Making money from a website or blog is not a fairy tale, but a work that can be done by all website owners and blogs. In fact, turning a fun blog into an asset that leads to earning money is commonplace and requires only hard work, creativity, and some luck. At the very least, you must be able to earn enough money from a blog/website to pay for domain and host hosting costs. Sometimes people may even turn their website into their main source of income. It should be remembered that the strategies outlined below are some of the most common ways to monetize a website/blog, and there are many ways to do this. In this article, a total of ten high-yielding ways of earning money from a website/blog are outlined.

  1. Marketing Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular (not the fastest) ways to earn money from a website or blog. In marketing education, it starts with finding a product that the person (site/blog owner) is recommending. Then, the person writes a message confirming the product and promoting it among the website visitors and email subscribers. If the product or service (service) to attract attention, they are the "Referrals link" click and buy their product.

Affiliate Marketing

Here, the website owner receives a fee as a commission from the product/service builder. Depending on the conditions of the website and the product, the commission may be 30% to 70% of the price of the product or service. For example, if you give half the amount as a commission, the person will receive 15,000 tokens due to the buyer's referral for a book of 3,000 dollars. In this regard, the study of "Affiliate Marketing - A Comprehensive Guide in Simple Language" is recommended.

  1. Pay per click

Pay-per-click | PPC, also known as cost per click (CPC), is an online advertising model used to drive traffic to websites. Where the advertiser pays a publisher (usually the owner of a website or a network of websites) for a click on an ad. The key to working with such systems is to work with them easily.

One of the most popular advertising sites is Targeted web traffic and Smart Engine is a targeted display of ads based on page content and user interests that can be shared in two ways. On the one hand, website owners and blogs can advertise to advertise, and if they begin to collaborate, they will receive a fee for each click on the ad banner displayed on the website.

Pay Per Click

On the other hand, online and offline merchandise and services holders can post their ads to Google to display the appropriate content among relevant content for a targeted audience. To learn more about how to collaborate. it's recommended to visit its website. just one of the examples in this area and there are other options. For more information on this topic, we recommend reading the article "PPC or Pay Per Click - Digital Marketing in Plain Language."

  1. Sale of advertising space

One of the ways to make money from a website or blog is to sell spaces where advertising banners can be placed. In this regard, it is possible to set a sum (for time) for each designated space to place advertising banners. In the sale of online advertising space, advertising costs are usually determined by the number of people who saw the banner ad. In this regard, there is a term Cost Per Impression (CPI) or Cost Per thousand impressions (CPM).

This term is used in online advertising and marketing related to web traffic and refers to the cost of "internet marketing" or "email advertising campaigns" where the advertiser is charged every time The advertiser - to the visitor - queries, the depositor pays a marker (for example, a blog or website owner).

  1. Internet sales of goods and services

If a website/blog owner has a product or service, he can make good sales through his website. The reason for this is not an intermediary, which has led to more customers by selling goods at an affordable price.

It is worth noting that despite the simple appearance of this method in appearance, but in reality, there are significant difficulties in its path. Making good products requires a variety of resources (time, content, design, etc.). There are also many hidden costs that are paid during this process. Selling a product on a personal website also has issues like payment and shipping points. What is said is only part of the process of selling goods and services on the website, and there are other aspects, including the attractive website design, support, and site/blog marketing style that are noteworthy.

  1. Receive voluntary contributions from visitors

Websites/blogs that do not have many visitors, but have a strong user community, can also use the Donate Donate. Getting voluntary cash assistance from visitors is not a quick way to become wealthy, but it can help the person to meet their costs in the short term by those who are interested in their content. There are several sites for voluntary cash donation (donation). Persian version 2 Nate ( + ) is one of these.

  1. Receive advert reportage

One of the ways to monetize a website when its number of visitors is noticeable is to receive ad reportage. When the hard work of building sustainable traffic for a website with a partnership community opens, buy website traffic various ways to make money come from hard work. For example, many companies are looking for blogs that can be sponsored by content (content related to their products or services) and, in exchange, promote their goods and services. This solution is very useful because it does not hurt the content line of the blog/website and, at the same time, leads to making money.

Another way is to write a review of a company's products in a promotional way. This review has two parts: pure content and persuasive promotional content. For example, if an individual put on iOS games for his iPhone and iPad on his blog, the gamers will probably be interested in reviewing their product. If this is done correctly, then there will be a win-win scenario. However, if you do it poorly (placing an unrelated or untrustworthy ad) can lead to loss of audience and advertisers.

7 "Guiding" other companies

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For example, it's assumed that someone has a website that provides cookery education. The contact information of this site, such as emails or their contact numbers, is very valuable to grocery stores and kitchen utensils. They tend to sell their products to enthusiastic people in the field. Originally, the culinary website plays the role of mediator and brings the two sides together and receives a fee for it. Of course, this should be done by protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the contact information and the absence of any annoying spam.

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