Moving from ‘Overwhelm’ to Satisfaction 
I found myself in overwhelm once, when I had a legal problem I knew nothing about, a friend coming to stay for a week, a deadline with a proposal for a company I had never worked for before, and a social event to attend that evening and had not picked up my dress from the dry cleaners. And the local schizophrenic had been causing trouble again!  It was tough.   It reminded me of year end when accounts have to be done, plans organised and things finished off. It felt like a complete mess - just looking at my desk with all the papers was enough to send anyone away for a while. I froze!  What do I do next? How do I do it all? were the ongoing questions of the time.
When you get ‘into overwhelm’, it’s as if your brain freezes up and you can hardly move forward as a result. This happens with many of us who are in business for ourselves, because there's always a lot to do, so many ideas to implement and we don't want to miss out on any of them.  But if it is happening regularly you need to look at how you approach your day, what you do to support yourself - are you the type of person who always supports others and has no time for yourself? Please do not miss out on your life, take a look at these few tips and give them a go.  I do hope they help you overcome your situation soon. 
Here’s hoping that these tips propel you forward and allow you to move on to a more structured and alive life. 
Firstly, try to take stock of the situation. What absolutely has to be done now?  Do it and take a breath.  Take a few deep breaths this will help with your stress level and refocus your mind.  Changing the chemicals in your body through breath and understanding is a good way forward. 
Now you have the absolutely essential things out of the way, focus on things that are going to give you a high payoff.  If you have a mind anything like mine, you may find that you are easily distracted but bring yourself back to the things that will make most impact for you. Keep your mind focused, even take breaks every 20 minutes so you are able to really concentrate. 
That old one is next – delegate. Identify things that you do not like doing, or which are holding you up - and find someone else to do them. Sort things out so you have more space – which gives you more freedom. It’s a great feeling when you achieve this.  Yes, you may have to train someone but think of the long term benefits of being free of tasks that irritate you or cause you concerns. 
Are you using the word 'No' enough?  Because we do not want to offend or miss out we say yes too often.  Plan in your diary now a night in and say no to every invite you get on that night. (oh well, if it’s the love of your life then maybe you can waver)  Make decisions for you not others. 
Where possible, work from a plan. This has been a tough one for me, but in most areas of my life I am now managing it, so please give it a go. 
Break things down into small chunks - whatever you have left after actioning the must dos, sort into small piles / action and do one at a time, then it doesn't seem so overwhelming. 
When in ‘overwhelm’, it seems extreme to take time out - but you must. Eat lunch, stop work on the hour and make a drink. Make time to be with your favourite friends, or just plan one day which is nothing to do with work or your problems - be free one day each week to rejuvenate, I promise you will notice the difference. I have done the opposite of this on occasion when under pressure to write or achieve deadlines, and I have nearly always been ill as a result soon afterwards. It really doesn't work, and it took  me a few years to learn this. Please do not go through the pain I did. Start now - looking after yourself and taking time out.  I was lucky. I had friends who dragged me away, and when they did I was a changed person. So now the habit continues. 
You can do it, and it makes such a difference, pls. give it a try and let me know how you get on.

Carole Railton
www.lifeafterbranding.com carole@lifeafterbranding.com

Author's Bio: 

Carole Railton is an international coach whose passion is to help others to the life they deserve.
She delivers coaching that builds communication skills and awareness so that clients can influence others and get what they want.
With her book due out in December 09, she is looking for speaking engagements to promote it in December and throughout 2010 world wide.
Her skills with NLP and Body Language have produced cds talks, trainings and sales skills that can be used world-wide.