Ovarian Cancer
About the Disease
As the name suggests, ovarian cancer is one of the types of cancers that first begins from ovaries and then spreads the entire body. One can easily find

ovarian cancer treatment in India

Symptoms of Disease
Here are some of ovarian cancer’s symptoms that patients may experience.
· Frequent urination
· Weight loss
· Swelling in abdominal
· Bowel habit changes
Diagnosis of Disease
It’s hard to detect ovarian cancer until it spreads in the abdomen. The best ovarian cancer doctor in India uses the following techniques to diagnose ovarian cancer.
· Blood Test
· Pelvic Test
· Imaging Test
· Surgery
Treatment Options
Patients can choose either of the following methods for ovarian cancer treatment in India.
· Surgery
· Targeted Therapy
· Chemotherapy
· Supportive Care
There are numerous factors responsible for ovarian cancer in women. Some of these are;
· Age (mostly above 50)
· Overweight
· Availing of hormone therapy after menopause
· Never have full-time pregnancy
· Family history
· Fertility Treatment
Success Rate of Treatment
We ensure a 90% success rate of patients who get in touch with us by letting them find the best ovarian cancer treatment hospital in India and experienced doctors for treatments. Meanwhile, the success rate of ovarian cancer surgery in India depends on the stage cancer patients are suffering from.
Silent Feature
Pre Procedure Preparation
Patients need to follow the complete instruction by doctors and make preparation before going for ovarian cancer surgery in India. They often need to prepare in the following ways.
· Get proper food
· Keep themselves hydrated
· So physical work or exercise
· Clean abdomen before going for surgery
Throughout Procedure
Here’s the complete process associated with ovarian cancer surgery in Delhi;
· Surgery to remove one or both ovary
· Removing uterus
· Surgery for advanced cancer

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