There is a lot of discussion about casinos in Japan as well, but do you know a casino where you can bet your own money and play on your computer or smartphone?

Like a normal casino, if you lose, you will be confiscated, but if you win, you will get more chips and you can make your own money. With an internet environment, you can have a real casino anytime, anywhere.

Many people say that online casinos or online gambling are suspicious and uneasy, but they are one of the major online games overseas, and they are popular because they can be played easily without going to a casino crowded with tourists. オンカジ is one of the games that can be easily played on smartphones using real money, and the number of people who play it is increasing.

Some of the big net gambling companies are listed on the stock market. Recently, the number of online casinos that have been translated into Japanese and that have a full range of services for Japanese people, such as preparing Japanese supporters, has increased.

Until now, it was almost all in English, and the currency was dollars, so it seemed that I never expected a connection from Japan, but recently the barriers for Japanese to play have gradually become smaller.

The games you can play are almost the same as in a real casino, from simple ones like slots, roulette, and video poker to real card games like baccarat and blackjack.

Also, for those who want the realism of playing at an ordinary land casino (general casino) instead of an online Casino, ask a real dealer who is actually in the field to play blackjack or roulette, and live. There is also a live casino where you can play while watching the broadcast.

At first, you can play for free with just a simple membership registration such as an email address and nickname, so if you want to play casino games, please try it. There is no age limit for playing for free, but there is an age limit when playing for money, there are restrictions such as a prohibition under 18 years old, prohibition under 20 years old, so please check properly before playing Let's go. The following is an online casino site recommended for beginners.

Under the current Japanese law, except for lottery tickets and lottery 6, games such as pachinko and slots and gambling other than public gambling such as horse racing, bicycle racing, and boat racing are all prohibited, and all are subject to severe penalties.

Although the casino has also been what discussion, now Do not still all illegal and Tsu, the place would see the current may be caught. This is because it can be a major source of funds for gangsters and money laundering.

However, it is not illegal to gamble from an overseas-based site. Where it operates in the United States, Europe, etc., it does not apply to Japanese law, so it means that you can gamble legally.

Online casinos include live casinos. As the name suggests, live = live casino games are played. It utilizes a videophone system and is played by a real local dealer dealing cards and spinning roulette, which is characterized by being closer to a more realistic casino.

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