When it comes to centuries of Puerh tea, everyone may already be familiar with it. However, when it comes to the price of 100-year-old Puerh tea, many friends will step backwards. The longer the centuries-old Puerh tea has the largest fluctuation in price, if you want to know more about the price of 100-year-old Puerh tea, then Follow the editor's notes to see it.

Puerh tea is alive. It breathes in natural air and continues to ferment in the air. The longer it is stored, the more mellow the tea. Puerh tea was artificially planted in the Eastern Han Dynasty, and it was marketed as a commodity in Tibet and the mainland during the Tang Dynasty; Puer set up a "tea horse market" during the Song Dynasty, and "the horse of tea and Western Tibetan horses" formed the first "Puerh to Tibet" in history. Tea-Horse Road"
A survey showed that the price of 100 grams of aged Puerh tea at the Guangzhou Tea Fair in November 2002 was sold at a price of 160,000 yuan; at the "Hope Project Yunnan Puerh Tea Charity Auction" in Beijing on October 15, 2005, film star Zhang Guoli The collected seven cakes of Puerh Qizi cake tea sold 1.6 million yuan, an average of 226,800 yuan per cake, and an average of 640.26 yuan per gram. These old Puerh tea prices are three times higher than the gold price, and 2 times higher than the platinum price. In the "First China Puerh Tea International Expo Fair" sponsored by the Yunnan Provincial Government in 2006, the 100-gram double-green version of Puerh tea selected by Lancang County was sold at a price of 220,000 yuan, with a value of 2200 yuan per gram, exceeding 10 times the current price of gold.

  Puerh tea is more and more fragrant and has no shelf life. It is a unique quality that cannot be possessed by any other tea products and commodities. It determines the unlimited appreciation space of Puerh tea. Time cannot go backwards, and the aging of Puerh tea just takes time. Good Puerh = good raw materials + accumulation of time, the price of aged Puerh tea = cost + time, and the value-added space of Puerh tea = cost + time to the much more power.

From the above introduction to the price of aged Puerh tea, it is clear at a glance. Because of the love for the century-old Puerh tea, tea fans will not be bored and waiting for the century-old Puerh tea to age, but will have an inner peace in their hearts. One hundred years of Puerh tea will gradually increase in value over time. Remind you that when making Puerh tea, you must pay attention to the selection of good spring water for tea, and purple clay teapot, which may affect the color, aroma and aroma of tea soup.

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