Slots have become big business since they were developed back in the 19th century. Early slots were mechanical machines that required interaction with players to activate each spin courtesy of a lever. This remained the case for many years before electrical slots and video slots were introduced to the public back in the 1960’s and 1970s. It wasn’t until 1996 when slots became digital and could be played on virtual casino platforms that could be accessed on the internet. This made slots more accessible to the public, as they no longer needed to physically attend casinos, arcades and betting shops to experience these games. Early slots were mostly card face or fruit themed. The fruit symbols on slots actually came into existence because of frequent gambling bans that occurred at various points through history.

Today even Starburst slots in their digital format have more room for creativity thanks to advances in technology. They also have far more material to tap into thanks to a huge pool of popular culture that is at our disposal.

Hit Movies and TV Shows

The biggest creative pool that influencers slots today is the video gaming world. This is more in the technical aspects of slots development and graphics. Another huge player is the movie and TV world. Hit movies are a popular source of inspiration for creating slots and many movies and TV shows have made the slots transition successfully. In fact, movies and TV shows have become some of the most popular themes with players in the modern gaming world. It doesn’t even need to be new movies that influence slot themes. Recently, a host of older movies have had a slots makeover and they include The Goonies, Gremlins and Mars Attacks. Some like Highlander, Jurassic Park and Terminator 2 have become classics.

Other Popular Slot Themes

Away from movies, super hero slots are still extremely popular and these do however cross over into films, as most superheroes have ended up on the big screen in franchise-hit movies. Again, superheroes make good slots because they create interesting narratives and they are visually spectacular and action packed. All these elements transcend to the slot world effortlessly to produce exciting slot games.
Animal themed slots such as Mega Moolah and Raging Rhino are also popular because animals create interesting imagery and look impressive when turned into the stars of slot games. The same applies to slots based on historical figures or eras in history such as Ancient Greece or Egypt.

If you play slots regularly then the chances are that you have played a book themed slot. Again, there are many of these and new book slots continue to be released. One iconic slot belongs to this group and the game in question is Book Of Dead. This slot actually mixes Egyptian and book themes in one and is now considered a classic. Other book themed slots that encompass other themes include book slots based on popular dates in the calendar, such as Book Of Christmas and Book Of Halloween.

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