Well, since I am on a self-care break this week, I thought, rather than recommend tasks in my article today, I'd gently suggest that you consider all the wild and amazing things you can do in your life. I truly believe that you are glorious and amazingly talented so keep that in mind as you contemplate what is possible for you. Here are a couple of questions to get your possibility juices flowing...

1. If you had all the money you wanted, where and how would you live?
2. If you had the answers to all your problems right now, how long would it take to solve them?
3. Do you have a personal or professional vision? If so, what is it?
4. What do you wish you could achieve in this lifetime that you think might not be possible?
5. If your answer to # 4 could become magically possible, what would that look like?
6. On a scale of 1 to 10, with ten being the highest, how would you rate the quality of your life today?
7. Using that same scale, what would have to happen for a score of 10 to be possible for you?
8. If there is a dream or goal that you've given up on, what would make that dream or goal possible for you now?
9. If there is a part of you that you've given up on, who would you have to become to have fulfillment in that area?
10. If there is a goal or part of your life have you put on the back burner because the 'time isn't right?' What would need to be true for the time to be right now?

P.S. Remember to THINK BIG for yourself!

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