it number one in the international destinations.

Baggage Policy of Air Canada airlines

Air Canada is the national carrier of Canada with millions of travelers to and fro across destinations across the world. But the concern for the newbie travelers is the baggage policy of the airlines. Travelers should understand that baggage fees only need to be paid at the time of boarding the airlines. It can be paid via various means such as online, in the mobile device, check in counter, and at the self service check in kiosks. Extra charges will need to be paid if the bags exceed the allowance allowed by the fare type. Also the travelers should ensure that they have reached the airport 120 minutes prior to the boarding time of the flight if they have any sort of additional baggage. Travelers will need to contact Air Canada Cargo for all the additional baggage that they have. Apart from this there are separate set of policies Military Personnel details of which can be obtained by directly contacting the immensely qualified and skilled agents at any point of time as they have been offering services all through the day and all through the year.

All you would want to know about Air Canada Reservations Phone Number

Air Canada reservations phone number is a 24/7 online service offered from some of the best agents in the market to resolve all sorts of issues and queries that is in regards to the Air Canada airlines. They have been undergoing through training at regular intervals to enrich their quality of services and also offer solution for the same on an instant basis. Newbie travelers can get the advantage of getting their bookings done if they are unable to get the same on an instant basis or are facing some other issue or query with regards to the same. Apart from the booking related issue and query there can be several other things that may be undergoing through your mind. Travelers can be offered instant solution for that issue and query too. Some of the other issue and query for which instant solution has been offered in the recent past are jotted down below.

  1. baggage related information
  2. Getting the best routes to travel
  3. Way to earn points in the airlines
  4. Change the date
  5. Booking cheap online tickets
  6. Offers and discounts on group travelling
  7. Complete status of a particular flight
  8. Desired information lounge, food, and drinks information

Air Canada Reservations Process

If you want to book your tickets for Air Canada flight then you may first of all know about the correct process of booking the tickets so that in the future no issues is occurred while travelling. So, mentioned below are the steps that you need to follow so as to book Air Canada tickets :

  1. First of all you need to go to the following link
  2. then you need to specify whether it is a one way trip, round trip, multi city or you are going for a vacation.
  3. Enter your boarding city i.e. from where you will board the flight.
  4. Also enter your departure city.
  5. You need to then enter the departure and arrival date.
  6. Further you need to enter the number of passenger travelling.
  7. You can also avail the promotional code and can get various offers and discounts on tickets.
  8. Select on find and get the best flights and its timings.
  9. Choose the best one for you.
  10. Fill the passenger list.
  11. Book your tickets and pay for it via online.
  12. Lastly, get the tickets on your email.

Further to get more details dial the Air Canada booking phone numberand talk with the representatives of the airlines. They are available for 24/7 and 365 days.

Benefits of Air Canada Group Travel Booking

Air Canada provides you maximum deals and points to choose the group booking fairly well. It allows choosing a group booking reservation with more than 10 people wish to travel together in a flight. Further, if you are required to know the benefits of Air Canada group travel booking, you need to read some use points appropriately.

  1. Group booking always reduces the fare and provide you maximum deal and points to reserve a group booking flight ticket in advance at the cheapest rate.
  2. It offers the reduced fares for Air Canada Reservations in group travel for up to 11 months prior to your date of travel.
  3. You can be allowed to seat selection and reservation in advance for free and there is no additional charge as well.
  4. You can go for the baggage check-in in the group booking in advance with no cost and take some extra baggage with the seasonal prices.

It allows you to go for the cabin class in the business class at the affordable charges and also get the maximum deal for the next flight booking soon.

How can I use Air Canada travel credit?

When you go for the booking, you need to check out the amount and other important things that can help you to choose the Air Canada Reservations perfectly. It is the Air Canada travel credit that would help you to provide you amazing flight booking service at the affordable cost and also provide you maximum for the next booking, manage booking, and flight change perfectly.

  1. But if you don’t know how to use Air Canada travel credit, you need to read the simple steps to do so easily.
  2. At first, visit the booking website and click on the log-in button and enter the user name and password to access.
  3. Now select Air Canada Airlines and go to the search box to simply find the Air Canada credit that you have earned from the previous booking.
  4. You need to enter the credit number and reservation number to confirm the credit and then select the redemption rule.
  5. You need to select a flight with the booking details and choose the route and destination to apply for the credit and find the special flight booking process by using Air Canada credit for the vacation simply.

For further question and doubts related to Air Canada reservations, do contact customer service phone number or representatives at any time.

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