Some individuals enjoy financial success owning investment property. Unfortunately, other people end up in a situation in which their investments in real estate prove unprofitable. In certain circumstances, investors wind up facing the prospect of foreclosure on the investment property holdings. The truth is that particular strategies exist that permit someone to prevent foreclosure on investment property.

Short Sale

One strategy to use to prevent foreclosure on investment rentals are "short sale." A brief sale makes sense for an who owns investment real estate who is losing money about the property. A brief sale typically involves investment or other kinds of real estate that is underwater. "Underwater" means the outstanding mortgage loan balance exceeds what the property fetch the amount of about the market.

A short sale is really a two-part process. The investor initially negotiates a reduction of the balance due and owing about the mortgage loan. A home loan lender may be willing to take this task to prevent the cost and time of a foreclosure.

The 2nd phase is putting the property on the market available. The proceeds from the sale repay the loan balance. The lender offers the investor having a discharge of liability for any further obligation pursuant towards the mortgage loan agreement.

Loan Modification

Negotiating a loan modification is an option worth pursuing in an attempt to avoid a foreclosure on investment real estate. A loan modification generally involves decreasing the payment, extending the word from the loan, eliminating accrued late fees and costs or abating interest for a specified duration of time into the future.

A lender may agree to a modification when the revisions realistically permit a trader to stay current with payment obligations into the future. Moreover, a lender may find that the modification proves more affordable than the costs related to foreclosure.


Trying to obtain refinancing about the underlying mortgage loan is really a potential strategy to prevent foreclosure proceedings. Refinancing usually turns out to be probably the most challenging alternative to foreclosure. Because a trader already is behind on mortgage payments on investment property, the current lender or another one likely will be reluctant to refinance.

With that said, there are several mortgage brokers that specialize in refinancing investment properties owned by individuals in financial distress.

Real Estate Surrender

Not able to negotiate any other type of resolution to prevent foreclosure, a strategy to think about is surrender from the investment real estate. As the name suggests, the surrender of real estate involves conveying title towards the mortgage company. In exchange for that grant of ownership towards the lender, the investor is provided with a discharge of any further obligation about the mortgage loan.

The net effect of these a transaction in the lender's eyes really is more preferable than a foreclosure. The lender does not need to go to the expense of foreclosures to obtain having the home. Additionally, the investor does not end up getting a foreclosure on the credit report.

Legal Assistance

Strategies designed to avoid foreclosure on investment real estate could be complex. An investor pays to think about engaging the services of the professional to assist in the process, particularly a lawyer with experience of real estate, mortgage and foreclosure law. Local assuring bar associations maintain directories of attorneys in different practice areas.

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