I can think of no other reason more popular than people coming to see me for pain management. It is perhaps the number one complaint made by my patients. This is understandable as there are many causes of pain. Needless to say we will not be going over all reasons but will address here the simple underlying reason people experience most kinds of pain.

1. Pain that is better with movement and worse upon lying still.

This is perhaps the most typical pain amongst the patients I see. Patients report pain to be either dull or sharp but in either case the pain is relieved to some degree by movement. People who sit at their job will often experience this sort of discomfort.

2. Pain that is better with rest and worse upon movement

This type of pain tends to be more chronic in nature. It is more persistent and often accompanies older aging- but not necessarily. It is often due to deterioration in certain areas of the joints, bones and muscles

So how is it relieved?

In my practice I typically combine both the use of acupuncture and of herbs. However it is important to note that both situations, no matter how equally painful they may be, require two different types of treatments altogether. In the first case we must approach the pain as "excessive" and in the second case we must see it as being a "deficient" case.

Therefore when treating pain that is worse while sitting still, we think of movement, sedation, and the flow of circulation. While treating pain that is worse with movement we think of strengthening, nourishing and tonification.

You must remember from these two vantage points even more unique cases arise that require customized prescriptions for each individual patient, including both herbs and acupuncture. But these two vantage points are the most common starting points of pain. Relief is given through a series of acupuncture points carefully prescribed according to excess or deficiency. Herbal prescriptions are likewise prescribed under the proper diagnosis, strictly customized to the situation and needs of the patient.

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Author's Bio: 

Ben Arnold holds a masters in science in Oriental Medicine. He is a fully Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of California. Using a blend of acupuncture and Chinese herbology, Ben practices holistically to bring you back to balance and out of pain.

His practice is in Berkeley, CA.