I never been more excited about doing network marketing than right now. The last time I felt this way about MLM is when I first saw the circles being drawn on the board, and how I can make a million dollars in just a few years.

I remember I couldn't sleep for days thinking about my new house, my new lifestyle, and all the crazy things i'll be able to do. That slowly faded away a soon as reality sunk in. Then I realize that I got sold the dream of easy money, and found out that instant riches doesn't just come to you out of thin air.

You quickly find out that money doesn't come from nothing, and you actually have to show the universe that you deserve the amounts of cash you desire. What are you doing consistently every day to show that you deserve the money that you want?

It started to make more sense after a while that if I wanted to be a millionaire, I first have to help people get what they want. I read it in every single marketing book and self help book I got my hands onto. Think and Grow rich tells you that money doesn't come from nothing. It starts with the idea, and the mindset that first you have to believe you can have the amount of money you desire. Than the action plan on what you are going to do in return for that money.

I took this to heart and realized that just because I got an opportunity doesn't mean I deserve to make money. I need to do something, create value, and deliver something in return for the money I desired in MLM. So what I did was just started writing articles everyday on what i've learned about making money, marketing, websites, and more and syndicating the articles out to the world.

That's when things started to happen, I got free leads, commission sales on my affiliate programs, and people from all parts of the world contacting me for help. This would have never happen if I never took the advice from the books I've read and just started showing the universe that I deserve money in MLM.

Look at the top leaders in network marketing and ask yourself why are they millionaires? Why do they deserve the cash they make more than you do. Well take Daegan Smith for example, he personally has over 700 articles written and they all over the internet pointing back at his site. He took the time to write these articles, he definitely deserves money. How about Mike Dillard, he revolutionized MLM by teaching us attraction marketing, he helps thousands of people everyday. Does he deserve money? Of course he does.

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So what are you doing to show that you deserve to have the life you deserve from MLM? To learn exactly what I'm doing that totally changed my results almost over night and what mlm marketing training i've used, click here - Online MLM Marketing

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