The Pioneer Peak is the top of the Blue Ridge Gorilla Playset line of swing sets. This "Ready To Assemby" playset is made out of factory stained and sealed pine. All of the up post (vertical support beams) and the swing beam are constructed of Preserved Pine and and considered maintenance free because of the poly coating they are treated with. This does not mean that you will not have to treat or stain this swing set. It simply means that the support system for this set does not require any maintenance. This is a huge plus.

The Pioneer Peak is a rather large residential playground. its foot print is 23' wide by 25' long. Gorilla Playsets recommends a safety zone of 33' x 35' to accommodate this playset. When it comes to features, the Pioneer Peak is not lacking. This playground comes with the following standard features:
2 Belt Swings w/ Powdered Coated Chains
1 Trapeze Bar w/ Powder Coated Chains
Built-in Picnic Table
Clatterbridge and Tower
Rock Wall with Climbing Rope
10' Radical Wave Slide
Climbing Rope Ladder
Deluxe Climbing Ramp with Knotted Rope
Turbo Tire Swing and Swivel
Tic Tac Toe Panel
There is something to spark the imagination of every child. What I really like about this swing set is that the activities are spread out throughout the entire unit. The is not only a bonus for safety reasons but as a parent it keeps the kids from being on top of one another. The one feature that seems to really draw the kids was the clatter bridge to the slide. The bridge posed as a minor obstacle for the kids and this gave them a thrill. Having the second tower with a slide at the end of the bridge really controls the traffic flow while kids are playing.

The Pioneer Peak is a rather large project to assemble. It took two of us just over 12 hours. Like all swing sets, the key in my opinion was staying organized. Keep track of all of your parts and components. The more organized you are the quicker and easier the Pioneer Peak will come together.

Like all Gorilla Playsets, I am very impressed with the design. Safety is the primary focus in design but functionality and kids interests are closely behind. I would definitely recommend this swing set.

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