All pet owners have a special place in their hearts for their cats, dogs, or other pets. Many of us treat them as if they really are part of the family; even buying them gifts for their birthdays, for Christmas, and just to make their already comfortable lives a little more enjoyable and a little easier. Items like custom pet blankets and pet cushions are a great way to give them this extra degree of comfort or they can be the perfect addition to the house for their own enjoyment. All personalized pet gifts can be personalized with one or more of your favorite pet images.

Photo cushions

Photo cushions can be used as cat beds, small dog cushions, or as soft, comfortable furniture for you and the rest of the family to use. Personalized with a photo of your pet, they make great looking, fun and unique photo gifts. The large photo cushion usually offers you the opportunity to add a single photo to the front cover of the cushion and choose a color for the back, but you can add a second image instead of the spot color if you wish.

Photo blankets

The photographic blankets are available in three different sizes; all of which can also be personalized with a photo, image, and even text. For a more special look, you can create a photo montage from your favorite images and add it to the blanket. Like cushions, the standard print layout is to have an image on one side and your choice of color on the other, but another image can be used in its place. Perfect as a pet blanket or for your personal use.

Photo bags

Bags that can be personalized with a photo include handbags and purses, purses, toiletry bags, clutches, and even laptop bags. Whether you're shopping, strolling around town, or commuting to work, you can enjoy the great looks and incredible quality that a custom photo bag offers. You can also be absolutely sure that no one else will have the same design or the same bag.

Photo canvas

Turn a picture of your cat, dog or even your horse into a beautiful printed canvas. Your image is first printed directly onto a woven canvas and then stretched through a gallery grade frame and finally spacers are added to the frame to ensure the best possible look for your canvas. Even a variety of standard sizes can be delivered overnight, while custom sizes can be delivered within a couple of business days.

Photo montages

A photo montage is a great option if you have a lot of pets and you don't want any of them to feel left out of the personalized pet gift race. It can also be used to display multiple photos of a single pet. Regardless of why you choose a montage, you can add it later to any of the photo gifts and photo items on offer; You can even have a beautiful canvas printed from your photomontage.

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