That man someday in the future would discover ways to access the diverse and incredible powers of the mind and thus begin utilizing "the other 90%" of the brain has never really been in question. That someday in the future the scientific community will have no alternative but to acknowledge the validity of proven scientific principles also has never really been in question. The only questions have been how and when. The answers to these questions are the topics of this article.

Imagine training your mind to be able to absorb information at the rate of hundreds of thousands of words per minute -- and to retain 100% of it, always accessible, for the rest of your life!

Imagine being able to program your subconscious mind to exert influence over your environment, including your physical body, to the degree of being able to fulfill your wishes, your needs and even giving you the ability to achieve and maintain good health!

Imagine increasing your mind's sensitivity to being able to perceive more information through all of your senses -- with full recall!

Imagine being able to program your dreams to solve problems you may have or those yet to confront you!

Imagine being able to keep current on reading everything in your areas of interest and specialization -- after you have finished absorbing the books in your library you never had the time to read!

All of these exceedingly desirable capabilities are now accessible as the result of the inexorable determination of Richard Welch, Founder and CEO of Subliminal Dynamics?Brain Management and the "Father of Mental Photography?. He spent millions of dollars and twenty-five years of research and discovery stripping the layers of obscuring misinformation, misunderstanding and disbelief from the path of unfettered learning and personal fulfillment by learning how to open the door to the subconscious mind.

In the beginning, after fifteen highly successful years in the financial planning industry, and one year of retirement at the age of thirty-four, Mr. Richard Welch bought the American Speed Reading Academy.

After two months of operating the school, Mr. Welch held a staff meeting and informed the teaching staff of his desire to innovate and improve the product. Within thirty days some startling things began to take place in the classroom. Several students were reading faster than 10,000 words per minute, and a few were exceeding 40,000 words per minute. Mr. Welch's initial reaction was skepticism, but following another staff meeting, he decided to re-write the course outline and implement into the course the innovations that appeared to contribute to the remarkable increase in reading speed.

He formed three pilot classes, ten students each. The classes included participants of many ages and occupations. Among the thirty people were a nine year old child and a seventy-two year old man. After ten weeks, the results were in -- and it astounded him! The average graduate had exceeded 40,000 words per minute and the average increase in rate of comprehension was 28%. Two students, a sixteen year old boy and a thirty-five year old accountant, exceeded 175,000 words per minute and were still climbing. The accountant, Bob Scott, decided to continue working with the method once a week to find his limit. A few weeks later, he peaked at an amazing 422,000 words per minute and tested with 85% comprehension on completely foreign material. Mr. Welch then felt sure he had found an entirely new method of speed-reading, or something like speed-reading, that when taught, produced unbelievable results with virtually anyone. He sent his speed-reading staff to libraries to read everything they could find on speed-reading, reading, the brain, and eye-brain coordination. He also continued working and testing his new methods in the classroom.

Arizona State University Psychology Department staff performed independent tests funded by Mr. Welch. Control groups from the campus and students provided by Mr. Welch were used in the testing. These tests confirmed that anyone with average intelligence can learn to read at astounding speeds up to 2,000,000 words per minute -- with increased comprehension. This was achieved by flashing information at forty milliseconds on a Tachistoscope. Tests performed by the Phoenix elementary school district confirmed that young children, fourth and fifth graders, could rapidly grasp his method. It raised their reading and vocabulary skills several years with only a few hours of using this method.

During research conducted from 1976 to 1978, Doctor Herbert Otto was consulted. Dr. Otto, Director of the Human Potentialities Research Project for the National Center for Exploration of Human Potential, in La Jolla, California, encouraged Richard Welch to continue his research and suggested he should protect it by using his own funds so that nothing could be published during the development of this amazing process.

In 1979, after moving the Company to San Jose, California, Mr. Welch began more testing and research to find new applications for the process now known as Subliminal Dynamics?Brain ManagementTM! The speed-reading application was then re-named Mental Photography? which more accurately described the phenomena. Mr. Welch also coined the phrase "Welcome To Tomorrow?.

As the testing continued, it became obvious that the part of the brain being applied had remarkable abilities and it was primarily unexplored territory. The method of Subliminal Dynamics?Brain Management was then under a "trade secret" and put under lock and key for protection.

What came to life in 1975 was essentially a speed-reading course with more hidden potential than developer Richard Welch ever dreamed of. Like an exceptional child, it grew, developed ideas of its own, made friends in high places, acquired the name Subliminal Dynamics and reached adulthood in 1984. Now it is a new dimension way beyond any speed-reading course. As a whole-life enhancement training, its results are not limited to learning. Like the child prodigy it was, it continues to amaze people who find themselves shaking their heads in wonderment at the results.

People all over the world have learned this evolving process. In 1984, its simplification allowed the course to be taught in four three-hour sessions. IQs ranging from retarded to genius and ages ranging from 5 to 92 have been tested. Dyslexia is considered to be an attribute, not a deficit. The Mental Photography simply bypasses the dyslexic function. The success ratio is over 98%. As research is constantly being done and innovations are tested, the addition of new material has expanded the course to four 5-hour lessons.

Countless numbers of people from every corner of the globe that want to be taught the Brain Management Process have inquired through their internet site at This instigated creation of the self-study format that is based on the past twenty-five years of Mr. Welch's research, development, and expertise. For the first time ever, people can learn the Brain Management Process in the comfort of their home or office. This training is presented in two-hour sessions for seven consecutive days. It is called "Brain Management and Mental Photography?…made easy!"

People from all backgrounds -- students, business and industry, education, professionals, law enforcement, military, scientists, and others -- learned the method successfully. The applications of this process are limitless -- and the implications are extraordinary.

Richard Welch, a world-renowned speaker and teacher, and his wife, Donna Welch, President, have appeared on numerous radio and television shows. Based in Aurora, Colorado, they and their fine staff commit to teaching Brain Management using the most innovative methods available. Brain Management is currently expanding worldwide and opening new foreign marketplaces.

To understand the operation of the process, the most necessary thing to realize is that while the four day intensive provides you with all you need to know and have: a student guide with instructions, practice routines, information, examples, tests, test results, relaxing tapes and the future ability to take FREE refresher courses. It does not provide the practice time which is necessary for this process to become second nature to us.

As it is with most skills, a substantial amount of exercise is required to become proficient at the process. Remember that the operative part of this process is accessing the subconscious and that is something for most people by maturity have lost. Actually, for most it takes approximately six weeks of daily organized practice as specifically outlined in the course and in the instruction manual before the habit is established. However, even during the course, the student is shown to have a surprising amount of natural skill at using the technique.

While the emphasis is placed on rapid book absorption, there are other very important areas which are covered in the classroom some of which are referenced at the beginning of this article. Imagine becoming accustomed to approaching all challenges with more confidence, more information, a greater sense of awareness and, to a probable considerable degree, a higher intelligence. Brain Management used daily as a natural part of living might well grant these.

Imagine living in a civilization filled with people in the fashion made possible by Brain Management. The differences would be great and the possibilities, awesome.

One of the first priorities for Brain Management is to introduce this process into the schools at the earliest level. All concepts of "gifted children" will have to be revised because all the children using this system will become "gifted". It is likely that present "gifted" people have in their own way discovered and used this process to a greater or less degree.

The work of this committed researcher, Richard Welch, demands the recognition, acceptance and utilization of his work at a level deserving of a Nobel Prize.

Welcome to Tomorrow?

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Richard LeRoy Welch, LFIBA, DG
Since retiring from the financial planning industry at age of 34, he has actively pursued brain research and studies of themind and human consciousness.
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